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PUBG Mobile Jungle Adventure Mode: All you need to know

PUBG Mobile 0.18 update has already arrived with a lot of new features and modes like the Bluehole mode, Miramar 2.0, Cheer Park, etc. Now the long-awaited Jungle Adventure Mode is here in PUBG Mobile as a part of the Summer Land Event. If you want to know all the details and all the features of this new mode then you are in the right place. This article includes all the details (including locations of Jungle fruits, hot air balloons etc) of the recently added PUBG Mobile Jungle Adventure Mode.

Top Features of the Jungle Adventure Mode

The Jungle Adventure Mode is based on Tribal theme which is introduced on the map of Sanhok. This mode appears in the classic matches just like the Sand Storm mode which is already introduced on the Miramar map. Here are all the new features of the Jungle Adventure Mode which are introduced on the map of Sanhok:

1. New waiting lobby

PUBG Mobile Jungle Adventure Mode waiting lobby
The Dancing Arena in the Waiting Lobby

The waiting lobby is the place where the players are spawn and have to wait for a minute before the game starts. Now, the waiting lobby in Sanhok has become more entertaining. A new dance arena is introduced here where players can invoke in front of Totems or dance or party together.

2. Hot Air Balloons

Hot Air Balloons are introduced in some random spots in the whole map which are marked on the minimap just like the Sand Storm in the Miramar. There are two main features of these Hot Air Balloons:

  • Ascend and Descend: Players who ride the Hot Air Balloon cannot travel from one place to another. You can only go up in the sky and again come back after enjoying the beautiful scenery from above the sky.
  • Look Around: After Ascending up to the sky you will find a button named “Look Around”. On clicking this button a Look Around emoticon is played and the Totems present nearby is marked on your mini-map.

Locations to find the Hot Air Balloon in PUBG Mobile Jungle Adventure Mode

PUBG Mobile hot air balloon location, pubg mobile
PUBG Mobile hot air balloon location

Please take a look at the picture above to know the exact positions of the Hot Air Balloons in the Sanhok map of PUBG Mobile. We are listing them below again for your convenience.

  • Near Samhee
  • In middle of Kampong and Cave
  • Near Bootcamp
  • Towards the south from Ha Tinh
  • Towards the east from Khao
  • In middle of Paradise Resort and Bhan

You might think that what happens if you jump off the Hot Air Balloon when it is on the sky. But no need to panic because nothing happens, as you jump off the Hot Air Balloon, a parachute opens and you land safely.

3. Totems

PUBG Mobile Jungle Adventure Mode Totems
A Totem found in the Jungle Adventure Mode

Totems are actually statues of some Tribal Gods. When you stand in front of these Totems you can see an ‘Invoke‘ button. On clicking that button, it will play an invoke emoticon. After invoking you will get some loots or you will be fully energized.

You can’t spot a Totem from a long distance. It suddenly appears when you come near it. But as previously mentioned the “Look Around” emoticon in the Hot Air Balloon shows the Totems present nearby in the minimap.
There is also a different type of Totem you can find as loot in random places on the whole map called Barrier Totem. On throwing, these create a small barrier or cover in an emergency situation. But it is very small and you can take cover only while you are prone. Remember, you will be not in cover while crouching or standing.

4. Jungle Fruits

PUBG Mobile Jungle Adventure Mode jungle fruits
A bunch of Jungle Fruits

The Jungle Fruits are the most interesting thing you can find in this update. Jungle Fruits are found lying on the ground randomly on different places on the whole map. After arriving in front of these Jungle Fruits, you can see a “Pick” button. On clicking that pick button it starts digging out that Jungle Fruits and you will get it. After eating those Jungle Fruits you might get special abilities or you might also get fully energized or if the fruit is poisonous then you might feel a little bit dizzy. Some of the special effects we experienced until now are:

  • You might get an effect which is active for some seconds. While the effect is active, the minimap displays the distance to the audio markers i.e. when the enemy fires, the minimap shows you the distance from where the enemy is firing to you in the minimap.
  • You might also get another effect which is also active for some seconds. While the effect is active, the minimap shows you the location of the current airdrop. If the effect remains active till the next airdrop then it shows both the airdrops on the minimap.
  • You might feel a little dizzy.
  • You might get fully boosted which works the same as an adrenaline syringe.

Top places to find Jungle Fruits in PUBG Mobile Jungle Adventure Mode

Jungle Fruit becomes very useful when you play this mode. Every player will try to grab those Jungle Fruits as much as possible. Now you might think that how to get these Jungle Fruits. To help you out, here are the top locations where you will surely find a lot of Jungle Fruits. These will be enough for the whole match:

  • Hot Air Balloons: You get a maximum of these Jungle Fruits as well as the Totems near the Hot Air Balloons. So, don’t forget to land near these Hot Air Balloons to grab those Jungle Fruits.
  • Totems: It’s compulsory that you find at least one bunch of Jungle Fruit near every Totem. So, always have a look on the ground whenever you are near the Totems.

Always remember that you can never find the Jungle Fruits inside the houses unless anyone keeps it outside of their bag in the house.

To summarize everything, you can watch this video for a quick recap and an elaborate understanding of the PUBG Mobile Jungle Adventure mode.

Full Elaboration of the Jungle Adventure Mode

That’s all for this new Jungle Adventure Mode in PUBG Mobile. If you find some more features or some more places to find Jungle Fruits, let us know in the comment section below!

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