Primitive Era: 10000 BC free codes and how to redeem them (January 2023)

Earn exclusive rewards with free redeem codes!

Primitive Era: 10000 BC is a strategy-based game that allows players to build up their own civilization in a barren land. The game comes up with unique sets of features and itineraries that make the game much more fascinating. Every game comes up with certain redeem codes for the players just after the launch. This helps the players to redeem some of the finest rewards while they start off their new journey. Thus, let us jump into details about the Primitive Era: 10000 BC free redeem codes and know about the process to redeem them as well. 

How to get free redeem codes in Primitive Era 10000 BC

Every gaming developer releases some limited sets of redeem codes that work till a given time limit. These codes are announced to the players mostly by social media handles and the official game website. Players must keep a check over these handles to get to know about the redeem codes so that they can use and redeem the rewards. Most players are given rewards such as Rubies, Potions, Speedups, Food, Wood, and Pelt

Primitive Era 10000 BC free redeem codes and rewards

As per the official website and social media handles of Primitive Era 10000 BC, the developers have come up with three redeem codes that will by far help the players to redeem free rewards with the help of these codes. Following are the free redeem codes that are working at the moment:

Primitive Era 10000 BC free codes and rewards
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Redeem CodesRewards 
MERRYCHRISTMAS20221000 Rubies, 1 Magic Potion IV, 1-3 Hour Speedup, 3-1 Hour speedup, 10 -5 minutes speedup.
J90MJVIOAJL7B2YH10 Magic Potion II, 1x 1 Hour speedup.
1Zgac7EPlop125mt100 Rubies, 10,000 Food, 10,000 Wood, 2,000 Pelt

How to redeem codes in Primitive Era 10000 BC 

This is a huge advantage for the players that the developers of Primitive Era 10000 BC have made an easier option to redeem the codes. Follow up the steps and thus redeem the rewards from the free redeem codes. 

Primitive Era 10000 BC free codes redeem
Image via 37 Mobile Games
  1. Tap on the Chief Info icon and then tap on the Setting options on that page.
  2. On the new page, search for the Gift Code option and then tap on it. 
  3. Fill up the box with the free redeem codes and thus claim the rewards.

By far, the officials from the Primitive Era 10000 BC have released these free redeem codes. Keep an eye on the social media handles and on this piece as well to get updates about the new codes so that players can get the rewards. Till then enjoy building up your own civilization and compete against other players. 

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