Shadow Fight Arena review: A breath of fresh air in the combat genre

A game tailor made for Action PvP lovers

If you are a fan of the Shadow Fight series or have ever played the game, you should remember its iconic 2D silhouette art-style and the deep yet exhilarating combat. The latest entry of the mobile game series, Shadow Fight Arena is currently available in selected regions. Here we dive into some of the aspects of the game in this Shadow Fight Arena review.

Not so different from its predecessor

Comparing to its predecessor, Shadow Fight Arena is quite different but in a good way. Indeed 2D silhouette art-style is no longer featured in the game from Shadow fight 3, instead, all the characters and backgrounds are now in 3D. Impressive animations (especially the slow-motion during combat) are still one of my favorite parts of the game.

One might say the biggest newly added feature in shadow fight Arena is the real-time online PVP battles. However, Shadow Fight Arena does provide new badass combos and classic animations that make it similar to console graphics.

More characters and even legendary heroes at your disposal

Shadow fight Arena offers more characters to unlock and put to the test against other skilled fighters. You can unlock Legendary Shadow Fight heroes in your team as well.

Such are the likes of Marcus, Kibo, and many more. The Monk in shadow fight Arena is one of the most powerful characters players are going to want to have in their time.

No story mode this time

And unlike its predecessor, Shadow fight Arena does not have a story mode. Apart from its main feature which is the PvP battles, there is also a bunch of side quests or missions (refreshes regularly) to keep you busy.

Some side quests or missions come in special conditions too. For example, some ask you to battle using inverted controls while some ask you to fight an invisible enemy just like in shadow fight 3.

Improved combat style and better controls

Its combat style is basically similar to the previous titles, all fast-paced and challenging. I might even label Shadow to fight Arena to be more challenging than its predecessors.

Shadow Fight Arena Review

Different combinations of directions and kicks/punch perform different moves, so adapting the situation quickly is the key to win a battle. You may find the battle difficult at first (especially if you are new to the series), but after some practice, you will get the hang of it.

Players can also equip items before the battle

Your characters will be able to equip abilities on his/her equipment too, adding perk or special moves for the combat. Although the game is now in 3D, there is still some shadowy-ness going on.

Your character can activate a Shadow Form, switching himself/herself into a black shadow and be able to perform shadow abilities. New abilities have been added as well as new fighting styles.

Final Verdict

There is really no need for a comparison of any sort between Shadow fight Arena and all its predecessors. It’s like a breath of PvP fresh air in the Shadow fight game series, something that all previous versions lacked or could not stabilize.

Shadow Fight Arena offers some new and not so major features that some players might not even notice, but due to the PvP, it is by far more exhilarating than its predecessors.

Shadow Fight Arena remains available in selected regions at the moment and will be globally available on November 3, 2020. You can download the game from your respective app stores.

Have you played Shadow Fight Arena yet and if yes, what is your review on it? Do let us know in the comments!

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One thing good about this game is its not pay to win . I have all the heroes but i use only non legion heroes cuz of the unfair advantages given to them . It can be properly named as SPAM LEGION HEROES TO WIN ARENA . i bet the developers havent played a single game ever cuz i can see how there is undue advantages given only to legion heroes . if they luv legion heroes so much let them make a game where legion heroes can one shot all other heroes but play it to themselves rather than… Read more »

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