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Reverse: 1999 The Theft of the Rimet Cup Event Guide and Tips

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The Reverse: 1999 version 1.1 update went live on November 9, 2023, following recent server maintenance. The first-ever patch of the role-playing strategy game brings in new characters, a main story event titled The Theft of the Rimet Cup, and several side events offering generous rewards. urging players to delve into fresh content with Version 1.1: Phase One. This Reverse: 1999 The Theft of the Rimet Cup Event Guide will provide you with important information regarding the major event for version 1.1 of Reverse: 1999.

In the world of Reverse: 1999, players navigate through time, unraveling mysteries along the way. The experience is filled with puzzles and RPG battles, now enhanced by a time-limited event for players to enjoy. Version 1.1: Phase One primarily centers around a new story event, complemented by additional missions for players to participate in. These elements contribute to the already intricate story and lore surrounding the game.

Reverse: 1999 The Theft of the Rimet Cup Event duration and requirements

To join the event, complete the tutorial and initial storyline, including the associated cutscenes for both the event and the new update. Commence The Theft of the Rimet Cup event in Reverse: 1999 by completing the base game’s main story, In Our Time. The Theft of the Rimet Cup event in Reverse: 1999 kicks off at 8:59 PM PT/04:59 AM GMT on November 9, 2023.

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The event will conclude at the same time on December 4, 2023. You can initiate all the missions within this timeframe, but once the end date arrives, the content will no longer be available.

How to do the Reverse: 1999 The Theft of the Rimet Cup Event

Experience an engaging new story during The Theft of the Rimet Cup event, centered around the captivating thief, Melania. You can dive into the romanticized narrative of a master thief choosing their next city adventure.

Reverse: 1999 The Theft of the Rimet Cup Event modes

The event features two types of modes where you can accumulate stamps and increase their progress in the overall event. By progressing in the story mode, it enables you to unlock the other parts of the event where several puzzles and challenges await.

1. Story Mode

Get ready to dive into The Theft of the Rimet Cup’s captivating tale. Join Melania, the elusive thief, as she travels through different cities. Your choices will shape the story, making your experience in Story Mode truly unique. Explore the intriguing world of a master thief, adding excitement and suspense to your gameplay.

Reverse: 1999 The Theft of the Rimet Cup event mode
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2. Crisis Mode

Gear up for intense challenges in Crisis mode where a dynamic experience will be testing your strategic and combat skills. Navigate through unpredictable scenarios, requiring quick thinking to overcome obstacles. Crisis mode offers a unique gameplay style, ensuring an exciting and ever-changing adventure.

Reverse: 1999 Thief of the Thieves Event Guide

Reverse 1999 Thief of the Thieves is a side event accompanying The Theft of the Rimet Cup in version 1.1. Assume the role of Melaina, assigned to protect valuable items for Ramirez, a security organization of Arcanists. Items include Disc of Turin, Mainedonty, Crystal Skull, and The Football Match.

Solve chapter problems with limited Action Points (two to three in each). Aim for the highest ratings: A (highest), B (average), and C (lowest). Achieve an A in each chapter by scoring 90 points or above. Additionally, here are some key rules to keep in mind about the event:

  • Earn 5 points for every correct solution to a normal problem.
  • Earn 10 points for each correct solution to an emergency problem.
  • Incur a deduction of 5 points for every wrong solution.

Below is the Reverse: 1999 Thief of the Thieves all solutions for every phase in the following chapters:

Reverse 1999 Thief of Thieves Chapter 1: Disc of Turin

Reverse 1999 Disc of Turin
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Phase 1

An old guard who has worked for your father for many years claims there’s a huge malfunction in the CCTV.Check it yourself
A man who claims to be a friend of your father’s enters the security room with tea and cookies, hoping to catch up with you.Drive him away

Phase 2

Bad News: the puppies visiting the hall left feces in the flowerbed.Clean the flowerbed
Oh no, there are too many visitors in the hall.Use more guards to maintain order
A famous collector visits the hall. He asks you to open the glass case for him to watch the exhibit closely.Refuse his request
A raging plumber storms into the monitor room, yet none of the guards admits calling him.Mediate the Dispute

Phase 3

There’s a police ID card on the ground. Perhaps you can keep it for him until this careless officer comes back.Pick it up.
A guard reports in panic that he sees spirits floating around the exhibitIgnore them.
You have received the first payment. Now, you can “upgrade” the security system a little bit.More Arcane props.

Phase 4

A sneaky man is wandering around the hall. He hopes to make a deal with you.Test him.
Two drunkards have a fight in the exhibition hall. Perhaps they just lost the beer money in the game.Calm them down with force.

Phase 5

They are either having a party or performing a well-planned “theft operation” here.Catch them

Reverse 1999 Thief of Thieves Chapter 2: Mainedoty

Reverse 1999 Mainedoty Guide
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Phase 1

A guard asks Ramirez for compensation because he claims to have been bitten by the Mainedonty when carrying it.Compensate the guard.
An unexpected thief is visiting: there are rats in the hall!Drive them away.
A gang of outlaws is invading through the skylight in their self-made inflatable flying exoskeletons in an attempt to steal the exhibit!Stop them.

Phase 2

A gentleman in the crowd suddenly falls in front of the glass case.Take out the pills for him.
We stop the daring Thief at the back door of the hall.Catch him.

