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Royal Crown Beginner’s Guide: Tips, Tricks, and Strategies to win more

Royal Crown is a Battle Royale game infused with the elements of MOBA genre. It supports cross-play between mobile and PC. It’s offered by LINE studios and came out on Play Store on 28th April 2020. It’s already registered 100k+ downloads and holds a rating of 4.2 on Play Store. Today we’re here with our Royal Crown Beginner’s Guide, and few tips and tricks to win any match in the game.

Overview of the game

The game is based on the concept of fantasy battle and survival. The game is, surely, an interesting one with the option to choose from 15 different character classes. Consequently, one can employ a variety of tactics to aim to be the last man standing. Certain aspects of this game like the ability to cut trees, mine ores and collect food ingredients to craft items that give you an edge over other players, are definitely intelligence oriented.

Surprising elements within the game include hidden item spots, field monsters and of course, the legendary dragon. The monsters can be hunted to gain items to craft health potions. The game offers solo as well as a three-man squad mode. Now, let’s look at a Beginner’s guide about how to win any match in Royal Crown.

Tips and Tricks to win more in Royal Crown

Here are some tips and tricks for Royal Crown Beginners to win any match in the game:

1. Choose your Fighter Class carefully

There are 15 different fighter classes to choose from. But not all the characters will be unlocked, initially. As the player makes progress in the game, more characters will get unlocked. All the characters possess a unique set of skills. Hence, a lot of survival strategies open up at the player’s disposal. Initially, you’ll get to choose a fighter either from the ‘Warrior‘, ‘Pursuer‘ or ‘Death Knight‘ class. Let’s look into the specialities of each class.

Warriors‘ prefer battling it out in close range with good active physical stats.

Royal Crown Beginner's Guide Leo
Leo, a Warrior

Pursuers‘ hold expertise in long-range battles. They can deal a good amount of damage to enemies, animals and monsters from afar.

Royal Crown Beginner's Guide Bella
Bella, a Pursuer

‘Death Knights‘ make use of enchants and magic to boost the efficacy of their basic attacks and defence system.

Royal Crown Beginner's Guide Morgan
Morgan, a Death Night

2. Learn the art of crafting items

To increase your odds of survival, it becomes imperative to make use of the resources that the map has got to offer. From crafting health potions to mana potions, enhanced weapons and throwables, the chances of your survival can drastically improve.

Royal Crown Beginner's Guide crafting
Crafting process in-game

Make sure to cut trees, chop off the corps in the farms and mine ores to craft useful items that’ll help you along the adventure journey. Special traps can also be set on the battlefield with the ores mined. Hunting monsters and wild animals offer food ingredients that can be used to craft HP potions.

3. Know where to land

It’s very important that you first realise where to drop off to when you’re ‘freefalling’. Try to land at those locations that are far away from monsters. Also, try not to engage the animals in battle, first thing, when you land. This is risky as you probably won’t be having much loot initially and might also get third partied by other enemies.

landing location
Land on the green marked spot on the map

Make use of your companion pet to move around faster and evade prospective battles with the wild animals found in the wilderness. Loot treasure chests and make use of your crafting skills to get crucial materials to help you in your journey.

4. Make Use of the Special Abilities

Each character, as mentioned earlier, has unique skills. In addition to that, the characters can also perform an ultimate skill to inflict major damage upon the enemies. The player must learn how to use those skills to this advantage. The skills even offer added perks when used in a combination sort of manner.

Certain skills enhance the effect of other skills and hence, putting more emphasis on the fact that players must learn to use these skill sets properly.

special abilities
Using special abilities in the game

Using skills consume mana, mana restores itself slowly over time but can be replenished instantly on the use of mana potions. Mana potions can be found in treasure chests and can also be crafted for immediate use.

5. Learn how to use Airdrops and Attribute cards

Like every other battle royale game, this one also carries the feature to send airdrops containing high tier good loot onto the map. The game system notifies the players of incoming airdrops. Hence, you can expect to come across a few enemies if you head towards the airdrop spot. But if you make it out to the next zone alive post looting the airdrop, it’ll truly make you a force to be reckoned with.

Royal Crown Beginner's Guide attributes card
Attributes card in-game

Equipping Attribute Cards is also pretty crucial when you play this game. These cards grant perks to boost your character’s strength to endure tough battles with other enemies as well as, epic monsters. Don’t discard then when you find one in treasure chests or airdrops. Perks offered are enhanced when the attribute cards are able to sync with your armour class.

Final thoughts

Well, to conclude it, the game offers plenty of exciting elements that you won’t find in other Battle Royale genre games. As told previously, the game makes use of logic and skills equally. The graphics and the fantasy adventure theme might not please the fans of hardcore realistic action games but it still remains worthy of a try!

That’s all we got for today’s Royal Crown Beginner’s GuideWhat is your expectation from the game? Let us know in the comment section below.

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