Pokémon Unite Chandelure Guide: Best Build, Held Items, Movesets, and Gameplay Tips

Tips to play Chandelure in Pokémon Unite!

The latest addition to the Pokémon Unite MOBA roster is now Chandelure. The generation V Luring Pokémon joins the fray and is now a playable character across mobile and Switch platforms. Furthermore, the dual Ghost/Fire-type Pokémon joins as a ranged attacker with SP. ATK, which will require some novice-level handling. In this Pokémon Unite Chandelure guide, we have entirely discussed how to play with Chandelure, the Attacker, from start to end. One must make sure to read till the end.

Chandelure: In-game Cost

Chandelure is available in the Pokémon Unite Committee for 575 Aeos gems. The exchange for coins would only be possible after 1 week from its release, for either 12000 or 14000 Aeos coins.

Chandelure : Evolution

1st Evolution2nd EvolutionFinal Evolution

(Lv. 1)

(Lv. 5)

(Lv. 9)

Pokémon Unite Chandelure Guide: Chandelure and its movesets

Let us look at the arsenal of Ghost and Fire-type moves of Chandelure.

Basic Attack

It becomes a boosted attack whenever a set amount of time passes, dealing damage to opposing enemies it hits. decreasing their movement speed, and leaving them burned.

Passive- Infiltrator

When the Pokemon with this Ability deals damage to opposing Pokemon, its next attack partially ignores the opposing Pokemon’s Sp. Def. This effect can stack up to 8 times maximum.

Ability 1- Ember

This Fire-type move has the user shoot out a small flame, dealing damage to opposing Pokemon it hits, decreasing their movement speed, and leaving them burned. For a short time after this move is used, it can be used again.

  • Type- Area
  • CD- 7.5s

Ability 1 upgrades at Level 5

At Level 5, Ember evolves into either of these 2 moves based on your choice:

Upgrade: Reduces the CDOverheat
This Fire-type move has the user shoot an intense blast of fire in the designated direction, dealing damage to opposing Pokemon it hits and leaving them burned. The end of the blast explodes, dealing increased damage. If the explosion hits an opposing Pokemon, this move’s cooldown is reduced.

Type– Area
This Fire-type move has the user throw consecutive flames in an arc into the designated area up to 3 times, dealing damage to opposing Pokemon they hit and leaving them burned. When a flame hits an opposing Pokemon, the user gains one heat energy. If this move is used again, the user shoots out an exploding flame, dealing damage to opposing Pokemon it hits based on the user’s amount of heat energy and leaving them burned. After using the follow-up attack, the user cannot use basic attacks for a short time.

Type-Ranged, Sure Hit
CD- 6s
Upgrade: When the explosion at the end of the blast hits an opposing Pokemon, the user deals increased damage for a short time.Upgrade: Reduces th CD

Ability 2- Night Shade

This Ghost-type move has the opposing Pokemon in the area of effect see a frightening mirage, dealing damage to them and marking them. When the user deals damage again to marked opposing Pokemon, those Pokemon are left unable to act for a short time.

  • Type- Hindrance
  • CD- 7.5s

Ability 2 upgrades at Level 7

At Level 7, Night Shade evolves into either of these 2 moves based on your choice:


This Ghost-type move has the user create a zone of mysterious power, as well as mirages of floating furniture – such as tables and chairs – inside it. Any opposing Pokemon that comes in contact with a mirage takes damage and has its movement speed decreased. Opposing Pokemon that step on the zone’s border will also have their movement speed decreased.

Type- Area

This Psychic-type move has the user create a zone in front of itself. The first opposing Pokemon caught in it will be unable to move, and all opposing Pokemon in or that enter the zone become imprisoned and cannot use moves.

Upgrade: Strengthens the movement speed decrease applied to opposing Pokemon.Upgrade: All opposing Pokemon caught in the zone when it is created will become unable to move.

Unite Move- Ignite Midnight

The user seals the area around itself in darkness and obscures the opposing Pokemon’s vision for a short time. If this Unite Move is used again, the user continuously fires a beam of fire in a designated direction, dealing damage to the opposing Pokemon it hits. The beam can be directed while fired, and its final blast deals increased damage. After using Ignite Midnight, the Pokemon gains the following buff(s) for a few seconds. A shield is granted. The movement speed is increased for a short time.

Best items for Chandelure in Pokemon Unite

Further in this guide, we will discuss the best-held items for Chandelure in Pokémon Unite, as well as its best battle item.

Best held Items

ItemWhy is it useful
Energy AmplifierThis Item gives Chandelure a massive damage boost when it uses its Unite Move, Ignite Midnight. It also interacts nicely with the mechanism of the move.
Slick SpoonSlick Spoon synergizes well with Infiltrator’s Sp. Def. penetration, allowing Chandelure to deal even more damage with its Unite Move.
Wise GlassesWise Glasses works well with Chandelure’s high Sp. Atk. stat. Its percentage bonus effect greatly boosts its damage.

Based on gameplay and suggestions from many sources, these 3 may be the best item build for Chandelure. However, players can also try the following builds.