Phase 3

Your shift is over, but the guard for the next shift has not shown up yet.Wait for him.
The problem brought by the motivated thieves is now inevitable. What’s your plan, Melaina?More arcane props.

Phase 4

The guards have raised objections to the schedule of the night shift.Insist on the schedule.
Your well-designed arcane trap has been disabled without a trace.Darn it!

Reverse 1999 Thief of Thieves Chapter 3: Crystal Skull

Reverse 1999 Crystal Skull Guide
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Phase 1

What is the easiest way to sneak into the security room if you are an innocent visitor?Enable the smoke alarm.
Of course, the first step is to take a tour of the hall.Talk to the guard.

Phase 2

Think about it, how are you going to escape if you are caught when checking the ventilation ducts?Use the Sweet Dream Hallucinogen
A Sneaky man is wandering around the hall. He hopes to make a deal with you.Pay him.
Time to select a starter for your plan, Melania.The guards

Phase 3

Night will fall soon. We need to change.Perhaps a bit Sleepy Popping Beans.
The Sleepy Popping Beans never let you down. The guards are sleeping like a rock.Enter the hall.

Phase 4

A cute cat is in front of you. It is obviously not Sean the Great Thief.Use the Bubble Distractor.
We’ve finally reached the case… Oh no, Where’s the Crystal Skull? It’s not in the case we saw this morning!Check the nearby exhibits.

Phase 5

Something unprecedented happens: the Crystal Skull starts singing loudly!Wrap it up with clothes.
Alright, one last step: take care of the big bloke guarding the target.Use the Sticky Balls.

Reverse 1999 Thief of Thieves Chapter 4: The Football Match

Reverse 1999 The football match guide
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Phase 1

This is the last question. We must replace The Football Match before Sean does. Time to inspect what you have learned, Melania.Look up Guidance on Security.
I already found 5 grammatical mistakes on the first page of Guidance on Security. But we should focus on their flaws in the hall now.Check the CCTV.

Phase 2

Quick quiz: how are you going to carry The Football Match, an excellent oil painting, on your way out of the scene?Roll it up.
They are more cautious about food supply now. Our Sleep Popping Beans may not work this time.Use it anyway.
Oh no, watch out for that guard… He’s as alert as a trained dog.Take out Guidance on Security.
There is a bouncy ball on the ground. Perhaps it’s left by some naughty kid.Feed it to Ms. Acey.

Phase 3

A robot which seems malfunctioning is right ahead. Even though it looks powered off, it can be trouble for a rookie thief like you.Avoid it.
Night has fallen, time for action. Quick suggestion: the Sleepy Popping Beans don’t always work at the same time. We’d better plan a safe route into the hall.Leave it to me.

Phase 4

We have to consider emergencies too. How are you going to escape if all the stairs and ventilation ducts are blocked?Jump out of the window.
But that guard on a diet is apparently not part of the teachings from Guidance on Security. We have to knock him out, Melania.Try to escape.
Someone’s here. Looks like we overestimated their regularity: they don’t always have dinner at the same time.Retreat for now.

Phase 5

We have to do something with these iron heads.Read guidance on Security.
Either way, we will get the exhibit before they do.Replace The Football Match with a counterfeit.
Uh-oh, did we just trip over a cable? A robot found us!Take it down.

Reverse: 1999 Bio of the Great Thief

Version 1.1 brings you the exciting side event, “Bio of the Great Thief,” packed with 10 stages of challenging puzzles. Imagine the strategic flair of using Strength HM in Pokémon—these puzzles are your new playground. Your mission is to deftly navigate the glass case to outsmart security patrols and strategically block out spotlights. It’s a true test of wit and agility.

Reverse 1999 Bio of the great thief Guide
Image via Bluepoch

Place objects on pressure sensors, craft your escape, and enjoy the flexibility to undo moves or restart stages whenever you need. The thrill doesn’t end with just completing a stage; your rewards are influenced by keeping your Alertness level below 40 on select stages. Dive into Bio of the Great Thief, where every move counts, and strategic brilliance brings its own set of rewards!

Reverse: 1999 The Theft of the Rimet Cup Event Rewards

Prepare for an enriching experience as the upcoming event unveils a plethora of surprises and challenges tailored just for you. Progressing through each obstacle and successfully navigating puzzles will bring you closer to a realm of incentives that enhance the significance of your endeavors. Gear up and brace yourself for an unparalleled adventure, where the journey itself stands as rewarding as the destination.

Reverse 1999 Bio of the great thief rewards
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  • Clear Drops
  • Dust
  • Sharpodonty
  • Enlighten II
  • Esoteric Bones
  • Milled Magnesia
  • Liquified Terror
  • Prophetic Bird
  • Salted Mandrake
  • Psychubes

Centurion and Regulus Cosmetics

Additionally, the event introduces new cosmetic items for popular characters Centurion and Regulus. If you are keen on dressing up these favorites, you may find this aspect particularly appealing. A Wilderness Pack named Where Fog Remains and rate-up banners for Druvis III will also be accessible throughout the event.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, the Reverse: 1999 The Theft of the Rimet Cup Event stands as a testament to immersive storytelling, strategic gameplay, and a captivating blend of challenges and rewards. As the event draws to a close, reflect on the memories forged, the mysteries unraveled, and the camaraderie built with fellow participants. The intricately designed stages, coupled with compelling narratives, have left an indelible mark on our journey through time.

What are your thoughts about the Reverse: 1999 The Theft of the Rimet Cup Event Guide? Let us know in the comments below!

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