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Reverse: 1999 The Complete Currency Guide and Tips

Spend your in-game currencies wisely!

Reverse: 1999 takes you on an engaging adventure as Timekeepers in an alternate 20th-century realm. It’s a captivating turn-based tactical RPG created by Bluepoch. Using distinctive Arcanum powers, you will uncover reality’s enigmas. This captivating game elevates turn-based combat. It’s a realm demanding strategic prowess, quick choices, and adaptability. In this guide, I’ll explain the essential info about the in-game currency for Reverse: 1999.

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List of in-game Currency in Reverse: 1999

1. Sharpodonty

How to get Sharpodonty in Reverse: 1999

Sharpodonty is a key in-game currency in Reverse: 1999, and having enough of it is important. The game provides several ways to earn Sharpodonty, including story quests, stages, and daily tasks. Just by playing the game and enjoying the story, you can get Sharpodonty. Also, tackling tougher weekly and seasonal tasks can earn you more Sharpodonty.

Reverse 1999 Sharpodonty
Image via Bluepoch

Where to spend Sharpodonty in Reverse: 1999

Once you’ve gathered a good amount of Sharpodonty, the next smart move is to use it wisely. A significant chunk of your Sharpodonty should go into boosting your characters despite being a flexible currency. It’s a good idea to focus on enhancing the characters in your active team, especially the ones you use often for quests and crucial story stages.

2. Dust

How to get Dust in Reverse: 1999

Dust is an additional in-game currency in Reverse: 1999, and having an ample supply matters. Like Sharpodonty, you can earn Dust through story quests, stages, and daily tasks. By simply playing the game and immersing yourself in the story, you can accumulate Dust.

Reverse 1999 Dust
Image via Bluepoch

Where to spend Dust in Reverse: 1999

Dust in the game serves a singular purpose as it’s exclusively employed for enhancing your in-game characters. Unlike some other resources, Dust doesn’t necessitate specific elements and can be universally utilized to level up any character. This underscores its significance in bolstering your characters, ensuring their viability and effectiveness as you progress to more advanced stages.

3. Clear Drop

How to get Clear Drop in Reverse: 1999

In Reverse: 1999, acquiring Clear Drops is essential as it’s primarily employed for Summons. This currency can be obtained through diverse events, clearing story stages for the first time, and completing daily and weekly missions. Additionally, it’s attainable via redeeming codes and through in-game mail rewards.

Reverse 1999 Clear Drop
Image via Bluepoch

How to spend Clear Drop in Reverse: 1999

Utilizing Clear Drops in Reverse: 1999 holds significant importance, as it’s a primary currency for summoning characters in the game’s Gacha system. Employing Clear Drops to acquire potent characters enhances your team’s strength and enriches your gameplay. For optimal results, it’s advisable to spend Clear Drops on Limited summon banners, ensuring the acquisition of robust characters for your team.

4. Unilog

How to get Unilog in Reverse: 1999

Unilog holds a similar significance as Clear Drops in the game, primarily serving the summoning system. Acquiring Unilog can be challenging, as it’s chiefly rewarded to you during crucial events and upon achieving specific storyline milestones. Additionally, new accounts are granted Unilog through in-game mail rewards as a special incentive for new players.

Reverse 1999 Unilog
Image via Bluepoch

Where to Spend Unilog in Reverse: 1999

Unilog serves as a dedicated currency for summoning characters, following a fixed rate of one character per currency. This makes it pivotal to strategically allocate your Unilog for summoning, enabling you to bolster your character lineup effectively and enhance your gaming experience.

5. Crystal Drop

Where to get Crystal Drop in Reverse: 1999

Crystal Drop is a premium currency in Reverse: 1999 that can only be acquired by purchasing it with real money. Unlike other in-game currencies, it’s not attainable through any in-game activities. You can exclusively obtain Crystal Drops through real-money transactions, enabling them to increase their summoning potential and enhance their gameplay.

Reverse 1999 Crystal Drop
Image via Bluepoch

Where to spend Crystal Drop in Reverse: 1999

Crystal Drop holds importance in the summoning system, and it can be converted into Crystal Drops or Unilog for summoning purposes. This purchased currency allows you to strategically invest in summoning opportunities, improving your character collection, and advancing in the game.

Final Thoughts

Navigating the in-game currencies, such as Sharpodonty, Dust, Clear Drops, and Crystal Drops enables you to explore several in-game resources. Acquiring and utilizing these resources wisely through various gameplay activities enhances character growth, summoning prowess, and overall enjoyment. Whether uncovering the world’s secrets or enhancing your team’s strength, Reverse: 1999 offers a rich gaming experience that rewards both strategic planning and a sense of exploration.

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