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PUBG Mobile The Ancient Secret Mode: How to defeat the Secret Boss

On last July 14, came the new Royale Pass Season 14 in PUBG Mobile. Along with new RP missions, came a new event called ‘Spark the Flame‘, also known as the Bonfire mode. Another new mode “The Ancient Secret” was announced to arrive on 4th August, and finally, it is live in-game. This new event is exclusively available in the largest and oldest maps, Erangel and Miramar. In this article, we’ll talk about ‘The Ancient Secret’ mode in PUBG Mobile and guide you through this new mode, how you can get the best loots and survive till the end to earn the Chicken Dinner.

Along with the new mode, PUBG Mobile’s first-ever upgradable outfit the Golden Pharaoh X suit has become available in-game. If you are curious how to get and upgrade the Golden Pharaoh X suit, check our detailed guide here.

What is the ‘Ancient Secret’ mode in PUBG Mobile?

Well, it is just an event where along with playing your regular game at Erangel and Miramar, you are going to find “Floating temples” at a few places on the map. There will be a secret mummy boss on defeating whom you get an immense loot. So these are the two important features of this mode:

  • Floating Ruins/ Temples
  • Secret Boss Challenge
PUBG Mobile the Ancient Secret lobby

You are going to find this giant boss in the waiting lobby. But not to worry, she is just for a show and will not cause you any damage.

Floating Ruins/ Temples

Where to find the floating temples?

You will find these temples at exactly 3 random places in Erangel and Miramar respectively. They will be marked like orange tents in the mini-map (like the picture below), so you can track their positions easily.

PUBG Mobile the Ancient Secret floating temples ruins

What are these floating temples exactly?

These temples are stuffed with loot. So indeed they are hot-drop locations. After 5 minutes, these temples are going to float in the air. Hence if you want to enter these temples, you need to be there within the first 5 minutes. Don’t worry about falling and losing your health. Once you jump off the temple, you will be automatically provided with your parachute.

How to solve the puzzle?

There are rooms with a treasure chest filled with loots. However, you can only open them after you solve the puzzle in that room. There can be four kinds of puzzles:

  • Lotus puzzle
  • Scarab puzzle
  • Animal puzzle
  • Sphinx puzzle
PUBG Mobile the Ancient Secret puzzles

To the players’ relief, these puzzles are pretty simple to solve. Hence opening these treasure chests will not be much difficult.

You need to solve easy mystery puzzles like this:

  • Rotate and match the position of the four given figures on the wall as given below.
  • Predict where there are the least number of players on the map at present.
  • Light up all the 9 pieces of pictures on the wall by pressing on each figure.
  • Carefully arrange the picture pieces as wanted in the pattern which will be given below the puzzle.

These floating ruins or temples will automatically float into the safe zone as it keeps shrinking with time. Hence you can spend a lot of time here solving puzzles and fighting enemies, protecting yourself and your teammates.

Secret Boss Challenge

In every temple you will find one mummy boss. On the first floor you will find two statues, looking like loops, on two opposites sides. When you go near them you will find the ‘activate‘ button. On being activated, the mummy boss is summoned.

PUBG Mobile the Ancient Secret secret mummy boss

How to kill the mummy boss?

The mummy boss or the “guardian” will soon call snakes to defend herself. Make sure to kill those snakes too as they are going to decrease your health rapidly. On being killed, the snakes leave plenty of ammo, so ammo will not be an issue here.

Make sure to aim at the mummy boss’s head to decrease her health faster. On low health she will call a sandstorm and deviate your attention while she continues to decrease your health. But on being killed ultimately, she will leave you with a treasure with the best loot possible from AWM to Groza and even the Ghillie suit!

PUBG Mobile the Ancient Secret treasures

Final thoughts on the ‘Ancient Secret’ mode in PUBG Mobile

The ‘Ancient Secret Mode’ is definitely quite a fun mode to try out in our opinion. But if you are willing to drop on one of these floating temple locations, you need to be very careful. Since everyone is trying the new mode, too many squads are going drop in here. If you die early, you will get a heavy negative score. Also, defeating the mummy boss is not very easy. Make sure to hit her on the head and try killing the small snakes ASAP. If you get knocked out, the mummy boss will shift all it’s focus just to kill you. Hence try not getting knocked out there at all costs. You have to survive the sandstorm as well. Defeating the mummy boss alone is more difficult than it seems. Hence do not go in there alone. Stay with your teammates, remember unity is strength!

Lastly, you are not being forced to play this mode. You have an option to play on your favourite maps along with this mode or might choose to ignore and play your reguar Erangel and Miramar map without the ‘Ancient Secret Mode’.

Are you excited to play the Ancient Secret mode in PUBG Mobile? Let us know in the comment section below!

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