Shadow Fight Arena Beginners Guide, Tips and Tricks

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The mobile platform now has video games belonging to all the genres that we see on consoles and PCs. When it comes to fighting games, we also saw numerous titles and series based on this genre. One such franchise is the Shadow Fight series. Their latest game in the series, Shadow Fight Arena, is being played by many users. Shadow Fight Arena is a fighting game that involves two teams, each containing three fighters, fighting against each other to achieve victory. For newcomers, it might not be easy to adapt to the game’s mechanics and rules. Therefore, here is the Shadow Fight Arena beginners guide and tips that will help you master Shadow Fight Arena without much hassle.

How to achieve victory in Shadow Fight Arena?

1. Keep some Distance with your opponent

shadow fight arena beginners guide tips

The most common mistake that beginners make is that they charge headfirst towards the opponent. When you start out with the game, you won’t have much knowledge about the various powers and abilities of each and every character. Therefore, the safest bet for you is to keep your distance from your enemy. Wait for them to come close enough. As they perform their attack, move further back, and quickly charge towards them to attack. Hit them multiple times and move back to a safe distance. This plan would not help you in the long run since enemies will damage you using a series of ranged attacks. But it will help you preserve your health when you start out with Shadow Fight Arena.

2. Roll, Dodge, and Attack

If you stay in one place for a while, your opponent will perform a variety of ranged and up-close attacks which will eventually lead to your defeat. You need to keep your character moving. Dodge your enemy’s attacks by moving back. You can also roll behind your enemies and perform a quick attack. This tactic, when applied more than once, will drain your opponent’s health. Of course, you need to keep in mind that performing this tactic multiple times and spamming is not the same thing. If you keep on doing this, your opponent will anticipate your tactic and will probably attack you when you roll, thereby, failing your roll attack tactic.

3. Wall Jumping can be very useful

shadow fight arena beginners guide tips

If you’re playing it safe and defensive, or if your opponent is constantly performing their attacks, chances are, you’re going to get backed up against a wall. A lot of opponents will purposely do that as it is much easier to hit you when you’re cornered. The game, however, has a solution to this. You can wall jump and land behind your opponent. Make sure to always do that when you’re driven to the extreme side of the arena. As your opponent performs their move, wall jump, land behind them, and perform a series of attacks to damage them before they perform a wall jump. This will, however, only work for Herald and Dynasty characters. Legions cannot perform wall jumps, therefore, you must make sure you’re not backed into a corner when playing as one.

4. Kick-Escape after being thrown on the Ground

Sometimes, your opponent will slam you against the ground. As you get up, they will hit you once again to deal with some more damage. As you move forward in the game, you will be thrown in the ground many times and you will have to do the same to your opponent. But you need to necessarily get hit again as you get up. When you’re being thrown, hold the Kick button. This will ensure that as you lie on the ground, you kick your opponent away thereby giving a very small window to avoid another attack from them. You can also hold the Down button on the virtual joystick as well as the Kick button to perform a counter kick. This will actually put your opponent down on the ground as you get up. You can then hit them again before they can fully get up.

5. Make your second chance count

shadow fight arena beginners guide tips

A few characters in Shadow Fight Arena will give you a very small window of opportunity as you die. For a small period of time, you will be able to attack your opponent right before you die. This is definitely not the time for you to play safe since you are already kind of dead. Perform a series of attacks on your opponent. Hit them as much as you can, perform as many combos as you know. Of course, your opponent will try to avoid those attacks but the more hits you land on them, the easier it will be for your next character to finish them off.


Shadow Fight Arena may not be very easy to master but it definitely isn’t very difficult. The combat system is designed for the player’s convenience and it is easy to perform moves. Of course, you need to practice in order to know about each and every character’s perks and abilities. But eventually, you will get a complete hang of this game. Since you’re starting out this game, it is possible for you to get stumped for ideas. You can always head back here to check out these tips and tricks for Shadow Fight Arena to go back to the game again to smash your opponents.

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