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How the 2022 roadmap for PUBG New State will change the game

PUBG New State developers have released their roadmap for this year!

PUBG: New State is a futuristic-style multiplayer online battle-royale video game, developed by PUBG Studios and published by Krafton. The game was released on the 11th of November, 2021. The game was released with high expectations, but it had a very shaky start. Filled with many bugs and glitches, this ruined the experience for many players. But, the developers of the game seemed to fix all the issues using player feedback. During the media showcase, the developers have revealed a rough roadmap. The game started with two preseasons and in January 2022, the first major update and Season 1 will be starting. In this article, we will see what is the roadmap of PUBG New State in 2022.

PUBG New State: What happened in the first two months

While logging into the game for the first time, people were not able to log in, because of server issues. This lasted for the whole day. This issue massively affected the game. The player base who were excited was not happy. The game was getting a lot of negative reviews. But eventually, the developers were able to fix these issues. Players got to play the game. The first match which I had ever played, had so many bugs and glitches.

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PUBG New State started with a lot of issues on release (Image via KRAFTON)

Getting in and out of the vehicle will block the vision of the player. Players were not being able to properly mark in the minimap are some of the issues which players encountered. The biggest issue was optimization. The game was not optimized properly for different devices. This disappointed the many players. So, the developers decided to push major updates to the next update.

They focused on fixing and optimizing the core game. The next few updates focused mainly on these issues. By the end of the year, the developers were able to fix most of the issues. Another major thing that the developers focused on, was the New State lore. They created a story, especially for the map. The weekly missions show why this place was turned into a battleground. This is a unique way to explore the map. 

PUBG New State Roadmap in 2022: What will happen

PUBG New State new map 2022, PUBG New State and Rimac collab
PUBG New State is gearing up for a massive 2022 (Image via KRAFTON)

The game is finally stepping into its first season after completing the two pre-seasons. The developers have announced a new map and the first major update of the game. Here are a few things which one would like to see this year in the New State.

Brand-new maps

PUBG New State 2022 roadmap
PUBG New State 2022 Roadmap: Brand-new maps (Image via Krafton)

Developers have already shown a sneak peek of the upcoming map. They have also revamped the Team Deathmatch map station. This year, players want to see some classic maps from PUBG, such as Sanhok and Vikendi coming to the New State with its own twist. It would be really interesting to see what those maps would look like in the year 2051. The game needs more maps in Team Deathmatch. The developers can also use some existing locations from Troi and Erangel. The mall from Troi and School from Erangel would be great team deathmatch maps. 

More collaborations and Game-modes

There weren’t any major collaborations in the game, until now. New State announced its first-ever brand collaboration with Rimac, the world’s top EV-car maker. The game needs more collaborations like Spider-man: No Way Home and PUBG Mobile and BGMI. These collaborations have their own theme on top of the maps. As of now, there are only three modes which are battle-royale, BR extreme, and Team Deathmatch.

It would be nice to see other game modes like Gun Game and Death Race. The New State has almost all types of weapons. This will be perfect for Gun Game as players will get a new gun for each kill. Death Race is nothing, but a more violent version of Mario Kart. Players have to reach the finish lines. They can collect power-ups and set traps. Existing maps can be used for this. A similar mode was released in the PC counterpart. 

PUBG New State: Esports

Season 1 Tier Rankings in PUBG New State
Season 1 Tier Rankings in PUBG New State (Image via Krafton)

Mobile Esports have shown tremendous growth. Games like PUBG Mobile have changed the mobile esports scene all over the world. When asked about the New State Esports to the developers in the media showcase, they said that their priority is to optimize the game first, which is what they have been doing in the past two months. Though the game is similar to PUBG Mobile or BGMI, it would be interesting to see how some of the new mechanics would play out in Esports.

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