State of Survival: Best Heroes for each activity with Tips and Tricks

Use your heroes to the best of their powers!

State of Survival offers a large number of Heroes to play with. After a certain level, you would be having a lot of heroes to play with. But each hero has special stats for different activities. Some heroes would be good for gathering resources whereas some are good at defending settlement. In this guide, we’ll tell you which State of Survival heroes are the best for which activities. So, you can focus on obtaining and levelling up those heroes to be stronger in the game.

Best Heroes in State of Survival for each activity

1. Best heroes for gathering resources in State of Survival

In a real-time settlement game, gathering resources like food, wood, metal, etc. is one of the major activities. But in this case, the developers have provided us with the obvious choice. The best heroes for gathering are:

  • For food gathering- Mike
  • Best hero for wood gathering- Chef
  • For metal gathering- Rusty
  • Best hero for gas gathering- Ghost
State of Survival Best heroes
Mike, Chef, Rusty, Ghost

2. Best heroes for Rallying Settlements

For Rallying Enemy Settlements, these heroes have rally specialization stats providing a bonus to Troops when they are in a rally.

  • Maddie, Frank & Jeb give Rally Troop Attack
  • Wolfe gives Rally Troop Lethality
  • Miho & Lucky give Rally Troop Health,
  • Nikola & Zoe are best for Rally Troop Defense
State of Survival Best heroes

3. Best heroes for Solo Attacking Settlements in State of Survival

For Solo Attacking a settlement, importance should be given to Seige Specialization Heroes.

  • Ray & Rolex have Enemy Settlement Troop Attack
  • Trish provides an Enemy Settlement Troop Attack debuff
  • Jeb has Enemy Settlement Troop Lethality
  • Miho & Eva Enemy Settlement Troop Health
  • Lucky Enemy Settlement Troop Defense
State of Survival Best heroes

4. Best heroes for attacking Infected and Infected Fiends

Heroes have special stats against Infected, like Troop Infected Attack, Troop Infected Lethality or Troop Infected Health Boost.

  • Among the Heroes, Travis has the best stats against Infected with Troop Infected March Speed and less Stamina Consumption.
  • Nikola has a Troop Infected Attack bonus in Infantry
  • Sarge as a hunter with Troop Infected Defence. Sarge would be best as he is easily upgradable to higher stats. Tony is also good but he is very hard to get & upgrade.
State of Survival Best heroes

5. Best heroes for defending your Settlement against Enemy Attack

To defend attacks coming from other players, Heroes having Patrolling stats are gonna work the best.

  • Trish, Maddie & Frank, Wolfe, Ash, Zoe are all having stats that would help in defending.
  • Maddie & Frank are legendary Hero with bonus Settlement Attack and would be the perfect leader for Riders.
  • Trish has Settlement Troop Lethality, whereas Wolfe can provide Settlement Defence bonus.

6. Defending your Settlement against Infected Horde in State of Survival

Here, Heroes with Patrolling as well as with Infected stats bonus would work.

  • Nikola is great with Troop Infected Attack.
  • Ash, Maddie & Frank all have Settlement Troop Attack.
  • Trish has Settlement Troop Lethality.

The whole objective is to maximize the attack or the lethality stats so that more number of the infected horde are killed.

These are the suggested heroes for you, after checking out their stats and bonuses. Of course, every hero is not easily available to get and level up in the game. So our suggestion would be to use your best heroes in State of Survival but do try to match the stats as per the requirements.

Which heroes work the best for you in State of Survival? Let us know in the comment section below!

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