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PUBG Mobile or BGMI: How to land faster on the ground

Some basic tips to help you land early

In PUBG Mobile or BGMI people try their best to improve their game with different skills, like a spray of different guns, controlling movements to reduce reaction time and the skill of landing. So, yes, even landing faster can provide a player with a big advantage that is to get guns earlier than others. 

PUBG Mobile was highly appreciated when it arrived in the hands of youngsters. Same as PUBG, BGMI is also touching heights of success. It has recently stepped into the 50 million downloads club and that too in just months after the launch. This is a huge success for any app or game in the digital market. Also, it has recently made its space in Apple stores as well. In this article, readers are going to learn and know some tips and better ways of landing to avoid being trapped among enemies (laced with guns).

Mark a location in the map before landing

First of all, when the players are on the plane, decide the drop location with your teammates. Marking a location can give you an idea about how many players are going to land there. This way, the players can make their plans because if the player is about to land on a hot drop then they have to look for the guns asap. 

PUBG Mobile _ BGMI marking location on map
PUBG Mobile/BGMI marking the location on the map

Now, after marking a location, there appears an imaginary line from the plane to the exact location. As a result, players are guided by the mark and they can follow that imaginary line to land on the correct location.  

Timing of the landing in BGMI or PUBG Mobile

  1. For Erangel match, then jump when the marked location is 700-800m away from the plane
  2. If the match is in Miramar, then jump when the marked location is 800-900m away
  3. For a match in Karakin or Shanok, then jump when the marked spot is 400-500m, since the maps are very small.  
  4. If the match is in any of the Arcade matches, then jump when the location is 200-400m, since the playable areas are much smaller than Shanok and Karakin.

How to perfect the landing in PUBG Mobile or BGMI

If the location is not too far or not too close then jump and move the joystick at an angle of 45° and move your right thumb downward. Make sure not to change the direction of the face of the character towards the location. Just simply, tap on the jump and move the joystick to 45° and drag the right thumb downwards. 

PUBG Mobile/BGMI faster landing
PUBG Mobile/BGMI faster landing

Furthermore, if the marked location is far from the plane, then tap on the jump option and immediately face towards the marked location. Drag the joystick and the right thumb upwards. After this, wait until the character reaches the location. As the parachute opens, control the movement of the character by turning it accordingly.

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