Pokémon Unite Trevenant Guide: Best Build, Held items, Movesets and Gameplay Tips

Tips to play Trevenant in the all-new MOBA!

Trevenant is a brand-new character you can play in the brand new Pokémon Unite MOBA. Trevenant is a melee defender, which means that Trevenant supports teammates, by standing in front of allies to guard them in team fights, as well as, minimize the damage done to them. Because Trevenant is a defender, this character is optimally played in the top lane. In this guide, we will take a closer look at the best battle items, and abilities, including tips and tricks to play Trevenant in Pokémon Unite. Here in this Pokémon Unite guide, we would be talking about all such moves, best items, and builds of Trevenant.

Previously, we have discussed how to master playing with other Pokémons like Pikachu, MamoswineEldegoss, Zeraora, Blissey, Charizard, Snorlax, Tsareena, Decidueye, Dragonite, Talonflame, Cinderace, Greninja, Gardevoir, Venusaur, and Wigglytuff. Therefore, one must make sure to check those guides as well. For now, let’s focus on Trevenant.

Trevenant: In-game cost

Trevenant Pokemon Unite stats
Image via The Pokémon Company

Trevenant is one of the more expensive Pokémon available for purchase. It can be purchased for either 10000 Aeos coins or 500 Aeos Gems from the in-game shop called the Unite Battle Committee. The shop consists of all the characters available from which players can view general info, stats, and abilities of the Pokémon before purchasing them.

Pokémon Unite Trevenant movesets

Some of Trevenant’s abilities have a unique gimmick of damaging itself to gain benefits, such as decreasing the opponent’s movement speed and maximizing damage output. The ability ‘Curse’ will intentionally damage Trevenant, slowing nearby enemies. However, this is compensated by using the ability “Pain Split”. This ability makes a portion of the damage taken by Trevenant be redirected to a single target. The other abilities of Trevenant such as “Wood Hammer” and “Horn Leech” provide lots of crowd control, like a normal tank/support.

Passive – Natural Cure

When Trevenant is at low HP, Trevenant will recover HP for a short period of time. This passive ability will then go on cooldown. But, it can be reduced by hitting opposing Pokémon with the abilities. This passive effect also reduces the cooldowns of this Pokémon’s moves.

basic attack pikachu

Basic Attack

Every third attack is a boosted attack that deals increased damage and restores HP when hit.

Pokémon Unite Trevenant Guide

Ability 1 – Will-O-Wisp

Shoots three flames in designated directions, dealing damage to any opposing Pokémon hit and burning them for a short time.

Ability choices at level 5

Ability 1 evolves into one of the two abilities at level 5.

Wood HammerFuture Sight
On the first use, Trevenant attacks with two hammers in an area of effect, leaving enemies unable to act for a short time, if hit. This ability can be used again for a short period of time, hitting with a single hammer, decreasing the movement speed of opposing Pokémon for a short period of time.Trevenant creates an area of effect zone around the players. Trevenant takes damage over time and slows opponents, in range of the ability. The lower the players’ HP is, the slower the opponent’s movement speed becomes. While the zone is active, the player builds up ‘Curse Power’, by dealing or receiving damage. This ability can be used again, while active, to expend the ‘curse power’, dealing damage to enemies in the zone and resetting the cooldown of the second ability
Upgrade: The second use of the ability also decreases the opposing Pokemons damage for a short time.Upgrade: The range of the zone is increased

Ability 2 – Branch Poke

Trevenant dashes forward a short distance with a branch, damaging opposing Pokémon and decreasing their movement speed for a short time when hit.

Ability choices at level 7

Ability 2 evolves into one of the two abilities at level 7.

