Sachin Saga Pro Cricket Beginners Guide and Tips

Relive the journey of the Master Blaster!

Sachin Saga Pro Cricket is a 3D epic cricket game that comes from the Developer House of JetSynthesys. Set in the Cricverse, the game is centered around a legend of this universe and probably one of the best to have ever played the sport, Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar. In this Sachin Saga Pro Cricket Beginner’s guide, we are going to do a walkthrough on the various game modes that are available to exploit, the in-game resources on offer, and share some useful tips and tricks for the newbies as they look to set out on this remarkable journey of the God.

Players get to stroll through the hall of fame of this man’s stellar career and re-create some of his iconic innings across the years and see him evolve as a legend on their mobile screens. They must create their own fantasy squad, gather Gold, Silver, and Bronze players from the pack, assemble a powerful squad, and engage in competition with other users in various tours to earn a variety of rewards.

Decoding the Game Modes

Taking about the game modes, Sachin Saga Pro Cricket comes with Quick Matches, Multiplayer Modes, Tournament Mode, and a special in-game mode that takes you through the various phases in the cricketing journey of SRT. In this segment, we will talk about each game mode in detail and what they have on offer for players.

1. Quick Match

Quick Match is basically a casual gameplay setup where players get to pick any team/line-up from the current generation and play against the AI.

Sachin Saga Pro Cricket Quick Match
Image via JetSynthesys
  • Users can choose the number of overs they want a game to be, per inning.
  • Team composition in Quick matches is divided into SSPL and World Cup team formats.
  • Higher the OVR of your player, the more fluent he will be with the aspects of stroke making i.e., timing and placement.

2. Multiplayer

Unlike a Quick Match, Multiplayer provides a PVP set-up where:

  • Players must compete against users online, to rise up the Global Leaderboard.
  • In Multiplayer, users get to assume the role of a manager where they can manage their team by adding, removing, and renewing contracts. They must also sort down the players based on the playing category.
  • This mode comes with 3x special bowling power-ups which can add strategic depths and variation in bowling.

3. Test Match

The game also comes with a mode that allows you to test your skills against the AI, in the longest format of the sport. The rules are pretty similar to a real-life test match game. This mode unlocks at level 6.

4. Tournament

The tournament is a special game mode that comes in two formats:

  • SSPL: The Sachin Saga Premier League is a round-robin tournament resembling the Indian Premier League. 7 teams face off against each other twice, for a spot in the playoffs.
  • World Cup: An international competition where teams from around the world feature, similar to the ICC World Cup events. Teams need to get past three phases- Group Stage, Semi-finals, and Finals to win this competition. At the end of the Group Stage, if there is a tie-in point, the qualification is decided on the net-run rate just as it is in the real-world scenario. This mode unlocks in Level 6.

5. Legend Journey

A journey that spanned across two decades, one hundred international centuries, and two hundred international wickets, get to experience the one and only SRT’s iconic on-field moments with this special game mode. This mammoth journey has been categorized into three phases:

Sachin Saga Pro Cricket Legend's Journey
Image via JetSynthesys
  • Boy Wonder: This category asks players to assume the role of Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar from the early 1988s till 1995 during which he achieved some remarkable feats. Players need to re-create a small fraction of some of his iconic innings during these years. They must abide by the objectives set for them in each of these challenges
  • Master Blaster: This category lets you re-create Tendulkar’s prime years as a cricketer for India, i.e., from the mid-1995s to the late 2005s.
  • Legend: Post-2005 till his retirement is the era when he reached three big milestones:
    • First Cricketer to score 10,000 runs in One Day Internationals.
    • First cricketer to score 100 tons in International Cricket.
    • First cricketer to score an ODI Double Hundred.

Get to re-create all of these iconic landmarks by adding your own touch to his strokes.

Resource Management

Taking about resources now, the game comes with Gems, Coins, SRT Coins, and Tickets as the basic in-game currencies. All of these currencies, except SRT Coins, can be earned by just playing the different game modes that are available, and leveling up. Additionally, they can be exchanged from the game’s dedicated Shop section.

