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PUBG Mobile: 10 Best loot locations in Miramar map

In PUBG Mobile, looting is one of the most essential things to survive and win the game. Without proper loot, you will not get success in the game. In today’s article, we will discuss the 10 best loot locations in the Miramar map of PUBG Mobile. Miramar is the biggest among the 4 maps available in the game. It is an 8×8 desert type map with big cliffs, mountains and deep ridges. Despite being the biggest map, it’s loot spots are quite limited.

10. Impala

impala miramar
Impala – Miramar

Impala is a great place to loot at the start of the game. It is situated in the seashore area and connected with the highway. Players can get good loots in the big buildings of this city.

9. El Azahar

el azahar
El Azahar – Miramar

El Azahar is a minor town located at the upper- right side of the map. Despite of being a small place, it’s loot spawn rates are quite higher than many bigger cities. If you want less competition and good loots, then you should land here.

8. Valle del Mar

Valle del Mar – Miramar

Valle del Mar is a colorful oceanside town bisected by the De Toro bridge. To the West of the bridge is a quaint school, and to the East, a beautiful church. The key to holding this town is bridge control, as it’s the only direct route between the mainland and the island. Players can expect good loot here.

7. Cruz del valle

miramar loot spots
Cruz del Valle – Miramar

Cruz del Valle is situated on the upper right side of the map. It is a great place for passive players and rank pushers since fewer numbers of people land here. Players can get good loots here.

6. Monte Nuevo

miramar loot locations
Monte Nuevo – Miramar

Monte Nuevo is a semi-large city, situated at left-middle side of the map. This city is favorite for many professional competitive teams because rotating from here is quite easy since its joining four highways at one place. Players can expect good loots and also a large number of enemies at this city.

5. Los Leones

los lenos
Los Leones – Miramar

The biggest city in the Miramar, Los Lenos, situated at the lower-right side of the map. It is enriched with many big multi-storied buildings, towers, warehouses. This city is favorite among many players because of the high loot rates. But, here players can expect many enemies too.

4. El Pozo

el pozo
El Pozo – Miramar

Situated at the top left corner of the map, El Pozo is a great place for every type of player simce it’s teritorry wide enough. Al,most two squads can get proper loot from here. But because of the higher loot spawn rate, players can expect more enemies here.

3. San Martin and Hacienda del Patron

San Martin – Miramar
Hacienda del Patron – Miramar

San Martin is situated in the almost middle of the map. It’s a semi-large city with lots of buildings, a power station, a multistoried control house and many more. The loot rate is very high here. But because it is situated at the almost middle of the map, players can face multiple squads here.

Hacienda del Patron is situated at the upper part of the San Martin city. It is a bungalow type compound with many rooms. The loot spawn rate is also very high here. But it is desired by many players, so you will see many foes here.

2. Chumacera

miramar loot locations, Chumacera
Chumacera – Miramar

Chumacera, a major city situated at the lower part of the map. Its backside is covered by the big Minas del Valle mountain. Chumacera is divided into two parts, one is ‘upper Chuma’ and another is ‘lower Chuma’. The loot spawn rate is high here. The enemy landing rate is also very high here. But since it is situated at the lower part of the map, players should find a four-wheeler vehicle before they proceed.

Before we move on to the number 1 spot, we want to mention some more loot locations of Miramar (honorable mentions),

  • Campo Militar
  • Water Treatment
  • La Bendita
  • La Coberia
  • Puerto Paraiso

1. Pecado

pecado, best miramar loot spot
Pecado – Miramar

Pecado, situated right at the middle of the map, is the heart of Miramar. It can be considered as the best loot spot of Miramar. Despite being one of the smallest city of the map, its loot spawn rate is extremely high. Almost every part of the map reachable from here. The big casino building, the Red Press building and the ‘L’ building are ideal for looting. But since it is situated at the middle of the map, players can expect extreme level gunfight here because it is favorite of almost every Miramar lover.

Hope you’ll find this Miramar loot locations guide useful. If you have any questions, suggestion or feedback, drop them in the comments below!

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