Soccer Manager 2021: Understanding Chemistry and Tips to improve it

Understand Chemistry better and improve your squad!

Chemistry is a small visual feature in Soccer Manager 2021 and you don’t see it being mentioned much in the game. However, it plays a huge part in deciding how your team performs in a mental state. It is very important for you to understand the purpose of chemistry and how it can be improved as this will certainly improve the results of your team in SM21.

What does Chemistry do in Soccer Manager 2021?

Chemistry handles the phycological factors affecting a player’s performance. For example, if a player of high quality transfers to a club that is abroad and in a completely different place, the player may be expected to perform at high standards. However, the new surroundings will have an effect on how well the player fits in and so quality is not the only factor affecting a player’s performance. That is where chemistry comes in. This will handle how well a player will fit into a team in SM21 and that will affect the actual performances of the player.

Soccer Manager 21 Chemistry

The whole purpose of chemistry is to add realism to the game. Without it, you would be able to sign players from all over the world and they would be able to instantly click together. This does not happen in real life, chemistry in SM21 will fix that issue.

How is Chemistry shown in Soccer Manager 2021?

Soccer Manager 21 Chemistry

Chemistry is split into 3 parts:

  • Squad Chemistry
  • Training Chemistry
  • Tactics Chemistry

The value of each of those 3 sub-sections makes up the Total Chemistry of a player. Improving the Chemistry in each of these sub-sections will, in turn, improve the overall Chemistry of the player.

The overall Chemistry is split into 3 categories:

  • Poor: 40-80
    • Players with this value will not fit into your team, mainly because they are greatly unfamiliar with the surroundings. You will need to spend time on them more, to improve their Chemistry.
  • Reasonable: 50-90
    • This is an average range of Chemistry and the player would fit in “OK” at your club. This means that they won’t immediately click with their teammates but they won’t be left out either.
Soccer Manager 21 Chemistry
  • Perfect: 60-100
    • These players will fit right into your club with little to no issues. This is usually down to the fact that they are familiar with the club surroundings (e.g. play in the same league) and/or they are familiar with a lot of other team members.

When looking to sign players, it is important for you to look at the chemistry range as this will help you decide if they are worth it or not. Your scouts will determine which range the player fits into. Poor Chemistry players are not recommended since they require a lot of work. Reasonable Chemistry players do not require extra attention but improving them would be optional.

Tips to improve your Chemistry in Soccer Manager 2021

As said previously, Chemistry is split into 3 sub-sections, Squad, Training, and Tactics. Improving each sub-section will result in the automatic improvement of overall Chemistry. These methods will guide you in improving the Chemistry of your players.

1. Give the player regular game time

All players need regular game time to grow. Playing matches allows your players to interact and play with each other. This will build bonds between players and improve their chemistry. The more game time a player gets, the higher the Squad Chemistry value will be.

2. Carry out Tactical Training

Tactical Training is a Training Drill that can be done in the Training Grounds section. This drill improves the Tactical aspects of a player and this can boost the Chemistry of all your players at once. Completing the drill once will result in most, if not all, of your players gaining a plus to their Chemistry value, by around 1-3 points.

3. Put players in preferred positions

A player plays best where they want to be played. It is not recommended to play low Chemistry players out-of-position as this will have a negative effect on their ability to grow. Logically, a player in its preferred position will be likely to grow much faster if they are played in their desired spots. If it is possible, always try to put players where they want in order to help them fit into your team and grow.

4. Use Chemistry boosts

Soccer Manager 21 Chemistry

Chemistry boosts are essentially virtual items that you can apply to players to boost their Chemistry value by 10 points. Acquiring boosts is quite time-consuming since they are obtained from things like Free Packs, Daily logins, etc. However, they are very useful in quickly shooting up a player’s Chemistry. If an individual is stuck at a low Chemistry level, you could use boosts to improve their values.

5. Watch ads

Soccer Manager 21 Chemistry

As well as applying boosts, there is an alternative option of watching an ad in return for a free boost. Since this is instant and completely free, there is no reason why you shouldn’t do this every once in a while. As well as helping yourself out, watching the ads will help support the devs as well.

Did you find this Soccer Manager 2021 Chemistry guide and tips helpful? If you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to drop them in the comment section below.

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I didn’t know that we can change the squad chemistry of any player. thanks

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