Pokémon Unite: Voice chat and in-game chat guide and tips

Learn how to coordinate better with teammates using the inbuilt communication features

Like many other MOBA titles, Pokémon Unite has both voice chat and in-game chat features. These features are useful tools that when used correctly can greatly improve team coordination and win rate. However, those who are new to the MOBA genre may not find it the first go.

How to enable voice chat in Pokémon Unite

Voice chat in mobile version

pokemon unite in-game voice chat
Image via The Pokemon Company

To enable voice chat, first, one must reach trainer level six. Once players have reached trainer level six, do the following to enable voice chat on Android and iOS:

  • Start a Pokémon Unite battle (any game mode will work, as long as it is with other players).
  • When the game starts, a headphones and microphone icon will appear. If they appear with a strikethrough (as shown below), you will not be able to hear other players voice and they will not be able to hear yours.
  • To enable listening to teammates, press the headphone button. If the strikethrough on headphone icon disappears, one can hear other players using voice chat.
  • To use voice, press the microphone button and players will have the option to either let the entire team or invited players to hear them.

Voice chat on Nintendo Switch

  • Start a Pokémon Unite battle (once again, any game mode will work, as long as it is with other players).
  • Press the + button to go into the game menu.
  • Go down to voice chat settings.
  • Turn incoming to ‘On’ if you want to hear other players.
  • Turn outgoing to ‘On’ if you want other players to hear you.

When using voice chat, make sure to follow the terms of use and talk to others appropriately. Remember that voice chat isn’t a necessity, solo players don’t communicate using the voice chat very often.

How to use Quick Chat in Pokémon Unite

Pokemon unite quick chat settings
Image via The Pokemon Company

To use the quick chat in a game, players can either use the premade chat options or the custom options available.  To use the quick chat on the Nintendo Switch, press the – button, use the right stick to move the green pointer to the message you wish to send, then press the A button to confirm the message you are going to send.

  • The red fist sends the message “Keep the pressure on!”. Use this to encouragey your teammates to play aggressively or engage in a fight.
  • The green shield sends the message “Retreat!”. Use this to tell your teammates to disengage from a fight or fall back if an enemy is coming to fight you.
  • The yellow flag sends the message “Gather here!”. Use this to alert your teammates to group in a spot to engage in a fight or to claim an obejctive.
  • The blue text box is the custom chat, players can send a custom quick message from one of four options.

To change the quick chat options:

  • Go to Settings
  • Go to the Quick Chat tab.
  • To change the messages available in custom chat, select the desired message in the custom chat menu and press the ‘Trade’ icon to switch it with a pre-existing quick chat option.

When using the quick chat, do not send a message unless one is absolutely sure it is correct. For example, if a player communicates to his/her teammates to play aggressively without knowledge of where the opponents are, he/she can easily get outnumbered. Do not spam the quick chat. If a player wants their teammates to do a task, do not repeatedly spam messages using the quick chat. By doing so, one will aggravate their teammates and possibly cost them the game.

Final Thoughts

Communication is an essential aspect of any team game, and Pokémon Unite is no different. By communicating efficiently with teammates, players will be able to make team decisions better such as when to engage and disengage in fights.

Players can also help teammates have better insight as to where the opponents are on the map. Most importantly, by having good communication, one will be able to position better both on the map and in team fights as players can orient themselves around where they ask their teammates to go, which can greatly improve kill count and reduce the number of deaths. 

That’s all for today’s Pokémon Unite voice chat and in-game chat guide. Did you find it helpful? Let us know in the comment section below!

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