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PUBG Mobile Mechafusion mode Guide: Tips and tricks to win every battle

Dominate the Mechafusion mode with these tips!

PUBG Mobile never fails to amaze its players by introducing new game modes and interesting features in each version update. The next update set to come in the game is the new Version 3.2 Update. In this PUBG Mobile update, the brand-new theme mode is called Mechafusion. In this article, we are going to discuss the basic features of this game mode and provide some tips and tricks that will be helpful for players to conquer the battlefields of Mechafusion.

PUBG Mobile Mechafusion mode: Overview

As we can guess from the name of the mode, Mechafusion, it will be based on robots, technologies, and stuff. In this mode, there will be gigantic alien spaceships which are going to roam around the map. The main feature of this mode will be ‘Mechas’, which are humanoids or robots.

Different parts of the mecha will be scattered all over the. Players will collect and combine them to build a powerful robot suit to fight against other players. These robots will have rocket launchers, magnet guns, jetpacks, etc. We will discuss these soon. These robots will be able to both fly and run on the ground.

Players will have to collect these robots’ core bodies from the spaceships, after that they will have to collect different parts from all over the map to make them stronger. Players should be cautious since there will be other players too who are looking for the same. These spaceship locations will be hotdrops where players will find large numbers of enemies.

Players will also get to see these robots on the spawn island, although they will not be able to bring them to the battlefield. Apart from spaceships, there will be some mecha-centers where players will get a good amount of loot and utilities. Players will see features from other game modes such as – wingman helicopters from payload mode.

Complete list of features in PUBG Mobile Mechafusion mode

In this game mode, many cool and interesting features can give the players an upper hand in the battleground. In this section, we will discuss the new features and additions of the Mecha fusion theme mode.

1. Mecha robots

Image via Krafton

The main feature of the Mechafusion mode is the mecha robots. These mecha robots will spawn on the alien spaceships marked with red color on the map. Players can equip these robots with various attachments to make them stronger. These robots will be limited in the amount, that other players will look for too, so players can expect heavy competition for this item.

2. Magnet Gun

Magnet Gun in PUBG Mobile 3.2
Image via Krafton

As we can guess from the name, it will be a magnetic gun that can pull players and other objects using a magnetic ray. This gun will be great for pulling vehicles, objects, and airdrops. Players can also use it to troll other players by pulling and throwing them from one place to another. In the later part of the game, players will be able to use it with their mecha robots by combining them.

3. Self-revive kit

Self-Revive Kit in PUBG Mobile 3.2
Image via Krafton

In this Mechafusion theme mode, we will get to see the self-revive kit aka Personal AED self-rescue kit for the first time. It is a self-revive that can be found in alien spaceships. This kit will have a significant cooldown so players will not be able to use it consecutively. The introduction of this kit will surely bring a massive change in the current meta and players will have to strategize differently to counter this feature.

4. Jetpacks

Jetpacks in PUBG Mobile 3.2 Update
Image via Krafton

Finally, jetpacks are here! In this mode, players will be able to fly using the jetpacks. These jetpacks will spawn in the alien spaceships. Just like the magnet guns, these jetpacks can also be mounted on the mecha-robots. It will be a highly sought-after utility so watch out for other players.

4. Respawn Flare Gun

A whole new type of flare gun is coming to the game which is the respawn flare gun. By using this, players can recall their eliminated teammates in the game. This green-colored flare gun will spawn in the special crates in the alien spaceships and mecha-centers. Availability of this item will also be low so watch out for other players looking for it.

Final Thoughts

This new Mechafusion mode will surely bring a lot of attraction and attention from the players. The additions of hi-tech utilities in a battle royale game will always be exciting. The publishers will have to make sure that these additions do not take away the core gameplay of the battle royale mode. Now it is up to the players how they take this new game mode but it is obvious that this will surely boost the growth of PUBG Mobile attracting a new playerbase.

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