Rainbow Six Mobile: The Complete Defenders Guide and Tips

Follow these tips to be the perfect Defender in Rainbow Six!

While it is a known fact that Ubisoft’s Rainbow Six Mobile is heavily focused on team strategies, it is essential to learn the basics of the roles of Attackers and Defenders. This way, one would be able to understand the potential of an Operator. In this article, we shall down the basics required to be followed as a Defender.

Basics of Defenders in Rainbow Six Mobile

The primary role of a Defender is to prevent the Attackers from successfully planting the defuser at the bombsites. This makes it a little easier for them as they do not have to scout every area for enemies. However, defending the sites isn’t a piece of cake, for the Attackers may barge into the rooms with the help of their Gadgets and Abilities from unexpected entry points. To perform better as a Defender, follow the below basic tips that can improve one’s Defending skills.

1. Play extra Passive

With a limited number of entry points to the bombsites, the Defenders have an edge over the Attackers as they are aware of all the possible points they can enter from. Due to this, the Defenders are required to play super passively by just holding the bombsites, and not moving a step further out.

2. Utilize the Barricades

Rainbow Six Mobile Defenders
Image via Ubisoft

Barricades block the Attackers from entering a room. Once a barricade is placed, Attackers will have to break it down to enter, thus creating a lot of noise. This noise will be loud enough to alert any Defender nearby. Defenders can also make a small hole by shooting one bullet through the barricade, and look out for any enemies present on the other side of the barricade.

3. Make use of Reinforcements

Rainbow Six Mobile Defenders
Image via Ubisoft

Reinforcements are metal sheets that cannot be broken, except for certain Abilities. These metal sheets can make the breachable walls, non-breachable, thus reducing the openings for the Attackers. With every Defender having 2 Reinforcements each, use it to block enemies from entering through the breachable walls.

4. Place the Barbed Wire near entry points

The Barbed Wire forces the Attackers to get stuck in the wires and walk slower than usual, resulting in noise being created while walking over it. This helps the Defenders to spot the Attacker’s location. Place the Barbed Wire in the nearby entry points, so that the Attackers are forced to expose their location by walking over it.

5. Set up traps at unexpected spots

Traps can slow down or damage the Attackers and thereby forcing them to back off. Secure the barricades, reinforcements, and entry points with the traps so that the Attackers won’t stand a chance to take a step further inside.

6. Take advantage of CCTV

Defenders have exclusive access to the CCTC cameras that are present in various locations around the map. By accessing these cameras, Defenders have a better chance of identifying enemy locations. CCTV cameras can be destroyed. Hence, make full use of them before the Attackers spot them and take them down.

7. Have a Rook in your team

Rook is a Defender who consists of more health compared to most other Operators. He carries an Armor Pack consisting of 5 Armor Plates. Everyone on the team can use them to heal themselves a little. A Rook will always come in handy, especially for new players. He would be a much-needed asset for beginners, hence, always have a Rook to ensure a healthy team.

Final Thoughts

Playing as a Defender improves team coordination. Callouts define the strength of a defending team, hence, players should focus on their callouts and have them on point to make perfect plays and gain those victories. While defending, players would also learn new spots to hold and thus surprise the Attackers from unknown places.

Did you find our guide on Defenders in Rainbow Six Mobile helpful? Let us know in the comment section below!

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