Horn LeechPain Split
Trevenant charges forward, dealing damage to opposing Pokémon and shoving Pokémon caught by the ability. Colliding with opposing Pokémon restores health, the lower Trevenants health is, the more that is recovered. At the end of the charge, Trevenants next three abilities deal increased damage and reduce the moves cooldown when hit.Trevenant links to an opposing Pokémon. While linked, Trevenant redirects a portion of damage it receives to the linked Pokémon. The lower Trevenant’s HP is, the more damage is redirected. If Trevenant’s health is lower than the linked Pokémon, Trevenant will also recover HP and deal damage to the linked Pokémon. If the linked Pokémon are too far apart, the link will disappear. Using this ability increases movement speed for a short time.
Upgrade: It increases Trevenants movement speed for a short time after the move is usedUpgrade: The link between the Pokémon is active for a longer duration.
Pokémon Unite Trevenant Guide

Unite Move – Phantom Forest

Trevenant creates a cursed forest, dealing damage to the opposing Pokémon in an area of effect, throwing them and decreasing their movement speed for a short period of time. Basic attacks of all allied Pokémon deal increased damage to enemies, hit by the Unite Move. Trevenant is also granted a shield, that is increased for each opposing Pokémon hit. While Trevenant is shielded, HP recovery effects are strengthened.

Best items for Trevenant in Pokemon Unite

Further in this guide, we will discuss the best-held items for Trevenant in Pokémon Unite, as well as its best battle item.

Best held items

ItemWhy it’s useful
Focus BandFocus Band is, by far, the most important held item on Trevenant. Trevenants playstyle revolves around fighting at low health, as most of the abilities give more buffs with lower the health of Trevenant is. Staying in low health for a long amount of time is risky. However, with Focus Band, Trevenant is able to continuously regain health. This ensures that Trevenant does not die in fights very easily.
Buddy BarrierBuddy Barrier is an extremely versatile item, that is used on Trevenant to increase Trevenants base health, something that Trevenant lacks. Since Trevenant is a defender that excels in team fights, Buddy Barrier provides large amounts of shielding, when Trevenants Unite move is used.
Muscle BandMuscle Band is used on Trevenant because the boosted attacks of Trevenant are quite strong. By using the muscle band, it increases Trevenant’s attack speed. This means that Trevenant is able to restore health from the boosted attacks more frequently. Muscle Band is also used because the abilities of Trevenant have quite long cooldowns. This means that Trevenant will have to rely on basic attacks for the majority of fights.

Best Battle Items

  • Eject Button: Eject Button instantly teleports Trevenant a short distance of your choice, this item has a 70-second cooldown. Because Trevenant is a slow character, this lets Trevenant reposition quickly, giving Trevenant the ability to escape fights (or engage in fights) quickly.
  • Potion: Potion is a surprisingly strong choice of battle item for Trevenant. Potion is a 30 second cooldown item that heals the user for 12.5% of their maximum health. Since Trevenants gameplay revolves around being on low health, Potion makes this safer as this battle item can be activated to recover health if your health drops too low to fight. This item is also helpful because Trevenant has a decent amount of base health, so Potion gives a lot of health when used.
  • Goal Getter: Goal getter is a 90 second cooldown item that halves the time taken to get a goal for a short period of time. This item synergizes with Trevenant well because Trevenant is a defender with good defensive/health stats. When paired with Score shield Trevenant can score goals safely with little chance of interruption.

Pokémon Unite Trevenant Gameplay Tips

Our Pokémon Unite Trevenant guide includes the perfect game plan for the early and late game during the Unite battles.

Early Game

In the early game, Trevenant’s abilities are great for one-on-one fights. Since Trevenant is a defender, the goal for the early game should be to get some kills and win the lane, by taking the opponent’s top goal.

Trevenant Early gameplay Unite
Image via The Pokemon Company

During the early game, the partner in the lane is usually an attacker. So, players must make sure to stay in front of the attacker and protect them from taking damage. In that way, they can level up quickly and become stronger later in the game. Once Drednaw spawns, Trevenant should be around level 7. Since Trevenant excels in team fights, he should go to Drednaw to help the team, if possible.

Late Game

Late Game is when players should aim to help their teammates to take objectives, by positioning Trevenant as a frontline for the team in teamfights, for the given objective.

Trevenant Late gameplay Unite
Image via The Pokemon Company

Trevenant’s aim is to stall the opponents from getting to the objective for long enough. This could be done by healing itself and deflecting damage done to Trevenant. When done correctly, Trevenant can distract the entire enemy team from reaching an objective, which is long enough for the objective to be secured by your team.


