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How to change in-game nickname in PUBG New State Mobile

Players can finally change their nicknames using the Nickname Change Ticket

For a while now, PUBG New State Mobile users had been asking for a nickname change feature in the game and, starting today, the Nickname Change Ticket will be available for purchase in the NC Store which will allow users to change their nicknames. As players often grow tired of their in-game names, this feature finally coming to the game is a pretty big deal for everyone.

Nickname Change Ticket was one of the most requested items for the in-game shop and finally, it has arrived in the game, opening up a new way for the gamers to customize their profile.

How to change player nickname in PUBG New State Mobile

Time needed: 10 minutes

Simple steps to change the in-game name in PUBG New State Mobile.

  1. Go to NC Store

    Open PUBG New State. From there, players will have to open the Store. It is the crate-like icon on the top right side of the home screen, as shown in the image below.PUBG New State Mobile change nickname

  2. Buy ‘Nickname Change Ticket’ from the NC Store

    Click on the ‘NC Store’ option which can be found at the end of the store menu, from where they can buy things using NC. Click on the ‘Nickname Change Ticket’ to buy it. Players can buy the ticket using 900 NC. Now they have a Nickname Change Ticket in their Inventory.PUBG New State Mobile change nickname

  3. Use the ‘Nickname Change Ticket’ from the inventory

    Go to the inventory and select the Nickname Change Ticket. After selecting the ticket, players can click on ‘Use’ and a window will pop up to input the new nickname. After writing the nickname of their choice and clicking on ‘Done’, the player has now successfully changed their nickname.

If a player doesn’t have enough NC to buy the ticket, one of the most common ways to acquire NC in PUBG New State on Android is by signing up for the Google Play Store’s Opinion Rewards, which rewards players with credits that can be exchanged for NC in-game.

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