Rainbow Six Mobile: Roaming Guide and tips for Defenders

Learn to play as a roamer in Rainbow Six!

In Rainbow Six Mobile, defenders do not necessarily have to sit near the objective to contribute to the team. They have the same freedom to move around freely in the building as attackers, and using this strategy is known as Roaming. Roamers are one of the attackers’ worst nightmares, as they are the hunters of the hunters. If done properly, roaming can be a fantastic way of establishing control as a defender and ultimately winning games. In this guide, we will talk about Roaming in Rainbow Six Mobile, and guide the defenders to do it perfectly in-game.

There is a bit of a catch though. As useful as roaming is, it can also be risky and quite difficult to do.
This is the complete guide to roaming as a defender in Rainbow 6 Siege Mobile, including the basics, the best operators to use, and some advanced tips and tricks.

Understanding Roaming in Rainbow Six Mobile

By definition, roaming means leaving the objective site and freely wandering the map. The purpose of roaming is to waste the attackers’ time and utility, whilst also picking off some kills to reduce the team, as well. Since roamers move away from the objective, it is difficult for attackers to predict where they will come from, which is what makes them so effective.

Without roamers, all defenders would be crammed into a small space, meaning it is easier for them to be surrounded. Obviously, too many roamers will mean nobody is there to protect the objective when needed, so it is important to strike a balance, therefore, 1/2 roaming defenders are enough. Generally, roaming is one of two defender strategies, along with anchoring. Anchoring is pretty much the direct opposite of roaming, where the idea is to stay close to the objective.

Best Defender Operators for Roaming

Technically, all Rainbow Six Mobile Defensive operators can be roamers. However, certain defenders have stats and loadout, which make them better suited to roaming. In fact, some operators have gadgets and abilities dedicated to roaming.

Caveira is a dedicated roamer, as she offers significantly less as an anchor than as a roamer. Her ability enables her to move silently with an effectively suppressed pistol, which instills uncertainty among attackers. Caveira could pop out of any doorway or through any wall, and that is what makes her a great roamer. That is not all either. Caveira has an interrogation ability, which enables her to interact with downed enemies, revealing the location of the entire attacking team.


Other operators that are good at roaming, include the likes of Bandit and Valkyrie. Bandit has quick movement speed and his MP7 is great at gunning down attackers at short range. Valkyrie’s Black Eye cameras can be tactically placed in addition to the existing security cameras.

She has an easy-to-use MPX as the primary weapon too. Most operators can work as roamers, but some are better off staying on-site. Rook‘s slow movement speed coupled with high armor makes him a great anchor, but not a good roamer. Smoke’s Remote Gas Grenade can be useful when roaming but is better used when at the objective site, as entry denial against attackers.

How to Roam as a Defender in Rainbow Six Mobile

As mentioned earlier, roaming involves leaving the objective site, but what happens next can take a bit of thought, particularly for new players. The main task is to force attackers to play slower, wasting their time and resources. There are a number of ways to do this, and combining different strategies is the best way to succeed at roaming in Rainbow 6 Siege mobile.

1. Guard common entry points

The attackers don’t necessarily start from the same position every round, so it can be useful to figure out where they are coming from. A good way to do this is by using outdoor security cameras. They must try to open the camera feed quickly once attackers are released, as they may shoot the cameras out early.

Rainbow Six Mobile Roaming Guide entry points

Once they have been identified, it is then possible to guard the possible entry points. From here, there are two options, which include the aggressive one, which would be to poke holes in windows and walls to fire at attackers and catch them off-guard. A more passive tactic is to wait for attackers to move in and then pick them off that way.

2. Guard common breach points

If the attackers have already identified the location of the objective, it is possible that they have a breach point in mind. This could be a soft wall or more commonly, a wooden hatch in or near the objective site. Another roaming strategy is to guard these points in the hope that an attacker comes along.

This is especially a good place to roam, as it secures what would otherwise be an easy entry point. Attackers are forced to either deal with the roamer, which could waste some of their health and resources, or change plans entirely, which is a good result either way.

