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PUBG Mobile Guide: How much safe zones damage in PUBG Mobile

Safe zones or Play zones are the key elements of battle royale games. As the matches progress, safe zones make the game more interesting by bringing players closer. And, the damage also increases over time so in the latter part of the matches, players become much more conscious about moving before the safe zone’s arrival. But have you ever realized, how much these safe zones damage in PUBG Mobile over time? Today in this article, we will present you the data.

P.S. – Before you check out the graph, you should know that it only applies to Erangel and Miramar map of PUBG Mobile. The game starts when the plane starts flying. Thus, 0 minutes is calculated from that moment.

How much safe zones damage in PUBG Mobile

The “zeroth” circle is presumed to be about 10250 meters long, but this is only an estimate as the map is smaller than that.

General tips for circle damage in PUBG Mobile

Takes 2 minutes after getting on the plane for the first circle (shown in white) to appear. That’s when we consider the zeroth circle to have spawned, or where the red line first starts.

Circle 1-4

Players can rescue their teammates who are knocked out outside the safe zone and heal up with ease.

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Circle 5

The circle damage jumped from 1 DPS to 3 DPS! Players can only rescue their knocked out teammate if they are very close to the play zone. With the amount of health that is generated after revival, they cannot survive for the 6 seconds it takes to use a first aid kit. If they are far than walking distance from the play zone, abandon them. You can still heal up though.

Circle 6

Unless your teammate can crawl to the zone, abandon them, else you’ll be in trouble. It isn’t worth it. Healing is tough but not impossible. Don’t forget to bring a bunch of first aid kits!

Circle 7

Now damage rises at 7 DPS. Players will take 42 damage while trying to apply a first aid kit. That means they will have 75-42=33 health to run around, which is only 4 seconds. In this zone, players can only run for 4 seconds, then need to spend 6 seconds using a first aid kit. To make it simple, chances are very rare if a player is stuck far from the zone at this phase of the game.

Circle 8

It is the final circle. Not all the matches last this long. Players can expect it to be a nail biter if it’s in an environment with buildings. At this point in the game, there won’t be any timer on the screen, but in the background, there is a 3-minute clock. If there is no winner once this clock ends, then a timer appears saying the circle will shrink in 15 seconds.

The final circle

After 15 seconds are over, it will take another 15 seconds to shrink to zero at the center. If you want to do the healing trick, here’s your moment to shine. Otherwise, get ready to group up at the center. 11 damage per second from the zone while it’s shrinking and after shrinking, a deviation from the usual “keep larger zone’s damage until it’s done shrinking”.

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After the play zone is closed, the players will still take 11 damage per second. Of course, at this point, the only way to survive is to constantly use first aid kits.

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