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RAIDER SIX Beginners Guide and Tips

Survive the barren lands with our beginners guide!

RAIDER SIX is an online multiplayer battle royale game where players around the globe come across a particular map and matchmake with each other. Thus soon after that players have to go through a battle royale format of game mode where the last to survive wins the match. The game comes up with lots of features in itself and has a great character list as well that makes the players attract themselves to the game. Thus, let us get into a detailed RAIDER SIX Beginners Guide and know more about this game. Stay tuned till the end to get some amazing tips for beginners. 

Gameplay Overview 

RAIDER SIX follows up the basic battle royale format of gameplay where a certain number of players go under matchmaking and then play together. In RAIDER SIX, players get the option of playing as a Solo or in a Team. There are certain maps in the game and thus players need to select them and then go into the game mode.

In the match, the main motto of players is to survive with all the items they get all over the map such as guns, grenades, health kits, boosters, bandages, and many more. Players even get a Hoverboard in the game to travel faster throughout the map. The Hoverboard also has a nitro which once over retains after 8 seconds and then players can use them again. 

Raider Six Beginners Guide
Image via Starlight Gaming India

Then comes the gameplay UI and mechanics, this section is pretty easy to understand as players get a joystick that will help them in locomotion over the map. Some buttons help in shooting, jumping, crouching, prone, opening ADS, and checking on all the utilities players have with them. It’s just like the regular format of button setup players get to witness in every other survival-based game such as PUBG Mobile, and Free Fire. Thus, players have to shoot down other players and survive till the end to win the match. At the end of the game, if you are the only player left over the map then a helicopter will come near you, thus players have to climb up the helicopter and escape the area to claim the victory. 

Introducing the Basics of RAIDER SIX

Game Modes

Raider Six comes along with two game modes; Bounty Mode and Werewolf.

Raider Six Beginners Guide
Image via Starlight Gaming India

1. Bounty Mode

The Bounty Mode is the main game mode where the player goes to the game lobby, selects their set of guns and other utilities, and then jumps straight away into matchmaking. Here the players do not get to choose any particular match, they just get connected with 49 other random players and thus have to play on the map. 

2. Werewolf mode

On the other hand, Werewolf is the section where players get to choose a certain room and thus then get into the match. But Werewolf is not the usual battle royale we will play in this game. This section follows up a match between players where the teams will be divided between Wolves and Characters.

Raider Six Beginners Guide
Image via Starlight Gaming India

Each time a character gets defeated by a Wolf, the player will thus get converted into a Wolf itself. Or else on the other hand, if the player defeats a Wolf then gradually that opponent will get turned into its previous self-character. 


Characters are one of the key features in Raide Six and thus players get to witness a lot of characters in the game, every character comes up with certain unique abilities and features that make them different and powerful compared to every other character. The game delivers 11 characters to the players, here is the list of them:

R6 Characters
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  • Kiara 
  • Arjun
  • Tanmay
  • Ananya
  • Yash
  • John
  • Khalid
  • Fay
  • Vaishali
  • Myra
  • Vihaan


Raider Six Beginners Guide
Image via Starlight Gaming India

Vault is the section where players can check about all of the owned firearms and other commodities such as scraps of unassembled firearms, emotes, backpack skins, several items such as chests and radars, and the Lobby theme. 


The workshop is the section where players can get to craft and let some of the items equip some products that will boost their performance. The workshop has three sections:

Raider Six Beginners Guide
Image via Starlight Gaming India
  • Synthesis 
  • Smelt
  • Refit

The synthesis section does the work of providing some of the finest guns in the game and thus players can synthesize them with the help of 100 diamonds. Smelt is the section where layers get to craft some of the most required items with the help of raw materials and thus later they can use them in the match itself. The refit section is mainly used to boost the performance of the vehicles players can get to witness over the maps and thus can use to travel from one location to another. 


The clan is the section where players can join a group of players and thus help each other with their needs. Players can even make a clan and play along with their friends which will eventually make the gameplay experience more fun. 


Tier is the section where players can figure out about their Tiers over the game they hold in both Solo and Team format respectively. The game provides 8 tiers in the game:

R6 Tier
Image via Starlight Gaming India
  • Bronze
  • Silver
  • Gold
  • Platinum
  • Element U
  • Crown
  • Ultimate Ace
  • Champion 


Raider Six Beginners Guide
Image via Starlight Gaming India

Up in the Trade section, players can trade their guns and other itineraries and can even get options to buy from other players as well. This will gradually help them collect the in-game resources such as Element U and Diamonds which are considered one of the most useful resources in the game. 


Players get some of the assigned tasks and thus they can all gather information regarding these tasks over the Missions section. Players are rewarded with Element U after the completion of their missions and thus it eventually helps them to progress further into the game. 

Royal Pass

Raider Six Beginners Guide
Image via Starlight Gaming India

Just like other battle royale games, Raider Six also comes up with Royal Passes for the players. The Royal Passes are being updated every season and players get two options; a Free Pass and The Premium Pass. To go for the Premium Pass players have to go through in-game transactions but in return, they will get a wholesome amount of reward as well. 

RAIDER SIX Beginners Guide: Tips and Tricks

1. Aim is the key 

Players must focus on their aim while they are in between the match. With good aim, a good amount of kill points can be gathered and thus it will help the players to take the path of victory. 

2. Grab sufficient Loot 

Players must have sufficient loot before they indulge in fights. Sufficient loot includes a decent amount of ammo, bandages, boosters, and grenades that will at least help them at the early stage of the game. Thus, players must have them so that they can help out themselves to get some kills at the beginning itself. 

3. Open Chests over the Hot Drops 

Players must open up all those chests they get to see over the hot drops. As they have the best set of loots and it will help them to move up towards victory as well. 

4. Complete Missions beforehand

Players must complete all the assigned missions in the missions section to grab some of the best rewards which will further help them progress in the game. 

5. Assemble Firearms 

Firearms are the most important aspects of the game and thus players must gather more scraps of the best set of firearms and thus unlock them to defeat enemies with just a few bullets. 

Final Thoughts

RAIDER SIX is an amazing battle royale game with amazing artifacts and features all over the game. Follow up on this detailed RAIDER SIX beginners guide and tips to progress further into the game and become the ultimate Champion player to rule over the globe. 

That’s all from us for the RAIDER SIX Beginners Guide! Did you find our RAIDER SIX Beginners Guide helpful? Do let us know in the comments!

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