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Saint Seiya: Legend of Justice: The complete Reroll guide and tips

Get the best characters with this rerolling guide!

Saint Seiya: Legend of Justice is a Saint Seiya-themed mobile game published on the Global scene by Wanda Cinemas Games. The game has old classic skills from the previous Saint Seiya games which adds to the nostalgia along with various popular characters. The game features a somewhat complicated battle system with strategic elements to it which makes the need for good characters at the start quite important, so here is a reroll guide for it, that will help you with exactly that.

How to reroll efficiently in Saint Seiya: Legend of Justice

Saint Seiya: Legend of Justice has restricted the usual rerolling methods. On top of this, the beginner rewards are quite lacking for a good reroll, which makes rerolling very difficult and is not recommended at all. Now dedicated players who want the best units can reroll with one method but it is tedious and time-consuming. 

For this method, you will need multiple Google and Facebook accounts which will be used to make a number of game accounts and all you need to do are clear the tutorial and login to each account every day, and pull on the banner in hopes for the character you wanted or any other powerful character. It is recommended that you try this method on an emulator as that will save a bit of your time. 

Saint Seiya: Legend of Justice reroll guide for Android Devices

If you are using your mobile device for the rerolling, follow these steps:

  • Start the game, and make sure to log in with a guest account.
  • Play through the tutorial. The tutorial can take anywhere from 7-10 minutes depending on your speed.
  • Once the tutorial is over, claim the premium currency from various achievements and quest rewards, and story rewards.
  • Roll using the available currency, if you do not get what you wanted then follow the next step.
  • If you are using the main method then once the tutorial is over, bind the game account to any third-party account, log out and then start with a new game account and do the same. If you get the characters that you wanted then bind the account with Google or other Third party accounts.
Image via Wanda Cinemas Games

Since the game doesn’t have a straightforward way for account reset you will need to delete the game every time after every failed reroll attempt and reinstall.

Saint Seiya: Legend of Justice reroll guide for iOS devices

Due to restrictions on iOS software, other than deleting and reinstalling the game, there is no other viable solution.

How to reroll on an Emulator in Saint Seiya: Legend of Justice

Emulators are easily the best tools for rerolling, you can use BlueStacks, LD player, or any other emulator. Most modern emulators have all the necessary features to make the re-rolling process a walk in the park. To start with rerolling on Emulators, follow these steps-

  • Install the game on any one instance, preferably on a 64-bit instance installation.
  • Don’t open the game after installation, first make clones of it, the number of clones that can be made depends on the device specifications.
  • Open the cloned instances and then reroll on them, after a bad reroll just delete the cloned instance and again make clones from the main instance. 
  • Once you get the perfect account, bind it to any third-party account. You can even then use this account to play on your phone. 

How to bind a game account in Saint Seiya: Legend of Justice

Image via Wanda Cinemas Games

You can find a hovering Blue icon in-game, simply tap on it and it will take you to the bind menu. Bind your account wherever you wish in order to save your progress across multiple devices. 

What are your thoughts on our Saint Seiya: Legend of Justice reroll guide? Let us know in the comments below!

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