Rise of Cultures World Wonder Guide and Tips

Obtain Blueprints easily and get out the best out of World Wonders!

In Rise of Cultures, there are just about a lot of great features and surprises that separate it from others of the same genre. One of these features exclusive to the game is the World Wonder. Just like in the real world, they provide players with a great and pleasing aesthetic throughout the game. Not only that, but these World Wonders are also capable of giving out power boosts to players’ empires! In this Rise of Cultures Guide, we will explain the tips and tricks on how to locate, utilize and expand your World Wonder.

Finding World Wonder in Rise of Cultures

Coming across the World Wonders can be done easily once players get to the Bronze Age in the game. Players have to research the Wonders technology while still in the Bronze Age. What happens next is that there would be a special character who would then visit the empires of players. This special character would then explain the properties of time and space and many more.

Rise of Cultures World Wonder

After the explanation has been brought out by the game, players would be able to access the World Wonders screen at the bottom of players’ screens. Going through there would then allow players to build their first World Wonder. Players would have limited options for the first World Wonder but they would unlock quite a bit more as they progress through the game and questline.

Getting the best out of World Wonders

In order to build World Wonders and take advantage of them, players would have to get some blueprints, research points, food, and coins. The first blueprints would be free at the beginning of the game, these blueprints would then be used to build up a player’s first World Wonder. Of course, the other resources would be available from the start of the game moving forward. And like most games that have high boosts for these types of buildings, the resources for them would end up being scarce or hard to come by.

How to get Blueprints easily in Rise of Cultures

It may be a bit hard to gain some of these blueprints, but there are ways to acquire them in a much easier way. Now, when players have set up their first World Wonder, it would be best that players look around for other Wonders that belong to others. Players are given the chance to help others with their Wonders as well. When players do so, players are then given more blueprints and other great rewards.

Rise of Culture Blueprints

All these rewards and blueprints will then be acquired once the Wonder players have helped reaches their next level. In doing so, players are also able to upgrade and improve their own World Wonders.

Grow your Empire by helping others

It is more of a give-and-take situation wherein players are able to take advantage of it and continue to build sportsmanship and camaraderie while playing. The more players help out, the more they are more likely to grow and improve their empire. A good mechanic that helps entice more people to join in can build up their own empire!

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