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PUBG Mobile Tips and Tricks: M416 vs SCAR-L weapon comparison

PUBG Mobile players can get confused about choosing the right assault rifle for them. Especially in the beginning when most of the assault rifles are same for the players, it becomes a matter of choice. However, most of the players get stuck with SCAR-L, M416 and AKM. And today we will do an analysis of SCAR-L vs M416 and hopefully, this will make the decision easier.

Pros of SCAR – L

scarl pubg mobile scar l
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1. High accuracy

When it is about accuracy, SCRA-L is a very good choice, be it short-range or mid-range. With the proper scope, players can pretty well with this gun. However, long-range can be a problem.

2. Destructive in Close Range

In close combat encounters, SCR-L can be devastating. Its high accuracy with less bullet spray makes this gun a good choice for the starters.

3. Versatile & Reliable Weapon

The gun becomes more powerful with the attachments. It is one of handpicked few weapons that supports 4 attachments. And players can set attachments according to their preference.

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Pros of M416

m416, m416 pubg mobile
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1. Attachment Compatibility

The M416 equips the highest number of attachments in all Assault Rifles in-game (more than SCAR-L). This makes this gun extremely versatile in any encounter.

2. Low Recoil

This weapon is very stable because of low recoil. If you are a new player and in a dilemma, whether you should pick it up or not, you should definitely go for it.

3. High Fire Rate

The fire rate of M416 is high compared with most other Assault Rifles. This is a point to note when you’ll encounter enemies. High fire rates can make you survive especially on 1v1 fights.

Stats – M416 vs SCAR-L

WeaponBase DamageFire RateDPSTime to Kill

Hopefully, the picture will much clearer for you about the preferred assault rifle! If you have any comments, do let us know in the below! And if love reading insightful contents like this, make sure to follow us on Facebook and Twitter.

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