Pokemon Masters Reroll Guide: How to get the best sync pairs

So you have downloaded Pokemon Masters and started playing, you are probably wondering, who is good?  What trainer-pokemon pairs are worth levelling? Should I reroll? So keep reading the Pokemon Masters reroll guide. For the uninitiated, rerolling is the practice of repeatedly deleting a save file and restarting, with the intention of trying your luck scouting for better sync pairs.  To use an analogy, it is the equivalent of discarding a hand, shuffling it back into the deck, and drawing a new hand. The new hand might not be better than the previous, but over an infinite number of attempts, that royal flush will turn up.

What is the best time to reroll?

Pokemon masters reroll guide, pokemon masters achievements

This is the ideal time to reroll in Pokemon Masters. The pool of available units is still small. And until October 12, 2019, new accounts have access to the 6,000 apology gems (20 sync pair scouts) connected to a bug fix in September. While rerolling can be done at any point, this is rare. The more powerful sync pairs a player has collected, the more difficult and longer it will take to reroll an account of greater or equal value.  There is also a human capital element as well. Progressing through the game and levelling sync pairs takes time, it can be daunting to throw that investment away for a chance at a better start.  For this reason, most rerolling happens when a player first begins.

Pokemon Masters reroll guide: How to reroll

The process of rerolling in Pokemon Masters is quite simple;

pokemon masters reroll guide
  1. Play through the tutorial
  2. Collect the apology and other gems from the Present Box
  3. Go to the shop and Sync Pair Scout with the gems you have available.  If you pull the units you are looking for, you are done.
  4. If you didn’t pull the units you are looking for… simply click on the Poryphone on the bottom right of your screen, go to the Account menu and ‘Delete Save Data’

Repeat these steps ad nauseam until you have pulled the sync pairs that you are looking for. Assuming infinite attempts, any combination of sync pairs is possible. Practically speaking, as humans we are all limited by time and patience.  The most common rule of thumb while rerolling is to pick 2 or 3 sync pairs that are must-have.

Here is a helpful trick to make the Pokemon Masters reroll guide more effective. Use two or more phones.  If a collection of units from a reroll is interesting but isn’t quite perfect, that phone can be put aside. Then, simply continue rerolling on another phone. This allows a player to “save” a particularly good roll while searching for something better. A player may freely transfer an account to another device by linking to a Nintendo Account. So, having an ideal roll on an old phone is not an issue.

What to look for when doing reroll in Pokemon Masters

Now for the important question.  What sync pairs should I reroll for?  As a general disclaimer, with any gacha game like Pokemon Masters, a player should always prioritize rerolling for favourites.  This is because a favourite sync pair will give the most enjoyment while playing the game. We do play games for fun… don’t we? Alas, I cannot help you pick a favourite,  anybody who knows me will confirm that I was tragically born without taste. Aside from favourites though, players will typically look for a collection including the most powerful 5-star sync pairs.  5-star units are the most desirable because they are the most difficult to obtain through Sync Pair Scout. What follows is a list of the top star sync pairs currently in the game to prioritize rerolling for.  This is a subjective priority list based on power and usefulness alone; 

1. Olivia & Lycanroc

Olivia possesses tremendous power, earning her a reputation of being the strongest sync pair in Pokemon Masters.  She has an ideal move set for a striker and finds use in many of the VH EX challenges. That said, Olivia is overrated by many players who claim that she is “necessary” for end game content. This isn’t true. Olivia is only necessary for arguably one of the VH EX challenge courses currently released.  So, if a great reroll does not include Olivia, she should not be considered a deal-breaker.

2. Kris & Totodile/Feraligatr

At the time of writing, Kris is the strongest Water-type striker.  She has a good move set, and she has surprising durability thanks to her Endurance passive ability.  Kris is held back a bit due to Mega Kick’s low base accuracy and she is not as overwhelmingly powerful as either Olivia or Brendan.  However, Kris is more valuable than her performance in a vacuum would otherwise indicate. She is an important piece in several of the VH EX challenges and she not easily replaced.

