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PUBG Mobile Bluehole Mode Guide: Tips and Tricks for survival

PUBG Mobile‘s one of the most awaited game modes, the Safety Scramble Mode, which is popularly known as the ‘Bluehole Mode’ is here. Basically it is an EvoGround mode that can be selected from the ‘PayLab’ tab in the maps section. This mode consists of one inner zone and an outer zone. In this PUBG Mobile bluehole mode guide, we will discuss the features of this new mode and how you can survive it well.

What is Bluehole Mode in PUBG Mobile?

PUBG Mobile safety scramble Mode
Bluehole mode rules

The Bluehole mode a.k.a the Safety Scramble mode is the newly added EvoGround mode in PUBG Mobile. This mode is based on the Erangel map. In this mode, when players will take off, they will see two different zones on the map.

PUBG Mobile Bluehole Mode
The inner and outer zone

PUBG Mobile Bluehole mode tips and tricks

1. Know which zones do damage and which do not

The white-bordered circle is the usual safe zone or the playzone, which is familiar to most of the players, they will not take any damage in the safe zone. Another purple color zone is the Bluezone where players will take zone damages, and it is inside of the safe zone. Players will have to stay in the safe zone but not in the blue zone to survive.

player taking damage in the purple circle

2. Loot and move before the zone shrinks

After looting in the first phase of the match, players should move near to the purple circle. Because, after the safe zone shrinks, the purple circle will be the new safe zone. And a new blue zone will appear in the safe zone.

Safe zone is shrinking

3. Stick with the team and plan your position

This is how the match will carry forward. Players should stick together and capture a compound near the blue zone to move to the next play zone safely. Overall this a funny as well as competitive mode. This will improve the player’s zone prediction and rotation ability, which will help them in future classic matches.

PUBG Mobile Bluehole Mode
Blue zone becomes the new safe zone

4. Strategic position is important

Players can hold near the edge of the safe zone to get more kills. Enemies will come in the safe zone from outside of the zone. So if you have a good gun with a nice scope, then you can knock off those enemies from a distance. This technique is called ‘Gate-keeping‘.

5. Risk will always come with a reward if executed properly

Players can also go to the inside of the blue zone to loot safely, though it is a very risky move as well as it is a brilliant move too. Since the first two zones will do minor damages so you can fight those damages with a painkiller or adrenaline syringe. Many experienced players do this trick to get a proper loot without getting involved in a fight. You can also use this trick in Quick matches and Sniper training.

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