3. Flank attackers from behind

Rather than sitting in areas where attackers could come, the alternative strategy is to hide in places where attackers might not come. Examples of these include small rooms, which aren’t in use for the current objective, or staircases. The idea is to stay quiet, making use of security cameras and team communications to keep updated on the situation.

attackers flank

As attackers start to approach the objective, they must move out of their spot and flank them from behind. This could force them to retreat and will put them in uncomfortable positions. Players must ensure that they are aware of any risk when flanking, in order to avoid being flanked themselves.

Rainbow Six Mobile Defenders Roaming Guide: Tips and Tricks

1. Learn the maps

This is the most essential tip to know when roaming as a defender in Rainbow Six Mobile. Good map knowledge is important anyway, but it is crucial here. For example, knowing the common entry points, breach points and the layout of rooms helps when planning flanks. In addition, knowing which rooms the security cameras point to, is also very useful. It can help in pinpointing exact locations and where the attackers are heading. Understandably, learning the map is easier said than done. This comes from experience, but, it is useful to take some moments in-game to understand layouts and maybe practice recalling certain locations.

2. Keep an eye out for drones

Attackers always get two drones each round, one for the initial preparation phase, and one to use in-game. This extra drone can be used to scout rooms safely before breaching. As a roamer, the whole point is to attack with some element of surprise, and obviously, this isn’t possible, if a drone has already picked a player out. Players must an eye out for these and quickly destroy them as soon as possible.

3. Use security cameras carefully

Rainbow Six Mobile Roaming Guide cameras

The cameras are a great tool to use as defenders, but when roaming, it is important to use them safely. There is no indication of nearby enemies when using cameras, so ensure that the surroundings are secure before opening the tablet. Don’t stay on it too long either, only take quick glances and carry on playing.

4. Use Impact Grenades to breach quickly

These explosives can blow a gap in soft walls and wooden hatches so are useful for quick movement between rooms and floors. It can catch attackers off-guard and can help in rapid flanks. However, be careful when doing this as the noise can alert others of your position. In addition, be wary of not running right into the attackers’ line of sight either. Some defensive operators have shotguns which are also good ways of opening holes in surfaces.

5. Use suppressive fire

Suppressive fire is essentially blindly firing in the direction of attackers, to force them into cover. It is unwise to run through a window or doorway when gunshots have come from that same place. This wastes time and could turn the attackers towards a different game plan. Firing through the soft walls and floors, is another good place to target suppressive fire too, if there is an attacker on the other side. It can compel them to move much slower, allowing players to counter and control the situation.

6. Manage ammo carefully

The reloading animation can put players in very vulnerable positions, so it is advised to time reloads regularly, but only in safe situations. There is a useful setting to toggle in the settings menu, which automatically switches weapons, when the ammunition on one runs out. After this happens though, players remember to switch back later to keep the guns topped up.

7. Utilize in-game sound

As well as managing their own movement, it is useful to listen carefully to surrounding footsteps too. It is possible to point out where attackers are approaching and how close they are, just by listening to their movement. In addition to footsteps, listening to other things like gunshots, broken barriers and gadgets can also help when roaming.

8. Think like an attacker

When hunting attackers, there is no better way to plan moves, than by thinking like the attacker. Whilst playing as an attacker, there may be some go-to strategies players look towards, like areas to breach or safe places to take cover. It could well be the case that other players have similar ideas in mind, therefore, one must use this knowledge, when playing as the roamer. Also, they must think about how the attackers might move when dealing with a roamer, and then do the opposite to that. Players should try to take the type of hiding spots which attackers don’t usually check, or run out from unexpected angles.

9. Keep calm and patient

Roaming is not only a test of skill, but also of mentality. Where possible, try to avoid aggressive rushes and strategies, and instead go for calculated risks. Sometimes, the better move is to hold out and play safe, so don’t be afraid to do this. Rainbow Six matches can get very intense, so it can be easy to let the adrenaline take over. Keeping a cool and composed mindset helps a lot, when making decisions in such intense situations.

10. Track back if needed

Sometimes, if too many teammates are falling, it might be better to head back. Waiting for too long might let attackers gain control of the objective site, which is never ideal. Also, when tracking back, keep an eye on sitting attackers, as they may be in place to ambush.

Did you find our Roaming guide for Defenders in Rainbow Six Mobile helpful? Let us know in the comment section below!

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