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Rainbow Six Mobile: The Complete Operators Guide and Tips

Get an upper hand in the game with this guide!

The characters in Rainbow Six Mobile are referred to as Operators. Operators are unlockable characters with different skill sets that players can select to use before the start of the match. There are several Operators to choose from, with each having a different set of gadgets and abilities. These Operators are used for various purposes, hence making it a tad difficult for starters to understand their method of usage in the game. In this article, we shall cover some key tips regarding the basics of Attackers and Defenders.

How to use the Attackers in Rainbow Six Mobile

Although the primary objective of the Attackers is straightforward, there are a number of other factors to be taken note of. Rainbow Six Mobile is a highly strategic game and it would only make sense to experience the game to its fullest if players implement the following tips which pertain to the strategic gameplay.

1. Understand the Objective

Most of the players, especially the starters would focus on completing the round by eliminating all enemies since that sounds easy. But that is not what one should focus on, because, in certain situations, players would not be able to take down all enemies; that’s when the main objective comes to play. Plant the Defuser and hold spots to prevent the Defenders from disabling it. After all, Rainbow Six Mobile is a strategic game, play strategically.

2. Communicate with Teammates

A lot of communication is required in Rainbow Six Mobile. Players always have to be updated about each other’s positions and status, so that the team would be aware of one’s position if an enemy approaches them. This builds the foundation of a strong team to destroy any lobby.

3. Using the Drones efficiently

Rainbow six mobile use drone
Image via Ubisoft

The usage of Drones is strategically the best way to help the Attackers start off with a plan. Drones can be used to reveal enemy locations, safety spots, and traps, and allow the team to make strategic plans. These drones are used during the preparation phase of a match, hence, Attackers must take advantage of this winning factor.

How to use the Defenders in Rainbow Six Mobile

Defenders have greater potential to win rounds out of the two operators in Rainbow Six Mobile due to the number of options they have. Defenders have nothing extraordinary to execute in order to win a round; all they have to do is to:

1. Destroy Drones

Rainbow six mobile destroy drones
Image via Ubisoft

Drones are the only source of proving Intel to the Attackers. Destroying the drones would put the Attackers at a disadvantage right from the start. Hence, this is a primary tip to be followed by Defenders when it comes to strategically getting an upper hand in the game.

2. Utilizing the Reinforcements

Players usually focus on getting kills or roaming around the map with no cover. With reinforcements, Defenders get a lot of protection and also prevent the Attackers from seeing through or trying to wall-bang.

Rainbow six mobile use reinforcements
Image via Ubisoft

Every Defending Operator holds 2 Reinforcements, except for Recruit as he holds just one. Thus, it is necessary for Defenders to make use of these reinforcements in order to avoid giving any chance to the Attackers to enter the bomb sites.

3. Wasting Time

A better way to win a round is by wasting time. Defenders should roam around to waste the time instead of pushing for kills. Rainbow Six Mobile is a team game and it only makes sense if the team focuses on winning rather than going on a killing spree. By wasting time, there is more pressure being built upon the Attackers, resulting in a higher chance of making mistakes from their side.

4. Playing Passive

Defenders are meant to play passively as their sole motive should be to prevent Attackers from entering the bomb sites. If the Defenders successfully manage to stop them from entering the bombsites, there is no other way for Attackers to win the round but to barge inside. With the Defenders already sitting on different spots covering the bombsites from the inside, it should be easy for them to clear off the Attackers.

Final Thoughts

Being on both sides during a game allows players to gain a lot of experience by using different Operators. It is advised for players to select the right Operator that suits their style of play, as well as make sure its gadgets and abilities are put to execution. Thus, by implementing the above tips, players would be able to up their game by a lot.

What are your thoughts about our Rainbow Six Mobile Operators guide? Let us know in the comments below!

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