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PUBG New State Best Settings Guide and Tips

Play your game with the best settings possible!

PUBG New State, the futuristic battle royale from Krafton is here. The game was released globally on 11th November 2021 and has clocked 20 million downloads already. Set in 2051, the futuristic map TROI along with other battlegrounds is witnessing a huge acceptance throughout the world. However, here we have the PUBG New State Best Settings guide to help the players to excel in their gameplay. This guide will help you irrespective of being a newcomer or an experienced player which will help you to face some difficulties in playing the game.

Best settings for players in PUBG New State

Basic settings

First, we have the basic settings which is the basic block of any gameplay mode.

PUBG New State Settings Guide

The initial menu in Settings is “Basic Settings”. For the “Connection” and “Other” menu, you can select as you want to. However, if you want to allow others to spectate your gameplay, then you may want to “Enable” the “Allow Spectators” option. If you do not want to allow others to spectate your gameplay, then just simply “Disable” it.

Connection ServerRecommendation
Allow SpectatorsPP


A higher frame rate means a smoother experience. So, always select the highest frame rate option as per your device’s capability. However, high graphics quality puts more pressure on a device’s GPU, causing fluctuations in frame rate. You can try to keep the graphics quality low.

PUBG New State Settings Guide

Screen Filter depends on the player’s perspective. In PUBG Mobile, everyone preferred “Colorful”. But PUBG New State brings an improved screen filter. So, the “Standard” setting is good to go or, you can give it a try by changing to “Contrast”.

Graphic QualityLight
Screen FilterStandard/ Contrast


Now we have the performance settings which is one of the important aspects of any gameplay mode.

Frame RateMax/Extreme


Basic sound settings and some in-game settings are displayed in the gameplay settings option. For non-experienced players and beginners, the best use of sound will be turned ON all the settings that are related to sound to get an experience of all the features.

PUBG New State Settings Guide

3D HUD is not much a helper as most of them won’t notice it to keep ammo counts. Rather, they prefer the ammo count shown adjacent to the gun icons. Talking about the auto-follow, some may not prefer it while playing with random teammates.


Now we have the combat settings which is one of the important aspects of any gameplay mode.

Sound TrackerEnable
Sound Tracker with IconEnable
Blocked LoS WarningEnable
Heal Widget Instant UseEnable
Scope QuickshotDisable
TPP/FPP Switch ButtonEnable

Control Settings for players in PUBG New State

Controls are all about buttons used in in-game actions by a player that is the crouch, prone, jump, parkour, etc. These buttons can be helpful by using them separately while combining some can also make sure the comfortableness of a player.

Action Buttons

PUBG New State Settings Guide
ParkourCombine Jump Button
Automatically Switch to Scope Mode when peekingPP
RollSeparate Buttons
Scope and Shoulder ModeSeparate Buttons
Scope ModePP

Drag Controls

PUBG New State Settings Guide
Camera Rotation when Dragging Peek ButtonPP
Camera Rotation when Dragging Shoulder Mode ButtonPP
Camera Rotation when Dragging Scope Mode Button     PP
Aim AssistEnable
Single/Burst Mode Auto FireTap and Hold Fire Button
Auto Shoulder WeaponDisable
Shotgun Firing ModeTap
Sniper Rifle Firing ModeTap
Auto Pull PinsEnable
Horizontal Camera AccelerationEnable

Give these settings a try and if you are finding trouble, you can refer to this PUBG New State best settings guide at any time to learn all about the new settings and sensitivities present in the game.

What are your thoughts on the PUBG New State Settings Guide? Do let us know in the comments below!

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