Pokémon Unite Guide: How to draft pick Pokémon in Ranked matches

New addition from Ranked Season 18!

Pokémon Unite Ranked Season 18 will bring about the introduction of a new Draft-pick system for players to utilize during Ranked matches. To know more about the ranked system, read the guide here. The new Ranked Season 18 would begin on February 27th, 2024, and alongside its release, the long-anticipated ranked feature would be introduced. Earlier leaked, the new Draft pick system would allow each team to ban 2 Pokémon of their choice. With this known, we will be giving a more detailed analysis of the upcoming Pokémon Unite Ranked Draft pick system below.

Pokémon Unite: How to draft pick Pokémon in Ranked matches

The Draft pick system would be available immediately after the Ranked Season 18 begins. Draft pick will be available if each player in the match has a Master rating of at least 1400. They would be able to utilize the Draft pick in the ranked matches. Once all players have entered the ranked match, they’ll immediately be taken to the Draft pick screen. So instead of being taken to the usual character selection screen, players would be brought to the Draft-pick screen first.

Pokemon Unite ban
Image via The Pokémon Company

In the Draft pick screen, the last two players on each team will each select a Pokémon to ban from the match. So each team would ban 2 Pokémon of their choice until a total of 4 Pokémon have been banned. Players would not be able to use any of the Pokémon that were banned during the Draft pick stage.

After the Draft-pick bans have been done, players would then take turns in selecting the Pokémon to play. Players can only choose from the available Pokémon that have not yet been banned. Players’ picks would then alternate back and forth between both teams, till everyone had picked their desired Pokémon. This Draft-pick feature allows for a layer of strategy that Free Pick doesn’t allow. Since players would now be able to make solid decisions about their team composition, based on everyone else’s selections.

Final Thoughts

This new upcoming Draft Pick system is quite intriguing as it promises a much more dynamic approach to ranked matches. As it releases alongside ranked season 18, the Devs hope to run a survey about the new draft pick system from March 12, 2024, to March 25, 2024.

Pokemon Unite Draft pick
Image via The Pokémon Company

This would allow players to share their thoughts on any needed improvement to the newly added ranked feature. All in all, the Ranked Draft pick system is a good feature that would further make the game exciting and fun for players.

What are your thoughts on the Pokémon Unite Draft pick system? Let us know in the comment section below!

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