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PUBG New State Guide: Tips and tricks for using Vehicles

Vehicles can provide a massive advantage while surviving

PUBG New State the next iteration of the PUBG is now available for both Android and iOS. This battle royale game is set in the year 2051 bringing the first-ever futuristic battle royale from Krafton the makers of PUBG. The game is set in the future which brings brand new vehicles and mechanics. It also features a new map called Troi along with the first-ever map from PUBG franchise Erangel which is remodeled a bit for the future. One of the important aspects of any battle royale is the vehicles. Troi and Erangel 2051 are 8x8Km maps. It is very difficult to cover a huge distance especially when the blue zone is closing in or feeling from enemies. In this PUBG New State: vehicles and trunk system guide, we will see different types of vehicles and some new functionalities. Please note that all these stats are from the technical test.

Vehicles in PUBG New State

The futuristic battle royale brings an array of new vehicles to the mix. These new vehicles are exclusive to the new map Troi. Players can also enjoy the old vehicles from the original PUBG which is available on the Erangel 2051. In New State there are a total of six new vehicles added, out of which there are four new electric vehicles and two gasoline vehicles.

Vehicles in PUBG New State
Vehicles in New State

Electric vehicles

Fossil fuels are depleting every day. So, in the future, we may run out of fossil fuels. Around the world, most vehicles are run on fossil fuels. These types of vehicles can be very harmful to the environment. But nowadays electric vehicles are used as an alternative to these vehicles.

So, in New State, most of the vehicles are run using electricity. There are some vehicles that use gasoline too. Electric vehicles run on battery packs which can be found throughout the map. Here are some of the things you should keep in mind before using an electric vehicle.

  • Electric vehicles are powered by batteries. Players cannot use the normal gas can on electric vehicles. Battery packs can be found around the map. So, it is important to carry a battery pack if you decide on using electric vehicles.
  • Bluezone depletes the battery charge. The bluezone has a magnetic field in them. So, when an electric vehicle is used outside the zone the charge depelets. It is important to avoid e;ectric if you are stuck outside the zone or try to move to the zone before the bluezone reaches you.
  • Electric vehicles are much quieter than the gasoline counterpart. But it is audible range wise just the gasoline ones.

There are a tidal of four new electric vehicles in New State

1.  The Volta


The Volta is an all-new electric four-seater. Volta has a speedy electric transmission and a quieter engine. The volta is very similar to Dacia in terms of speed and durability. The max speed of volta is 128 km/h with boost.

2. EV-AX


The EV-AX is an electric off-road open-top buggy with 2 seats. It is very similar to the buggy from the PUBG structure and design-wise. This vehicle is easier to control on-off roads. The buggy can reach up to 150 km/h with boost making it one of the fastest vehicles in-game.

3. Lightning


The lightning is an electric bike. Lightning can accommodate up to two players. With speed up to 140km/h the lightning cruise through Troi with no issues. The engine is much quieter compared to gasoline vehicles. The acceleration is very high as well.

4. The Nova

PUBG New State Nova

The Nova is an electric supercar. In nova up to two players can travel. This is one of the fastest cars in-game reaching the top up to 150km/h with a boost. This vehicle is rare as it doesn’t spawn much on the map except the Exhibit hall where this vehicle always spawns.

Gasoline Vehicles

Gasoline vehicles have existed in PUBG from the dawn of the game. These vehicles play a huge role in the game. Each map had different vehicles to commute to that particular terrain. Similarly in New State, the Troi has two gasoline vehicles. Unlike electric vehicles, gasoline has its own merits and demerits.

  • Uses Gas can to refuel the vehicle. It is important to carry that if you decide to use this. Battery packs cannot be used here.
  • Gasoline vehicles have no effect on the bluezone. Since these vehicles are run on gas the magnetic field from the bluezone.

1. Vulture


A vulture is a bike that runs on gasoline. Only one player can ride on a vulture. Though the acceleration is very slow vulture can reach a top speed up to 140km/h. The vulture is also much easier to control compared to the other bikes in-game. These are usually spawned in the Trailer Park since this is the vehicle used by the bikers gang from the Troi lore.

2. Vrion


The Vrion is a four-seater electric jeep. This is somewhat similar to UAZ from PUBG. Just UAZ Vrion also has an open roof and close roof type. With the boost, the vehicle can reach up to 120km/h. This is a perfect vehicle if you are playing with your squad.

Trunk and Door system in PUBG New Statte

PUBG New State brings some brand new vehicle mechanics to the game. There are mainly two new mechanics added to the game.

Trunk system

Vehicles in New State have a trunk where players can store items. When a player gets close to the vehicle a new trunk icon can be seen. Upon pressing that players can access the trunk. Players simply have to open their inventory and trunk to move items. They have to simply drag their desired item in and out of the trunk. Each vehicle has a dedicated trunk capacity.

Trunk system
Trunk system

For example, Vrion has 250. It varies from vehicle to vehicle. Players have to be very careful because if the vehicle gets destroyed the items in the will also get destroyed. Players have more careful since even enemies can also access the vehicle trunk.

New Door system

Previously in PUBG players could only get in the car. But in New State, there is a new button where it opens the individual doors of the car. Players can use this to their advantage if they cannot find cover. The door will break after taking certain damage. But this doesn’t affect the entire vehicle’s health.

New Door system
New Door system

Give it a try and if you are finding trouble, you can refer to this PUBG New State Vehicles and Trunk System guide at any time to learn all about the new modern machines present in the game.

What are your thoughts on the PUBG New State Vehicles and Trunk System Guide? Do let us know in the comments below!

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