SRT coins, on the other hand, are a special in-game currency, that can be earned by unlocking milestones under the Lengend Journey mode, Quick Match, and Test match only. Now that we are familiar with how to earn these resources, let’s look at what they bring to your table next:

In-game CurrencyUtility
GemsA premium in-game currency, used mainly to
-> Renewing Contracts
-> Purchasing various items from the Store section
-> Reviving your player in an AI match once he gets out
CoinsRequired as entry fee for Quick Matches.
SRT CoinsUsed to unlock and collect items from Sachin’s Gallery
TicketsThey are used mainly as an entry fee for tournaments

Note: Since Gems are hard to come by, we suggest users utilize them only to renew the contracts and grab discounted deals from the Daily Deals section. Do not use them to revive your players. You can instead, opt for the free revive if you need by watching a 30-second ad. You get six revives per player so unnecessarily wasting gems on them is not recommended, unless you are playing Legend Journey, have exhausted your free revives, and are very close to completing that objective.

Sachin Saga Pro Cricket Beginners Guide: Tips and Tricks

Here are some additional tips and tricks that a newbie must know before starting their cricketing journey with Sachin Saga Pro Cricket.

1. Make sure you are checking the Store section daily

Sachin Saga Pro Cricket game comes with a dedicated Store section where you can exchange the various in-game resources that we talked of in the previous segment, for other items.

  • Do not forget to visit this section daily as a dedicated Free Rewards tab under this section, rewards users with all the in-game currencies on a daily basis if they watch an ad. Even though other in-game currencies are widely available, Gems are really hard to come by. Hence, make sure you are not missing out on these freebies.
Sachin Saga Pro Cricket Daily Deals
Image via JetSynthesys
  • The Power-Ups tab under the Store section comes with a special Kit Section that contains power-up items in the form of bats, balls, gloves, and shoes. Using these items in the match can enhance the performance of your players. These Power-Up items can come real handy in the Online Multiplayer mode when you are up against top players online. Hence, we suggest you save your gems and get these packs.

2. Pick your playing XI based on the Overall Rating of the Players

While choosing your starting XI for a game, make sure that you are picking players with the highest OVR rating, in each department. The higher the OVR rating of your player, the higher their timing and accuracy in strokes and deliveries respectively.

Sachin Saga Pro Cricket Adding Sachin to XI
Image via JetSynthesys

In fact, if you are playing as India, you get the additional benefit of getting Sachin Tendulkar, the player with the highest OVR(99) in the game to play for you. Watch an ad and get SRT in your lineup. You will see a visible difference in the timing and placement of your strokes while swiping off the deliveries coming from the opposition.

3. Make sure to position your batter in the line of the delivery before going for the hit

Just as it is for any other mobile cricketing game, Sachin Saga Pro Cricke has three kinds of shot selections available:

  • Push
  • Stroke
  • Loft

Before the delivery is bowled by your opposition bowler, players need to decide on the sot that they want to play on that delivery by simply tapping on that button. Irrespective of the shot that you are going to select, make sure that you position your batter in the line of the delivery by flexibly moving the side arrows. A cursor on the floor of the pitch would indicate the line and length of that delivery. So, align yourself according to that.

4. Ensure proper Timing on delivery for desired results

Another important aspect of Sachin Saga Pro Cricket is Timing. For executing the shot that you have selected, you need to ensure proper timing or else there would be high chances of you getting out.

  • If the ball is pitched on a shorter length, align your batsman to the line of the delivery and hit it as soon as the ball touches the floor.
  • However, if it is pitched on a Yorker length, you need to go for the hit as soon as the bowler releases the ball.
  • When a spinner is bowling at such length, you need to delay your shots a bit and go for the hit seconds after the ball is released from the bowling arm. To go for the hit, simply swipe in the direction you want to execute the shot.
  • An indicator/bar would show your timing on a particular delivery after the shot’s been hit. Keep a tap on that and try bettering your timing.

5. Target a Region where there are no fielders positioned

Sachin Saga Pro Cricket Batting
Image via JetSynthesys

While going for the lofted drive, try avoiding those areas where there is a fielder positioned. If you are not able to get proper timing on your delivery, there would be chances of you getting caught. hence, look to target those empty pockets so that you get a boundary at least, even if you could not manage a proper timing on that delivery.

6. Constantly look to vary the line and length of your delivery

Players must constantly look to vary the line and length of their delivery. If you keep bowling around in the same region, you will be whacked out of the park even in AI games. We suggest users should start playing against the AI and develop an idea on this before going for the Multiplayer mode.

