Spiritle Beginners Guide and Tips

Master the powers of elements and defeat your opponents!

Spiritle is a captivating digital board game in which four players participate in turn-based strategic warfare. Each player takes on the role of a Spirit from one of the four elements: Nature, Earth, Water, and Fire. In this Spiritle Beginners Guide, we will be looking deep into the game to help beginners start their journey.

Fallen Souls compete against each other to restore their position in the World Tree as the game proceeds through the four seasons. Players must expertly combine identical lands on the board to launch attacks and beat their opponents. They must choose their Spirits and their matching distinctive skills.

Introducing the Basics of Spiritle

Spiritle is a turn-based strategic battle game in which four players and spirits battle on this digital board game. It is very important to understand the various gameplay principles to gain an advantage over other players. Here below we look at all of them one at a time:

Hero Deployment

Spiritle Beginners Guide
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Players must choose a special hero character at the start of each game or the deployment phase. Each player is in charge of positioning their characters on the board in the most beneficial location during the “deployment” phase. Consider the battlefield carefully and select a good beginning position for your character. The deployment phase prepares the battlefield for the ensuing combat.

Movement and Tiles Mechanics

The player turn starts after the deployment phase is finished. A limited number of movement points are available to each player, which they can use to travel across the board. Open tiles and discover new regions by strategically using your movement points. Keep in mind that you must utilize at least one mobility point before you can unlock a tile. Open tiles in a calculated manner to produce pairs of lands with the same element.

Day and Night

The day and night cycle in Spiritle’s gameplay adds still another level of complexity. As the cycle continues, it would be crucial for the players to modify their tactics depending on the time of day. Understanding these laws can provide you a great advantage over your opponents because some occurrences or skills may be more advantageous at certain times of the day.


Spiritle Beginners Guide
Image via Fabled Game Studio

Skills as are in most rpgs play a very important role in Spiritle. Using certain skills at the right time may surely turn the tide of the battle in your favor. Try to prioritize skills that are relevant at the moment while keeping cooldowns in mind.

Characters and Classes of Spiritle

In Spiritle players are introduced to an array of diverse characters, each boasting unique abilities and strengths. Whether you prefer a mighty warrior or a cunning mage, choosing the right character class is vital for triumphing in battles. Understanding the various classes and finding one that aligns with your preferred playstyle is key to achieving success. Let’s delve into the profiles of some prominent characters:

1. Eilit, the Mage Healer (Water Element)

Eilit is a wise mage gifted with an extraordinary grasp of plant life and water. She has this amazing power to manipulate water and also possesses incredible healing abilities.

Spiritle Beginners Guide
Image via Fabled Game Studio

Thanks to her elemental water magic, she can restore her health and ward off enemy attacks, making her remarkably strong and enduring. When it comes to battle, Eilit cleverly utilizes fungi to set traps, employing tactical maneuvers that lead her to victory.

2. Sionnach, the Valiant Fighter (Nature Element)

Sionnac is the embodiment of nature’s spirit, a brave and clever warrior. If you’re new to the game, he’s the perfect character to start with, as he’ll help you grasp the basics. With a touch of style and creativity, Sionnach reveals hidden tiles on the board, carefully strategizing his every move.

Spiritle Sionnach
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Drawing power from the very essence of nature, he can launch mighty attacks and execute skillful maneuvers. What’s great about him is his adaptability, excelling in both offense and defense, making him a reliable choice in any situation.

3. Laghairt, the Fiery Dragon (Fire Element)

Laghairt on the other hand is the living embodiment of fire and a wielder of the majestic power of a dragon. This incredible character possesses the ability to cast devastating spells, channeling the fiery energy that dwells within him.

Spiritle Beginners Guide
Image via Fabled Game Studio

He can even transform into a fearsome dragon, capable of scorching lands and instilling fear in the hearts of his opponents. Though he may have vulnerabilities, Laghairt’s attacks are swift and powerful, setting tiles ablaze and leaving his adversaries in awe

4. Ollbhear, the Mighty Warrior (Earth Element)

Lastly let me introduce you to Ollbhear, the embodiment of the earth’s spirit, a strong and dedicated warrior with a mission to protect the land. He’s a skilled fighter who recognizes the worth of his opponents.

Ollbhear the Mighty Warrior
Image via Fabled Game Studio

As he moves, Ollbhear leaves his mark on the battlefield, shaking the ground and delivering devastating area-of-effect attacks. As the game progresses, his fury intensifies, and his attack power grows, making him the most feared damage dealer in the late stages of the game. Brace yourself for the sheer might of his hammer strikes!

Resource Management

In Spiritle, coins play a crucial role as a valuable resource that can be obtained through a variety of actions, including opening tiles, pairing lands, and completing quests. These quests add an exciting layer of challenge and progression to the Spiritle battles, making the gameplay even more engaging.

Once every deployment phase, each player is assigned a unique quest that must be fulfilled to advance further in the game. These quests may involve tasks like unlocking specific lands, strategically combining lands, or defeating formidable opponents. Completing these quests is crucial for overall success in the game.

Spiritle Beginners Guide
Image via Fabled Game Studio

Once you achieve these valuable coins by accomplishing quests, you unlock access to the market, where exciting opportunities await. The market acts as a treasure trove, offering a wide range of items that can greatly enhance your progress in the game. Whether it’s additional quests, powerful weapons, or character upgrades, the shop provides valuable resources that can give you a boost on whatever you would need. 

It is important to be wise in investing in upgrades and obtaining powerful items as these may significantly increase your chances of succeeding in battles. However, it’s important to plan your moves carefully since reaching the market tile requires one precious movement point. Therefore, you need to carefully consider your options and make strategic decisions when choosing to visit the shop.

Spiritle Beginners Guide: Tips and Tricks

1. Understand the elemental interactions

To launch effective attacks, players will require to have an understanding of the interactions between various elemental types. To increase the amount of damage you can do, memorize the pairings, concentrate on opening tiles with complementary elements, and keep gaining free turns.

2. Adaptability

The game board is always changing, as such, players can change the environment by moving around. Be ready to change your plan of attack as the board changes. Keep an eye on what other players are doing and modify your strategy accordingly to successfully counter their tactics.

3. Opponents are just Books

Always keep an eye out for your opponent’s actions and adjust your strategy as necessary. To create defenses, analyze their tactics, moves, and abilities. You can gain the upper hand by tactically responding to the acts of your rivals.

4. Utilising your Skill

To win the battle, it is also important that you use your abilities wisely. Prioritize skills that are in line with your current goals while taking the cooldowns into account. Use your skills to learn more about the board, hinder your opponents, or create potent combos.

Final Thoughts

Spiritle is an engaging digital board game that involves turn-based strategic warfare with four players embodying Spirits from the elements: Nature, Earth, Water, and Fire. With the new knowledge that you as a player gained above.

You would be sure to have all the necessary knowledge needed to head into the game and be able to take on the challenges to be faced to progress through the game smoothly. Additionally, much of the knowledge gained in this Spiritle beginners guide will be extremely helpful as you progress deeper into the game.

That’s all from us for Spiritle Beginners Guide! Did you find our Spiritle beginners guide helpful? Do let us know in the comments!

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