State of Survival Beginners Guide and Tips

State of Survival is a real-time strategy game based on the events of a Zombie Apocalypse. The game brings in the effect of deadly Zombies, modern science fiction gears, and modern world troops and weapons. As with every RTS game, State of Survival wants the players to build and upgrade their settlements to compete with other players around the world, be strong, and show dominance on the world map. Here are some tips, tricks, and strategies which would be very helpful to guide you into beginning your journey in State of Survival.

State of Survival Beginners Guide: Tips and Tricks

1. Stay online frequently

The first and most important tip for any RTS games is to be consistent. You have to come online frequently. Being online serves many purposes such as grinding for resources, utilizing your troops, doing research constantly, etc. This is the most effective way to be stronger than most of the players. Farm, Farm, and Farm for resources. You would be running out of resources at higher levels.

2. Always keep your Builder engaged

State of Survival Guide
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Try to keep your builder active at all times. The game has one builder at the start and he is required to upgrade, and build your buildings for the advancement of your settlement.  However, you can get another builder permanently by paying real cash. You can also hire a builder for two days by paying 200 Biocaps.

3. Start building troops only after reaching Level 7

State of survival
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Try not to focus on building troops as soon as the Barracks are built. Try to upgrade your Headquarters to level 7 and then upgrade the Barracks, Garage, and Range. This will help you to produce Tier 3 troops.

4. Explore the Wilderness

State of Survival Guide
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Once you have enough troops and that too better troops, go exploring in Wilderness and kill monsters. This is an automated process, so you just have to send your troops to do the job while you are doing other stuff in the game. Continuously send troops to fight the monsters and collect a lot of resources.

5. Complete Explore Trail Storyline in Hero Precinct and Level up Heroes

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These storylines are important as they reward such as Combat manuals (XP), badges, Hero fragments, and gear for upgrading your Heroes. So, make sure to play this mode and make your Heroes strong.

Heroes level up after gaining XP from certain battles like explorer trail, defeating infected, etc. Level up those heroes, who are better and you can use them for longer periods of time.

6. Upgrade your training camp regularly

There are a lot of building in the game and many would miss upgrading a few of them. The case often arises in the case of Training Camp, as much attention doesn’t go on to it. But the training camp is very essential for increasing the capacity for training. To increase the number of training troops and the speed of training in your settlement, you have to regularly upgrade the Training Camp.

State of Survival Guide
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7. Join an Alliance

Joining an alliance has lots of benefits, rather this is the most fun part of the game. By joining the Alliance, you are eligible for exclusive events, better rewards, and be a part of a strong group of people in the entire settlement system. Through the alliance, you can attack strongholds, get strong in defense, and exchange resources.

Donating in Alliance can earn you Alliance points which can be exchanged for premium rewards like Chief Rename or Alliance Relocator.

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Benefits of joining an Alliance

  • Alliance Timer Help can reduce the timers of Construction, Research, and Training.
  • Alliance members will get Aly packs from killing infected Fiends, Infected Hunters, and purchasing certain bundles.
  • Get points by helping to build an Alliance headquarters, Alliance Towers, and expand the Alliance Territory.
  • Points can be exchanged for items in the Alliance store.
  • Allies can send reinforcements to help defend your settlement once you have built an Assembly Point.
  • You can launch rallies with your allies once you have built a Command Station. Even without building a Command station, you can still join the rallies of your allies.
  • You can use Hero Support from your allies to complete more difficult Explorer Trail Challenges.

8. Move your Settlement to Alliance Territory

As soon as you join an alliance, take your settlement to Alliance territory using the Alliance relocator. If you are loner, then you are vulnerable to attacks from opponents who would try to loot the resources from your base. But when you are in Alliance territory you are surrounded by your allies and hence protected. Initially, you would be provided with 3 Alliance Relocators.

9. Use the Talent Tree efficiently

The talent tree has 2 branches; War and Economy. So according to the style of play, try to allot the talent points. For example, if you are focused on farming resources for a particular period of time, then focus on the economy and later reset the tree again to attack.

State of Survival Guide
Use the talent tree to your own benefits

Similarly, War talents are to improve war performances like making your hero strong or increasing attacks of the troops or simply the march speeds.

10. Complete the daily missions regularly

Complete the daily mission charts to gain extra rewards. Daily missions are always great to gain an edge over others. It also helps in finding special Hero Fragments.

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I keep getting raided and hate that fact. It whacks my BP. So how can I avoid getting raided so much and stop the cretins taking my resources and whacking my BP down. I lose about 2 million each time. It’s doing my head in.

Jon Le

hide your troops…


What’s the point of the occupy button?

Brendan Taylor

Is there any limit to the number of total troops you can have at any point throughout the game? I couldn’t locate this information.


I don’t believe so. I have over 5 mil and I know others who have 10mil


The barn warehouse has protected resource levels that I stay under yet I keep getting my supplies taken when raided. Why is that? If they really aren’t protected what’s the point of upgrading your warehouse?


Some of the decoration items, I reckon, are fixed once you set them in place. Any idea if we can still move or demolish them? If not, how to get rid of them?

Sha B

Hi Dee. If you’re using a mobile device just tap and hold down on the item you want to demolish. If on a PC, just click on the item 🙂


I found this game like nice one and start playing. But game which allows 75M player attack me (3M) and steal all of my resources (Leaving 5% protected is a joke for me) And only way for it is to buy protection. Sorry but I will say no for game like that


How do the alliance farms work, i have played KOK where you can farm from the alliance farm, this does not seem to be the case here. Please advise.

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