3. Brendan & Treecko

brendan and Trecko in Pokemon Masters, pokemon masters sync pairs

Generally considered the second-best sync pair in the game, Brendan has an incredible move set. Additionally, many players expect that he will be able to evolve Treecko into Sceptile in the future, giving him a further increase to his power. Brendan falls short of Olivia for one primary reason- Leaf Storm suffers from 90% accuracy. 90% accuracy always seems to cause him to miss at inopportune times.  However, Brendan can largely be replaced by the 4* sync pair Gardenia & Roserade. Gardenia’s existence makes Brendan less indispensable despite him being a stronger sync pair than Kris.

4. Phoebe & Dusclops

Phoebe & Dusclops are the best support pair in Pokemon Masters. A title that neither Lyra nor Hilbert was able to wrest from her.  Phoebe is so potent because she has a combination of some of the best buffs in the game and surprisingly decent offence thanks to the high base power of Double Edge.  She is uniquely effective in co-op with the ability to pass some of her buffs on after she faints. However, Support pairs, in general, aren’t as critically important. Both Rosa and Cheren are available to all players and may substitute for Phoebe.

5. Hilda & Tepig/Emboar

Hilda is the best fire type striker. Her main attack inflicts recoil damage which can cause her to deal massive damage to herself. Hilda inflicts so much damage on herself that she is difficult to use despite a kit dedicated to mitigating this flaw. Additionally, Hilda can be replaced in the majority of circumstances by Flint & Infernape, who are available to all players for free.

6. Blue & Pidgeot

blue and pidgeot in pokemon masters, pokemon masters sync pairs

Blue is the best flying sync pair and after achieving his mega evolution (triggered by his sync move), he becomes arguably the best sync pair in the game.  Blue’s biggest problem is that he starts slow due to the low power of his attacks in base form. This is problematic in co-op where sync moves take longer to build up and using a sync move draws in attacks. Blue is difficult to use outside of coordinated teams as a result.   Blue is helpful to have for Rosa EX, especially when playing Quick Connect.

These are the top sync pairs to keep an eye out for.  Briefly touching on the other 5* sync pairs, they are good but not game-changers like the six listed above. Hilbert & Oshawott and Lyra & Chikorita/Meganium are strong support units, but they are not central to any strategies for end game content. Karen & Houndoom is an okay striker, she is currently the only dark striker and like Blue, she gains immense power after her sync move through a mega evolution. Unfortunately for Karen, her focus on mega evolving punishes her in co-op and there are no VH EX challenges that feature dark type weakness. This isn’t to say that these aren’t good characters- far from it. Karen, Hilbert, and Lyra are all solid in their own right and their presence should definitely be considered when deciding to keep an account or reroll, they just shouldn’t be your top priorities unless they are one of your favourites.


Once the gems are spent, it is time to take stock.  The more of the top five-star sync pairs present, and the more of your favourites, the better.  It generally isn’t worthwhile to fish for the “perfect” roll, because humans have neither infinite time nor patience. What is “good enough” is going to vary from person to person.  Are you looking for the strongest pairs with the goal of clearing VH EX co-op in the future? Is Blue your favourite character from the Pokemon franchise and all you care about is getting him? Do you just want as many 5-star sync pairs as possible?  If you are only concerned with strength, the general recommendation is rerolling until you have Olivia, Brendan, and Kris.

Rerolling is a way to control luck.  Pokemon Masters is a gacha game and players are at the unrelenting mercy of random chance to obtain new sync pairs.  Rerolling provides a way to influence chance and start with the units you want, provided you have the patience.  As with any gacha game, where content is continually added and released, the sync pairs that are the best now will likely not be the best in six months or a year. Rerolling may be a great way to get a head start or ensure that you have your favourite unit by your side.

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