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PUBG Mobile or BGMI: The complete vs AI Mode Guide and Tips

100 AI players in Livik!

The PUBG Mobile 1.6 update has already arrived on respective app stores to download, while this new update is small in size but KRAFTON has brought massive changes by bringing back some popular game modes with the vs AI mode as the latest inclusion in BGMI. Players who didn’t receive the 1.6 update yet, will get to download it soon as all the devices will get the update by 19 September 2021. And, exclusive rewards are also waiting for players after installing the 1.6 updates. So, the updates PUBG Mobile has brought in 1.6 are mostly based on their popularity. But the authority didn’t forget to surprise players with new modes as well. There were strong rumors for the last several days that the new update will introduce a lobby full of bots.

PUBG Mobile or BGMI new mode: Player vs AI

VS AI is a mode where the players fight in a lobby full of bots. This game mode has a separate slot to choose from. From the “modes” selection menu, players will be able to see a new option “VS AI” just below the other three modes that are Classic, Arena, and Arcade. This mode is only playable in the 2×2 map LIVIK. Players will see two options that are VS AI- Easy, and VS AI-Normal to choose from.

In the easy mode, bots have the same zero intelligence but a slightly better aim than the normal classic mode bots. And, they have a lot better aims and movements in Normal mode. In other words, normal mode is not that normal as it sounds

PUBG Mobile vs AI mode in-game menu
PUBG Mobile vs AI mode in-game menu

Normally we are used to playing in LIVIK with 52 players including real-time and bots. But the new mode will bring 100 players just like the other competitive maps Erangel, Miramar, and Sanhok. VS AI is also pre-set in “squad”. That means players cannot enjoy it alone rather they must join a squad of four. However, the mode is playable in TPP and FPP. Excluding your four-man squad, the rest 96 players are bots.

How to play the vs AI mode in BGMI or PUBG Mobile

This mode may be about playing against bots, but still, players can follow some tips and guides to enjoy the mode in a more useful way. Here are some guides and tips for you to increase the experience.

1. Land separately while playing the easy mode

PUBG mobile landing in safer location in LIVIK
PUBG mobile landing in a safer location in LIVIK

If you want to get more kills and damage to increase your rewards after finishing the match, then land separately from your squad. The mode has plenty of bots for all four of your squad. But, you may not want to share your kills/eliminations with others.

2. Don’t use vehicles

LIVIK is a very small size map where most of the map is coverable by running only. Using a vehicle will keep your location changing and bots won’t spawn near you as the algorithm is set in a way where bots mostly spawn near players.

3. Take some damage first

Taking damage first in vs AI mode
Taking damage first in vs AI mode

The VS AI mode in BGMI doesn’t reward players anything except BP, and EXP points. So, players need to touch every criterion to get more bonuses. Killing without taking any damage or healing will only provide you the rewards for kills. So, to cover every aspect, just don’t kill/eliminate the bots as soon as you spot them. Take some damage, then finish it and heal. It will increase the bonuses after finishing a match.

4. Keep your teammates closer in Normal mode

As we’ve said earlier, normal is not always the way it sounds. The bots in normal mode have a lot of aim accuracy and faster movement. If you’re a casual player with medium skills, you should not get separated. We’ve faced knocked off by bots many times while exploring the mode.

5. Land only in major places

The chance is higher to get more bots if you land in a major place like Midtstein, East Port, Blomstein, etc. Try to land on the places if they’re closer to the plane path.

We hope this guide and tips will increase your gameplay experience to enjoy the new VS AI mode.

We hope you find this VS AI mode guide in BGMI helpful. Then, please feel free to ask any questions in the comments section below, we’ll make sure to reply to everyone. 

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