Pokémon Unite Halloween in Mer Stadium Battle Guide and Tips

The Halloween battle mode returns in Pokémon Unite!

The Halloween in Mer stadium is a special battle mode in Pokémon Unite that comes to the game during the time of Halloween. It did so last year and has done so this year too. It is a 5-minute Quick Battle in the Mer Stadium of Pokemon Unite MOBA with just a spooky bit of feel and lots of things different to the traditional Mer Stadium map. In this Pokémon Unite guide, we will talk about Halloween in Mer Stadium Battle and suggest a few tips and tricks. Hence, do read till the end, for a Trick or Treat!

Halloween in Mer Stadium mode: What’s new

There are no massive differences between the Halloween Event Mer Stadium Map and the regular Mer Stadium Map. The only difference between the two is mainly for aesthetic purposes. The Halloween Mer Stadium Map has a darker and gloomier atmosphere to synergize with the Halloween period.

Pokémon Unite Halloween in Mer Stadium Battle
Image via The Pokemon Company

The goal zone, barriers and rocky outcrops have touches of a Halloween theme in some sort or other. Also, the traditional Battle Item, which players would take in battles, is no longer available in this mode. Instead, players will receive a ‘pumpkin Toss‘ Button, which you may use on the enemies.

Pokémon Unite Halloween in Mer Stadium: Tips and Tricks

In this section of the guide, players will be guided and given some tips and tricks for this special battle mode in Pokémon Unite.

1. Watch out for Pumpkin tosses and use them wisely

The Pumpkin tosses are special buttons available in this mode. All the players receive this button instead of the Battle Item option. With pumpkin toss, players can either stun Wild Pokémon and do a little bit of damage or transform their enemy Pokémon into a pumpkin! It only has a 3-second cooldown so one must use it wisely. Be careful though, as the enemy also has access to this battle item and can turn them into a pumpkin as well. Hence, players must avoid very close contact with their opponents, and keep moving while attacking them so as to dodge those Pumpkin attacks.

2. Life as a Pumpkin

When players turn into a pumpkin courtesy to their opponents, they immediately drop a large number of balls that they are carrying. Don’t worry though, once they transform back to normal you can pick them back up. However, the others might collect it too. Being a pumpkin isn’t so bad as they can still help your teammates out!

Once people become a pumpkin, they lose access to all of the moves but gain a new one called Pumpkin Tackle. With Pumpkin Tackle, players can push away enemies from either their teammates or their goal zone! The range of a Pumpkin Tackle is also very long, at least more than the average dash-type moves in the game.

3. Turning others into a Pumpkin

Pokémon Unite Halloween in Mer Stadium Battle
Image via The Pokemon Company

Once players turn an enemy Pokémon into a pumpkin, their battle item then transforms into Pumpkin Push! Players should summon two hands and push the enemy pumpkin away with this move. Players should use it to keep their foes away from themselves and the goal zones.

4. Invulnerable After Being Pumpkin-ed

As soon as they return to their normal self after a Pumpkin life, they will have an Invulnerable to Pumpkin Toss status above their Pokémon’s head. Use this short window to deal as much damage as possible without fearing being turned into a pumpkin! This means nobody can give the others continuous Pumpkin lives. Players would get immune to Pumpkin lives for a while too.

5. Zapdos and Rotom

Players should look out for the timers on the map for the arrival of Rotom and Zapdos. The benefits of winning the Zapdos and Rotom kill are the same as Remoat Stadium, only that those in the Mer stadium have comparatively lower HP. They must prioritize winning these boss fights.

Final Thoughts

No doubt, this mode gives an extra essence of Halloween to gamers. Players should remember the said tips and tricks and win most of the Halloween battles. Players should complete the Halloween events as soon as possible within the stipulated time.

What are your thoughts on our Halloween in Mer Stadium Battle mode in Pokémon Unite? Let us know in the comment section below!

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