  • If it is a limited-overs game, try different variations using cutters. While bowling as a spinner, you should try to vary the deliveries with Leg/Off Spins, Flippers, Googlys, Doosras, and Leg Breaks. Try bowling six different deliveries in the shorter formats for giving your opposition less time to adjust. Keep the lines tight and allow no or very less room for playing shots.
Sachin Saga Pro Cricket Bowling
Image via JetSynthesys
  • If it is a longer format game, bowl according to the merit of the pitch. Keep the bowl around the fourth stump channel while donning as a fast bowler, and try to swing it both ways. Try picking more spinners if it’s a Dry wicket.

7. Avoid bowling no-balls by stopping the cursor in the yellow region

While bowling, you will find two arrow marks on both ends of the pitch. Tap on any of these marks to choose that as your bowling end. Drag the pitch indicator next to choose the line and length of your delivery. Up next, you will be asked to choose the kind of delivery you want to bowl. Post this, an indicator with a moving cursor would appear to the right of your screen. There are two regions on this indicator:

  • Red: Stopping the cursor in this region would result in your bowler overstepping.
  • Yellow: Stopping the cursor anywhere in this yellow region indicates a legal delivery.

So, make sure you avoid stopping the cursor on this indicator in the red region to avoid bowling no-balls and leaking extra runs in the process.

8. Make sure you are customizing the Field presets

Well, this is something that most people forget. The field presets in any match must be customized based on the needs and situation of that match. To change fielding presets, players must tap on the mini field map located at the top left corner of the screen. You will have different fielding presets already available to choose from in that over, based on the fielding restrictions.

  • If you are bowling inside the powerplay, you have to go with an Attacking field setup. Once the powerplay ends, do not forget to change that to an open field especially when you are going for runs in the form of boundaries.
  • Besides, if you have conceded a lofted hit in any particular region of the field and none of the fielding presets come with a fielder in that region, you need to tap on Manual fielding and move a fielder to that desired position.
  • However, if that violates the number of fielders that can be outside the circle, you need to first bring one player inside the circle and then go for that move.

You cannot stop the flow of runs if you are not customizing your field based on the responses from the opposition batters.

Being a part of the Legend’s journey and completing each objective under that game mode, one by one reward users with a special in-game Currency known as SRT coins. These SRT coins can be used to unlock legendary items from the game’s gallery section that contains iconic items straight out of the cricketing journey of SRT, including his very special jersey from his playing days.

Sachin Saga Pro Cricket Gallery
Image via JetSynthesys

Moreover, the fastest way to earn Experience Points(XP) and level up in this game is by completing the objectives under this challenge. You get ample(6) free revives to complete each challenge. So, make sure you are investing enough time in this mode.

10. Utilize the Power-up Items in Multiplayer Mode

Just as we stated earlier, players must look to save their Gems and unlock these Power-up packs as soon as possible. These power-up packs when used, in a game, add a Special Enhancement or boost to the shots that you play and deliveries that you bowl. The best part about these packs is, they cannot be exchanged for real-life money. This move bridges the gap between professional gamers and casual gamers.

Sachin Saga Pro Cricket Power Up Packs
Image via JetSynthesys

To be very honest, you don’t need them much against the AI because the AI difficulty level can be switched as per your proficiency. But, make sure you are carrying these power-up items with you in Multiplayer mode to outperform your online opponent who will give you much tougher competition in terms of skill set.

Final Thoughts

Sachin Saga Pro Cricket or Sachin Saga 2.0 if we can call it, has definitely upgraded some things within the game. The addition of the longer format was much needed as it has been introduced in almost every other mobile cricket game by now. Diving the legend’s journey in phases now makes it more relatable and appealing to the audience.

The addition of Enhancement Packs/Power-up Packs is another move that can make this title more engaging as players need to grind hard to collect gems and unlock them. Overall, the newer version would definitely attract a lot more fans to the already existing mammoth fanbase of the man, the myth, and the legend- Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar.

That’s all for today’s Sachin Saga Pro Cricket beginners guide. Did you find our Sachin Saga Pro Cricket beginners guide helpful? Do let us know in the comments below!

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