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Rules of Survival 2.0 Cash Giveaway event: How to play and earn from the game

The new rules and the events is going to make a millionaire soon in Rules of Survival 2.0!

Rules of Survival 2.0, one of the world’s most popular shooter games, is set to make its arrival. With stunning graphics, the best audio, and visual effects, highly realistic maps, a trading system, and a crazy fighting environment, the players are all set to battle in this latest shooting game. Recently Rules of Survival 2.0 has introduced the Cash Giveaway event giving exclusive in-game rewards and cash items

With the first look of Rules of Survival 2.0, it seems trading, earning cash, and winning vouchers are becoming a reality in the game. So, let us embark on this wonderful adventure and get rich together.

Rules of Survival 2.0 Cash Giveaway event

Trading shops, battlegrounds, and other scenes let players trade directly with other real players. The ultimate thrill of combat goes hand in hand with the possibility of earning money in ROS 2.0. Earn money and sweep your enemies under the rug! From the first look, there will be two main events that will let players earn real cash and awesome awards. Both the events run from 26/01/2022 to 09/02/2022 at the same time with exciting rewards up for grabs.

Get Rich Together event

During the event, players completing the ROS 2.0 matches with their friends and on reaching a certain level of Activity Points, players will get a large collection of Diamonds and various intriguing rewards

trading free rewards rules of survival 2.0
Image via NetEase Games

USD RUSH event

During the event on ROS 2.0 battlefield, opening spoils crates may reveal special drops like USD Cash Cards, and players who successfully escape with such a drop will be credited with the cash amount. Upon reaching a certain amount, players can withdraw their winnings.

In the game, players can try out different trading tactics and get some cash drops. Earning is now possible with the game. Also, players can earn as much as they like. Just battle it out in the field and give your victories along with the luck a chance to get rich in this Rules of Survival 2.0. Let’s begin this new era of our earnings now.

Are you excited about the ongoing Rules of Survival 2.0 Cash Giveaway event? Let us know in the comments below!

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