Soccer Club Rivals Beginners Guide with Tips

Easy steps to get your team running!

Soccer Club Rivals is the latest football managerial title from Japanese developer SEGA. The game got recently soft-launched in select regions after entering early access on Android in Indonesia. In Soccer Club Rivals, players assume the role of a football club manager, constructing and managing their team. They can sign new players, train their current roster, and participate in matches against players from all across the world. Players who are new to the game will be excited to play it but might struggle to understand the game’s mechanics initially. So to help players in this regard, we have come up with this Soccer Club Rivals Beginners Guide with some tips and tricks.

Soccer Club Rivals Gameplay Basics

The game is a management title, so that means you cannot control a player individually. it will depend on the choice you make during the matches that will not be exactly the same as games pass by. It isn’t a very tactical game either, but it does depend on how you set up your squad.

Game Management

The freedom to keep on changing tactics doesn’t exist in the game, but there are instances where the AI asks the player to re-confirm their tactics. There are three modes in addition for selection here, Offense, Defense, and Balanced, which will make an impact on the outcome of the game after selection.

Half Team Talk
Image via SEGA

This setting will also get reflected during halftime, where you can also follow up with substitutions or tactical changes necessary. Along with this, Team Morale will be important, for which you will present will certain options such as Critical, Encouragement, etc. where you can push your team to perform better.

Team Strength Battles

There is no disputing that players may encounter teams who are stronger in terms of team strength or tactics, but there may be situations in which making the right judgments gives you an advantage over the opponent at a given time.

Team Strength in Soccer Club Rivals
Image via SEGA

Your game is affected by the following attributes: Familiarity, Power Score, Health condition, and Tactical Styles. To get an advantage or increase your chances of scoring, make the proper decisions and look for the optimal combination of options to apply.

Team Management

Team Management is critical in Football Club Rivals for achieving the best results. Most of the time, players will make mistakes in recognizing the attributes of a squad or tactics, which this part will explain.

Team Attributes

For a team, there are always Team Attributes that contribute to the performance of the team overall. In Soccer Club Rivals, there are three main team attributes that you need to consider, Familiarity, Power, and Health.

The descriptions of the team attributes are as follows.

  • Familiarity: It depends on the squad on how familiar and comfortable they are with the position, playing style, and formation. It will drop if these are not satisfied, and will also affect the overall performance of your squad.
  • Power: Power or Team Strength is the representation of the overall ability of your squad. Here, the total player ratings are added and displayed. If a player is played out of position, then his contribution to power is zero.
  • Health: A player’s health or energy level determines his ability to play a game. The same method is used here as it is in real life, where continual matches diminish a squad’s energy. It will regenerate over time.

There are calculated together and depend on individuals for contributing to a higher rating.


Football runs with tactics, and it is not a football game if there are no positions and tactics. In Soccer Club Rivals, the Tactical Style section offer the players a chance to use their team’s play style to gain an advantage over opponents.

Tactical advantages
Image via SEGA

Currently, there are five tactical styles in the game.

  • Long Ball
  • High Press
  • Counter
  • Pass and Move
  • Normal

The tactical styles will vary from team to team, and one certain tactical style will take advantage over another when playing a match. Each player will be having his affiliation to one certain tactic and will fit better in a squad if he is played in the preferred tactical style.

Soccer Club Rivals Beginners Guide: Tips and Tricks

Here are some tips and tricks to remember while playing Soccer Club Rivals.

1. Heal your players before a game

Healing players in Soccer Club Rivals
Image via SEGA

Health for a player to get running in the game is very essential. There is a considerable drop in performance if you do not push for the player’s energy to get refilled. Avoid matches where your team is depleted. You can wait for the health to refill on its own or use ads/gems for the same.

2. Avoid playing players out of position

When it comes to talking about real-life football, managers do not get the best out of the player if he is being played in an unfamiliar position. Similarly, the process in Soccer Club Rivals is the same, if the players are out of position, they will heavily underperform. Since you do not have the player control over yourselves, it becomes difficult to change the outcome of the match.

3. Keep checking for Daily Deals

Do keep checking for Daily Deals and open free daily packs. They might not fetch the best players, but they will help in improvising your roster or training other players. Most of the deals are with Coins and Gems, and some can be done by in-app purchases as well.

4. Check the after-match reports in detail

Assistant Report in Soccer Club Rivals
Image via SEGA

The assistant report offers a good analysis of how things went in a game. The reports on health and positioning are given, where a good remark indicates that the performance is as expected. Alongside, you can see the earnings from the match, which is once again a good thing to keep track of.

5. Try different tactics and matchups

In the game, you can choose different tactics to use against your opponents. If you feel you are not getting the results from the current setting, choose a different one and try again. Sometimes in the game, also change the tactic when you are allowed to so that your players can work even more efficiently.

6. Autopick players for easy squad management

The Autopick option to set up an automatic lineup will be the suggested option for beginners. This is because it will correctly choose and position the players for a certain formation, especially since having the higher-rated players on the team will have an undeniable impact.

Final Thoughts

Soccer Club Rivals is an excellent game for beginners. It doesn’t overcomplicate things and has a tidy structure that clearly indicates what the player needs to perform. When it comes to gameplay, there aren’t many things that are difficult for beginners, since the game doesn’t require players to follow too many settings, as the AI does the rest based on your choices.

To understand tactics and other details, it might take some time to adjust, especially if you are new to Football. Take things slowly, try doing changes to your squad, and bring your best combination. If you find any difficulties in between, do not hesitate to come back to the guide or drop your queries in the comments.

That’s all for today’s Soccer Club Rivals Beginners Guide! Did you find this Soccer Club Rivals Beginners Guide useful? Let us know in the comments below! 

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