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PUBG Mobile Tips and Tricks: How to utilize the Backpack properly

PUBG Mobile involves a lot of strategies. To do good players need to take care of every single thing that they are aware of. And doing so inside the game needs regular practice. Managing the backpack in PUBG Mobile is another thing that players often face problems with. While some pro players already have an idea, many do not know about backpack management. So today, we will discuss how one can manage their backpack in PUBG Mobile well and get that chicken dinner!

Basic info about PUBG Mobile backpack

Did you know that the vests also have a certain carrying capacity? If not, now you’ll know that the vests can actually carry a few items. However, all level vests have the same capacity. Please look at the table below to know more about the carrying capacity of the backpacks.

Level 1 Backpack150
Level 2 Backpack200
Level 3 Backpack250
Vest (Level 1,2,3)50

Information about the Items and their space

Now as you know about the capacity of the backpacks, we will talk about the space that each item takes. Please look at the table below.

ItemSpace in Backpack
Ammo 9mm (10 rounds)4
Ammo 45ACP (10 rounds)4
Ammo 5.56 (10 rounds)5
Ammo 7.62 (10 rounds)7
Ammo 300MAG (10 rounds)10
Xbow bolt2
Frag Grenade16
Stun Grenade12
Smoke Grenade14
First Aid10
Energy Drink4

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Following the above chart can actually help someone to manage their backpack efficiently in PUBG Mobile. Many of you might have wondered why picking up many grenades is a problem for the backpack space management. I hope now things will be much clearer. And according to that, you can pick up items.

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