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PUBG Mobile 5th Anniversary: World of Wonder Event Guide and Tips

Enter the World of Wonder!

PUBG Mobile, ever since it was released in March of 2018 has been a massive presence in the international mobile gaming market. It has dominated nearly every aspect of the stats that are published online. Now, in the event of the fifth anniversary of the release of PUBG Mobile, we have on our hands a plethora of events, most particularly, World of Wonder, a special-themed game mode.

PUBG Mobile Fifth Anniversary “World of Wonder” Update

World of Wonder has come as a special themed event to celebrate five years of PUBG Mobile as a part of the 2.5-game update. Besides the World of Wonder mode, there have also been minor updates to the game’s classic mode, mechanisms, and guns. But here in this article, we will be talking about the said mode. More specifically, we will discuss the building aspect of World of Wonder, and also a brief overview of the others.

PUBG Mobile, World of Wonder, anniversary
Image via Tencent

There are a lot of elements that make up the anniversary event, namely, tank battles, team deathmatch, regular classic mode, and a mode that focuses on escapades. While these modes are pretty straightforward and have been in the game in some way or the other events or in the Payload mode. The World of Wonder mode gives creative independence to the players and allows them to show their skills in designing an impromptu map.

World of Wonder: Building tips

In World of Wonder, players can indulge in a fresh new form of entertainment by actively designing and creating new maps where others will play by your rules. If you are curious about the degree of freedom the game will offer to those willing to try their hand in this mode, you will be pleased to know that it extends to quite some extent. Players can choose the terrain, and buildings to create compounds with, and dictate the overall state of the game that occurs on the said map.

Now that we have established a basic idea about the mode, it is time to take a look at some tips to take one through it:

1. Choosing an appropriate terrain

One could argue that the terrain of a map is the most prominent feature of the gameplay that occurs there and also affects the results and outcomes the most. The terrain provides the base for all other designs and ideas you might want to implement on your map. For example, a bare map like Miramar is suited for long-range fights and all-out fights with little room to retreat given the lack of cover.

PUBG Mobile, Miramar
Image via Tencent

Meanwhile, maps like Sanhok with a lush terrain are suited for ambushes and fast-paced short-ranged fights. World of Wonder has 4 terrains to choose from, each differing in size and outlook and offering its own unique situations to work with.

2. In-game mechanics

PUBG Mobile fifth anniversary World of Wonder event parachute
Image via Tencent

The World of Wonder event also offers considerable freedom to the players when it comes to controlling certain elements in the game which cannot be set manually in advanced custom rooms either. For example, one can dictate the points where players can respawn or dropdown. This can heavily affect the action in a match and make for very interesting fights. The one in control can also take the helm and spawn equipment, vehicles, that is bikes, and other supplies at will as well.

3. Select the preferred style of gameplay

This is more mainstream when it comes to selecting how a match can be played, but is nevertheless a part of the vent. The player who is creating the said map can also decide how the other players who are playing in it get to play. It can be played in the Erangel Mode which is more or less similar to the regular classic mode with a battle-royale format.

Meanwhile, one could also choose Craft Mode as the preferred mode of gameplay in the custom map. This will result in more dynamic gameplay, similar to that of the Arena mode in PUBG Mobile, with features such as respawn after dying and ranking systems, etc. This will likely result in many entertaining matches.

4. Assert control over player and match attributes

PUBG Mobile, room
Image via Tencent

Like in regular rooms, the World of Wonder mode also allows players to modify certain attributes, although to a much better extent. In addition to being able to decide the number of players that a match can start with, one can also adjust players’ health and jumping abilities. Changes such as this are bound to make for some very interesting plays as the players affected by them try to work their way around it and gift us some unique strategies in return.

5. Pick the buildings and objects you want

PUBG Mobile, Yasnaya Polyana
Image via Tencent

This is the single most important aspect of creating your own map aside from deciding the terrain. The mode offers you all the objects such as the different types of foliage, and buildings so that you can give a unique identity to your map. Create your own compounds for tactical gunfights or you might just want to leave the place open to have more open fights. With so much to do, there are a lot of possibilities and it entirely depends on how you decide to use it.

Final Thoughts

To conclude, it is fair to say that this is by far the most creative mode that Tencent and PUBG Mobile have endorsed us, the fans. An event like World of Wonder is surely worthy to have its place as the standout event for the fifth anniversary of one of the most successful mobile games of all time, one that has developed its own cult following like many other greats, such as titles from Supercell or Plants vs Zombies to name a few.

Have you played the World of Wonder event in the PUBG Mobile 5th Anniversary celebration? What are your thoughts about this event mode? Let us know in the comments below!

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