Primitive Era: 10000 BC Hero Tier List for February 2024

Choose from only the best heroes in the game!

Primitive Era: 10000 BC is a newly launched strategy-based simulation game that is available on both Android and iOS devices. The game offers various interesting features and sectors for the players but here is a section, Hero; Heroes are one of the most important entities present in the game who help the players guard their villages along with the troop members. As there are so many Heroes, players often get confused while choosing the best Hero for their village. Thus I have made a detailed tier list for the players so that they can easily choose the best Hero for their village in Primitive Era: 10000 BC.

If you are starting new, I’d recommend you to check this beginners guide to know the game basics, and redeem codes for free rewards in Primitive Era: 10000 BC.

Primitive Era: 10000 BC Hero Tier List for February 2024

Primitive Era: 10000 BC categorizes the Heroes of the game into four different tiers; S, A, B, and C respectively.

Strong (S)Growler,
Snowy Claw,
Thicket Archer,
Winter’s Thorn,
Tide Caller,
Bestial Huntress,
Weighty Totem,
Jadeite Hammar,
Sawtooth Blade,
Alpha Wolf,
Inspiring Warcry,
White Lion,
Daughter of Ocean,
Tusk Shield,
Siren Killer 
Good (A)Arbiter,
Fist Blade,
Skull Chaser,
Mammoth Predator,
Soul Transporter,
Rabble Rouser,
Northland Loner,
Spirit of Beast,
Wilderness Hunter,
Skeleton Shield,
Travelling Merchant,
Lady of Harvest,
Fair (B)Magic Mountain,
Shield Piercer,
Brutal Warax,
Riverbed Guardian,
Beast of Prey,
Little Hunter,
Jungle Lord,
Wind Summoner,
Fortune Seeker,
Weak (C)Reaper,
Spear Hunter,
Water Carrier,
Primitive Era: 10000 BC Hero Tier List for January 2023

Best Meta Heroes from each class for Primitive Era: 10000 BC

Primitive Era 10000 BC divided the heroes into two different classes; Battle and Growth. These two classes define the heroes and thus here are the best heroes from each of the classes:

Battle Class Heroes – Growler

Battle class heroes are the ones who support the team from the frontline. They help the troops and armies to fight strongly against the opponents and the best part is they move to the frontline and fight together with their troops to claim victory. 

Image via 37 Mobile Games

Growler is the best Battle class hero players can rely on in the game. The character is the hub of physical strength and along with his bear, he becomes a complete beast on the battlefield. He focuses the most on winning every set of battles and helps the players to win and claim more resources for the villagers. The main skills which make him the strongest are:

  • Spiritual Leader
  • Brutal swing 
  • Defense up 
  • Attack up
  • Suppression Attack
  • Awakening 
  • Power of Bear
  • Grow Fiercer 

Growth Class Heroes – Thicket Archer

Growth class heroes focus mostly on the growth of the village. They are more a village person than a fighter. It is not like they do not participate in wars, they do. But they mostly rely on and believe in their IQ level and develop the village with their best possible brains. 

Image via 37 Mobile Games

Thicket Archer is the best Growth class hero players can choose from the set of Growth class heroes. A supporting character that helps to train the troops, makes them stronger, fights alongside them for the victory of their village, and also takes charge of developing every sector of the village so that the villagers do not face any of the issues. The best skill sets that make her unique and best are:

  • Skiller Trainer
  • Archer Instructor
  • Careful Spender
  • Camp Expansion 
  • Experience Talk
  • Exalted Instructor

Final Thoughts

Primitive Era 10000 BC is an outstanding game with numerous heroes that might put players into trouble while choosing the best guardian for their village. Thus, here is the detailed tier list so that players can take help from it and select the best hero for them. Follow the table and recruit the best hero from every possible class to protect your village with the best individual. 

Did you find this Primitive Era: 10000 BC Character Tier List useful? Let us know in the comment section below!

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