Pro 11 – Football Manager Beginners Guide and Tips

Dominate the best national leagues and the legendary Champions League!

Pro 11 – Football Manager, a soccer video game developed by Trophy Games, is a viable alternative for all football enthusiasts. It has been the game of choice for all Android soccer players since its release. This mobile game offers the players their preferred Ultimate Team and is full of vibrant choices and admirable management strategies. So, if you’re new to the game and want to have the greatest possible experience here are a couple of our recommendations from the Pro 11- Football Manager guide to help you, beginners, get your trip started!

Introducing the Basics of Pro 11 – Football Manager

With amazing 3D motion-captured football moves that are based on real-life recorded movements, this game is presented to you in high-quality graphics. Being the manager in charge, you may even watch game movements as they unfold in real-time. Well, your fantasy football game comes to life with Pro 11’s cutting-edge visuals.

The main goal is to let you help your team win, place highly in the league standings, and reach the top 7 to advance. The Champions League and higher league levels may be reached at the end, where the top clubs compete for glory, trophies, and enormous prize money.

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Well, you must master a variety of skills to be a good manager which includes deciding on match-winning tactics, obtaining excellent young players, consistently providing them with good training, and keeping your club’s economy strong. Moreover, adding players to your squad by making purchases and sales on the transfer market will also be your duty.

The Pro 11 Football Manager game allows you to manage any club of your choice. As the manager in this game, you are fully accountable for any club of your choosing. Only if you have what it takes to get to the top of the football manager rankings in this game, you can become the best football manager and win the championship.

Multiplayer Mode

The best fantasy football game for immediate action is Pro 11! With Pro 11, you have total control over your football games, immediate decision-making over when to play, and constant competition with other human football managers. This game lets you compete with friends and other actual opponents, and start live battles whenever you want. Well, to build a stronger community and receive more prizes, partner up with the supporters of your preferred club.

Also, Pro 11 gives you the freedom to win your fantasy football league whenever you’re online, unlike other multiplayer games that require set match hours. A season in Pro 11 lasts for two weeks or fourteen days. Well, you can play 26 league games throughout this time (2 every day), along with several other things.


Transfer Window
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Select Attack, then pick a low skill if you’re looking for a good attacker. Well, it is advised to start with an initial minimum of 85. Although selecting the Mythical players is a good option, the Legendary players or the Epic player are also worth choosing. Young players can quickly adapt to your team because they are quick learners but selling them will get you more money than selling an experienced player.

Choosing your Players

To improve your team you need to pull youth players and train them. After a season or two, you will start exploring how your players r playing. Therefore, now you can start replacing your desired squad players and see your team grow in strength.

Choosing of players
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However, NEVER sell your best youth players for the first many seasons. They are the future of your club. You can also get instant improvements by buying players off the transfer list. Well, this can be a quick but also expensive way to improve your team.

Pro 11 – Football Manager Beginners Guide – Tips and Tricks

To take over the football team and excel in the performance of your players do consider following these tips. Here’s how new players may maximize their performance and lead their squad to victory.

  • Sell the players you don’t utilize and keep the greatest player on your team.
  • On your team, click the Train button next to each member to train them separately.
  • Check the OVR of each player to know how they do during the match.
  • For your squad, you will receive 1 free training session. Always use and upgrade your players.
  •  The training facility needs to be upgraded as soon as possible.
Tips and tricks
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  • Choose your preferred football team on the Fan Selection menu to receive daily rewards.
  • On the Fan Select menu, you can even compete with other supporters of the same team to win prizes for finishing first in the league.
  • Search for young people under the youth academy tab and add them to your squad to win more friends.
  •  On the tactics page, you can adjust the formation to best suit your squad and select the player who will play for the team.
  • Always look to improve your team through free agency.

Final Thoughts

One of the best Android video games for beginners which consumes the least amount of memory is Pro 11-Football Manager. So, use these techniques to show off your skills online and make your gaming experience thrilling. Don’t hesitate to give it a try and never forget to refer to this Pro 11- Football Manager beginners guide for advice if you run into problems.

That’s it from this Pro 11 – Football Manager beginners guide. Do hit us up in the comments section if you find this Pro 11- Football Manager beginners guide useful. 

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