PUBG Mobile Be The One: Inspiring stories of MortaL, Sc0utOP and Carry

India is a colourful country. It is culturally rich, has a long tradition, and hold a variety of religions. In a country like India, where poverty is very much prevalent, the success of PUBG Mobile is really surprising. While the original PUBG PC version was doing pretty well it could never become an esports in India. PUBG Mobile took over the country in a year, spreading the popularity to the interior parts of the country where internet connection is hardly available.

With the boom of the smartphone market and the accessibility of Reliance JIO internet, the game has reached heights, bringing up many young esports stars in the country. And this is just the start! So, the PUBG Mobile team has done a documentary, naming it as ‘PUBG Mobile Be The One’ where they have showcased the success stories of 3 of the famous personalities among the Indian PUBG Mobile players.

The current scene

All these players are common young guys who were trying to live up on their dreams. However, the arrival of PUBG Mobile at the right time changed the total scene of mobile gaming in India. Teams have been formed, players have been reshuffled and what not! Big foreign organizations also started picking up Indian teams when then realized the potential. Bootcamps are also being organized before the big tournaments to increase the coordination among the players.

From ‘none’ to ‘PUBG Mobile celebrities’

Carry aka Gopal Sarda

oragnge rock, carry pubg mobile
Carry from Orange Rock Esports

The typical Indian families are very much reluctant in supporting gaming in general. While the families of these youngsters have no clue about the game, the stories show that they have supported them throughout the time. And the parents of Carry said in the interview, “He was busy in his own world. He knew that he is not going to get anything out of it. So deep in his mind, he knew that he will have to work at the end“. While talking about his childhood, Carry’s parents mentioned about some serious illness that he was having back then. They are now really happy that he got over these and representing India in the big platforms. And they still have no clue about “Chicken Dinner!” Now, Carry is a professional player for Orange Rock eSports and where he is considered as the ‘trouble maker’ as well as the ‘playmaker’.

Sc0utOP aka Tanmay Singh

Scoutop, fnatic india
Sc0ut0P from Fnatic India

ScoutOP aka Tanmay Singh whose dream was to play for the Indian soccer team became the captain of Fnatic India. Because of his passion for football, he also went to Kolkata once for a tryout. But the destiny had decided something else for him. Although his father was thinking if his son should join the business or not, his parents have been very much supportive. They said they loved watching his kid play PUBG Mobile. And Scout actually wanted to make his own name rather than following the family traditions. So esports is probably the thing he was looking forward to!

SouL MortaL aka Naman Mathur

mortal, soul mortal
MortaL from Team SouL

Naman Mathur aka SouL MortaL lost his father when he was only 4 years old. During the interview, MortaL told about the financial crisis that his family faced during his childhood. Raising 2 children in a city like Mumbai is tough when there is a shortage of money. His mother used to cook for families and by that, she used to pay the fees for her children. According to MortaL, It’s really tough to describe those situations by words. But it is funny how things have been changed.

When MortaL first started playing PUBG Mobile, his mom used to shout and yell at him. And now, she shouts if he does not play/stream PUBG Mobile. In the interview, MortaL’s uncle said that he still has no clue what Naman is doing, but what he is doing is a fantastic job! Now, MortaL is the most popular person among the PUBG Mobile players. And, he is having over 3 Million subscribers on YouTube.

The intervention of Global Organizations

As the PUBG Mobile scene grew in India over the past years, global players have started looking to expand their business in India. Recently Fanatic acquired Team XSpark which has renowned Indian PUBG Mobile players. This team consists of Sc0utOP, Prit0sh, Ronak and Owais (who was a very important player of Team SouL). Although the team could not qualify for the PMCO Fall Split Global Finals 2019, they played the Asian Regional Finals. Fnatic also assured to create esports facilities in India in the near future. You can read the full coverage here. However, it is expected that more global organizations will be following the path of Fnatic soon and Indian eSports market growth will be even faster.

What’s next?

While PUBG Mobile has started the revolution, it is not just PUBG Mobile that will probably share the Indian mobile esports market in the coming years. Games like Clash Royale, Mobile Legends has also started prioritizing India. Also, Call of Duty Mobile is also expected to start esports after the massive success during its first month. So there is no doubt that we will be seeing more youngsters popping up as esports athletes just like Carry or Sc0ut or MortaL. And who knows, maybe if you try hard, you’ll be one of them!

What are your opinions? Do let us know in the comments below! And if you are looking to talk more about Mobile Games, you are welcome to join our Discord community.

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