Pokémon Unite: How to farm Battle Points to increase trainer level faster

Earn up to 350 Battle Points per match in Pokémon Unite!

Pokémon Unite, the highly-anticipated MOBA game, has already hit the app stores on September 22. Players, when hopping into the game for the first time, will notice that not much is unlocked at first. They will need to play matches to earn Battle Points in order to increase their Trainer level in Pokémon Unite. As the Trainer Level increases, players will unlock more content along with essential game items and rewards. In this article, we will guide new players on how to effectively farm Battle Points faster in order to level up faster in Pokémon Unite.

What are Battle Points in Pokémon Unite

Battle Points is the in-game XP required for character leveling-up. Battle Points can be earned each time Players complete a Unite Battle. Gaining Battle Points increases the Trainer Level of players.

Trainer level rewards

As players accumulate more Battle Points, they will eventually increase their Trainer Level. At every Trainer Level, players will receive rewards along with several in-game functions like Unite Squad, which unlocks at Trainer Level 7. Players will unlock Battle Items, Item enhancers, Aeos Tickets, and Aeos Coins as they up their Trainer Level.

Pokémon Unite level up faster
Trainer Levels in Pokémon Unite (Image via The Pokemon Company)

How to level up the trainer level faster in Pokémon Unite

Players can make use of several in-game special strategies which boost the rate at which players earn Battle Points every match. These tips are detailed below

1. By using Battle Point boost cards

Players need to first go to the Shop and enter the Aeos Emporium. They then need to choose Items from the left-pane list which opens the Items tab. Here players need to find the Battle Point Boost Cards. These cards will double the amount of Battle Points earned after completing battles, which makes level up happen a lot faster in Pokémon Unite.

Battle Point Boost Cards are available in 3 varieties, which differ by time duration. The 7-day Battle Point Boost Card is the most value for money card and costs 400 Aeos Tickets. After purchasing the Battle Point Boost Cards, players need to enable them. The Battle Point Boost Cards can be found in the Item Box after purchase. The Item gets consumed after using it and the Boost remains for the duration the Card was for.

Players can see how much time they have left in the boost duration when they are in the lobby for any match.

2. By using Pokémon marked with increased Battle Points

Before the start of the battle, in the Pokémon selection phase, players can select a Pokémon marked with a blue symbol (as shown in the lower-right corner of Pikachu and Slowbro in the image below), which increases the Battle Points received by an additional 50 regardless of victory or defeat. This in total also increases the maximum Battle Points earned per game.

Pokémon Unite level up faster
Choosing Pokémon with the blue arrow symbol ensures higher Battle Points (Image via The Pokemon Company)

3. More wins equal to more Battle Points

Players also receive additional Battle Points for winning a game. Victory in a Unite Battle awards the player with 150 Battle Points while Defeat awards the players with 100 Battle Points. Hence, winning more games ensures a faster level up.

Pokémon Unite level up faster
Maximum Battle Points that can be earned in a single battle (Image via The Pokemon Company)

Please note that just like in the above picture, Players can earn a total of up to 350 Battle Points per match in the game. 150 Battle Points for Victory which gets doubles to 300 Battle Points thanks to the Battle Point Boost Cards and another 50 for using the marked Pokémon which give additional Battle points when used in battles.

Did you find this Pokémon Unite guide on how to level up faster useful? Let us know in the comment section below!

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