  •  Wise Glasses, Choice Specs, Energy Amplifier
  •  Sp. Atk. Specs, Slick Spoon, Wise Glasses
  •  Sp. Atk. Specs, Shell Bell, Choice Specs

Best Battle Items

  •  X Speed gives Chandelure a mobility tool. It also works well when using moves like Overheat.
  • Eject Button provides Chandelure with a quick repositioning tool, especially since the Pokemon needs to be at the backlines to deal damage from a distance.

Pokémon Unite Chandelure Gameplay Tips

Our Pokémon Unite Chandelure guide includes the perfect game plan for the early and late games during Unite battles.

Early Game

Litwick can burn enemies and slow them down, early in the game. Litwick can squeeze out damage early game with Ember. This move allows it to burn an enemy it hits while also slowing them down. Farm Wild Pokemon quickly and burn enemy Pokemon that try to score in the allied goal during the early game so that they can’t score actually. The other early move, Night Shade lets Litwick mark enemies and deal boosted attack damage with Ember and standard attacks. Utilize this move to farm Wild Pokemon and get to level 5 (evolve into Lampent) quickly by marking enemies first, then setting them in a burned state with Ember.

Pokémon Unite Chandelure Guide
Image via The Pokémon Company

Here’s an early game combo to try out: first, mark the target with Night Shade, then follow up with a Standard or Boosted Attack to stun it. While the target is stunned, quickly use Ember twice to deal burst damage.

Late Game

Utilizing the damage dealt by Flamethrower requires proper positioning since it deals the most damage by hitting enemy Pokemon with the follow-up explosion. An enemy that gets hit by Flamethrower’s follow-up explosion gets increased damage and grants Chandelure a temporary attack boost. Overheat is a sure-hit move that also synergizes well with Poltergeist or Imprison as both moves hinder enemy movement. Utilize this move to quickly secure objectives on the top and bottom lane.

Pokémon Unite Chandelure Guide
Image via The Pokémon Company

Poltergeist is a move that summons a zone with floating pieces of furniture and traps enemies inside. This move is useful for chasing down isolated targets and opening up ganking opportunities for allies.
You may also opt for Imprison to temporarily disable enemies from using their abilities while slowing them down. Use this move to throw off enemy Pokemon that require positioning or timing their moves.

Chandelure’s Unite Move Ignite Midnight dims its enemies’ vision on the first activation, then fires a beam toward a designated direction. This move is best used when securing objectives, or during Rayquaza spawn team fights. Hinder enemies from their setups, position Chandelure in an area where it can hit enemies the most, during such objective fights. Here is a combo to try the late game: Start by activating Ignite Midnight to obscure the target’s vision. Lay down Imprison/ Poltergeist, then immediately follow up with Flamethrower at max range. Finish the combo with Ignite Midnight’s second attack. Try this without the Ignite Midnight too, for another combo.

Positioning of Chandelure

The best place for Chandcelure to be is, in the Bottom lane, at least while it is still Litwick or Lampent. The priority should be to fully evolve into Chandelure, with 5 or 6 minutes remaining.

Chandelure with other Pokémon

Our Pokémon Unite guide will also look at the combination of Chandelure with other Pokémon during Unite battles.

Best Synergies with Chandelure

PokémonSynergy Benefits
TrevenantThis defender is a very sturdy and hard-hitting Pokemon that can assist Chandelure to push lanes and secure objectives faster, in the early and middle stages.
WigglytuffThis Pokemon is equipped with hard disabling skills and can help absorb most of the damage during team fights. This lets Chandelure roam freely and provide support from the backlines. This Pokemon also provides hard crowd control that shuts down targets, allowing Chandelure to deal damage to enemies.
Mr. MimeThe crowd-control and healing moves of this Supporter synergize well with Chandelure.

Pokémon which are strong and weak against Chandelure

Strong againstWeak against

Pokémon Unite Chandelure Guide: Tips, Tricks, and Strategies

This guide will also discuss some tips and tricks for playing the Attacker Chandelure in Pokémon Unite.

  • With the Emblem Builds, try to increase the Sp. Atk. stats over everything.
  • Take caution in facing Pokemon like Decidueye, Cramorant, and Venusaur, as a couple of shots of their moves can still overwhelm Chandelure. So make sure that you make your moves count and get the first strike whenever possible.
  • Don’t initiate team fights. Get involved in teamfights from a distance.
  • Disrupt enemy’s move setups with Imprison/ Poltergeist.
  • When active, Infiltrator (Passive) allows Chandelure to partially ignore its enemy’s Sp. Defense. Utilize this ability by equipping held items like Slick Spoon to boost its effectiveness.
  • Pair up with defenders and relevant Supporters for the duration of the match. Don’t take things into your own hands.
  • Lastly, players must avoid using it much in Ranked Matches until they master all of its moves and playing style. They should use offline mode or Standard Battles as their Practice Arena.

Share your views on the latest Pokemon. What builds and emblems would you use? Stay tuned for the next Pokemon to join the fray: Umbreon!

That’s all for today’s Pokémon Unite Chandelure Guide. Do you prefer to use Chandelure in any other way? Let us know in the comment section below!

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