Trevenant’s current best lane is the top lane, due to being a defender. But, Trevenant is also seeing some play in the Center Lane. Trevenant has great defensive capabilities, which can be a great asset to the team if used correctly. Since Trevenant is a defender, players will need to make the decisions for their team. This includes which plays to make and where to go to, as the attackers/supporters do need to stay close to the defender. Because of this, players must make sure to communicate which lanes to go to effectively, by using the in-game Quick Chat.

Trevenant with other Pokémon

Best Synergies with Trevenant

Our Pokémon Unite Trevenant guide also focuses upon the relationship between Trevenant and other Pokémon in the game.

Pokémon Benefits
BlisseyBlissey is one of the strongest characters to pair with Trevenant. This is because Blissey’s abilities can provide instant healing to get out of unwinnable fights. It provides movement speed to kite around enemies easily and increased attack speed, so that, Trevenant can heal from boosted attacks more frequently. All these buffs that Blissey provides, makes Trevenant an unkillable 1v5-ing monster, that can beat almost any opposing Pokémon in a fight.
EldegossEldegoss is another supporter that goes really well with Trevenant, because of the healing and shielding it provides. Shields work really well on Trevenant as extra shielding does not count as health for Trevenant’s abilities. This means Trevenant can get bonus effects from abilities while still being safe
WigglytuffWigglytuff goes well with Trevenant, thanks to their high defences and great crowd-control abilities. Wigglytuff’s Unite move, Starlight Recital goes especially well with Trevenant, as the given large shield allows Trevenant to make aggressive plays and used buffed abilities, while it loses very little health in return.
SylveonOne of Trevenants weaknesses is that it lacks crowd control, especially if a player is using Curse/Pain Split. This can be compensated by playing the Pokémon Sylveon with the abilities “Mystical Fire” and “Draining Kiss“. Two abilities that are both point-and-press means that they will both be guaranteed to land, meaning Sylveon doesn’t need crowd control to deal damage.

Pokémon which are strong and weak against Trevenant

Strong AgainstWeak Against
GardevoirAlolan Ninetales

Pokémon Unite Trevenant: Tips and tricks

This guide will also discuss some tips and tricks for playing Trevenant in Pokémon Unite.

  1. As Trevenant, the main objective is to minimize, as much damage taken from teammates as possible.
  2. Trevenant is a relatively easy character to start playing, but, it is a difficult character to master. The key difference between a good and bad Trevenant player is, their decision to fight or not. Because, Trevenant was made to fight at low HP. Therefore, it is difficult to decide, whether to continue fighting at that HP with the bonus ability effects or to disengage from the fight.
  3. Kiting” is an important technique to learn, while playing this character. Kiting is when a player moves, while attacking. Using the abilities, so that players are able to attack thier opponent, without the opponent attacking. The goal in fights should be to keep the opponent close enough, so that the abilities hit them. They should not be too close, so they do not attack them.
  4. If one would like to play Trevenant as a defender, then he must use the abilities “Curse” and “Pain Split”. But, in case players would prefer a crowd-control support-oriented playstyle, then they must use “Horn Leech” and “Wood Hammer”.
  5. Players must save the Unite Move for Zapdos. This is an easily overlooked aspect of the game, that can change the entire outcome of the game. By saving the Unite Move for Zapdos, it ensures that the can secure the objective and win the game.
  6. One must make sure to check the map before Zapdos spawns. They must look around in the bushes surrounding Zapdos to ensure, that there are no sneaky enemies waiting to steal it.
  7. Because Trevenant is a defender, it needs to initiate fights by engaging on the enemy team. Players must make sure to signal to the teammates that a fight is going to be initiated, as well as, ensuring that the team is prepared and in a winning position, before players engage in the fight. They must remember that one teamfight can change the outcome of the game.

Final Thoughts

Trevenant is a fun, intriguing character to play with a unique and interesting gimmick, regarding Trevenants abilities. However, Trevenant currently feels underpowered, because Trevenant does not have very high health for a defender. Nor does Trevenant have a very good movement speed. This means that Trevenant can get caught out and die easily, Especially, because the character is supposed to fight at low health. If players are looking for a fun character with an incredibly high-skill cap, then this Pokémon may be of some interest.

That’s all for today’s Pokémon Unite Trevenant Guide. Do you prefer to use Trevenant in any other way? Let us know in the comment section below!

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