State of Survival (SoS) Guide: Tips to increase your Battle Power quickly

Farm more Battle Power efficiently!

State of Survival is one of the most popular RTS games with a post-apocalyptic theme and zombies. Though the game has a very chaotic environment, the real win to have the best strategy. One of the most important parts of the game mechanics is the Battle Power of players. The Battle Power is the total strength of your settlement in that world. The Battle Power plays the decisive factor in deciding the power of a player in State of Survival. The higher the battle power, the better the player.

It is very important to maintain higher battle power to prevent, frequent raids and loss of resources. The players having low battle power are always attacked for resources or completing quests. The battle power is also important for joining power alliances to grow stronger. The association with stronger alliances helps in protection from enemies and also getting better rewards in events with good alliance performance. Here are some tips in our guide to increase the battle power quickly in State of Survival.

How to increase your Battle Power in State of Survival (SoS)

1. Plan upgrading the Buildings in an efficient way

The fastest way to increase the battle power, in the beginning, is by upgrading the buildings. The HQ is one of the most important buildings that increase the battle power significantly. After HQ, the military buildings give the best increase in the battle power on up-gradation and addition.

State of Survival Battle Power
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In the beginning focus on those buildings that are required to upgrade the HQ to a certain level (say Level. 12-15). Then go for balance up-gradation of buildings. The most important thing is to not keep the labor/builders’ ideal.

2. Continuously Train & Upgrade Troops

The next fastest way to increase the battle power is to train troops from all the military buildings. It is also important to upgrade the existing troops, once the next best troops are available. This is the only method of increasing battle power consistently and significantly.

3. Farm for Resources

To upgrade buildings, troops and heroes would require a vast amount of resources. Therefore, it is important to gather resources from the map using the troops. The troops should constantly be engaged in the gathering process. Also, increase the gathering capacity and marching capacity for gathering more resources in the Research section of the game.

State of Survival Battle Power
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4. Upgrade Heroes

With troops increasing and upgrading, the Heroes also need to be upgraded. But the resources required to upgrade Heroes are scarce. Therefore, it is important to plan out which heroes are important for your gameplay style. Then focusing on upgrading accordingly will be a great help.

State of Survival Battle Power
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5. Run through Research & Technologies

Research and Technology up-gradation is there to improve the base stats of all the different kinds of activities from military to economies. The continuous up-gradation of these activities will make all the processes easy in terms of resources or time taken. This in turn will help in improving the battle power in a faster way. Also, in upgrading technologies, if Battle Tree is researched more, the battle power increases quickly.

6. Join an Alliance

Joining an Alliance makes almost everything very easy with better rewards in competitions and friendly help. To be in an Alliance has a lot of perks like the Help in Buildings, training from co-members, the sense of security from greater and powerful enemies. The rewards of alliance events are sweet and help very much in attaining more battle power.

7. Stack of Speed Ups and Resource packs

While completing the events, quests and trials will reward different kinds of speed-ups and resource packs. The use of those speed-ups is very critical for better results. You should not use the speed-ups without proper planning. The speed-ups and other similar rewards can be obtained by completing solo events, intel missions, clearing quests, or exploring the maps.

8. Participate in Multiplayer Events & Alliance Competitions

State of Survival organizes some events on regular basis. The rewards of these events are exclusive and can boost the battle power significantly. The use of speed-ups discussed in the above section comes here. The speed-ups can be used in the synergy of the need of the events and be used to complete the tasks to get better rank and better rewards. And not to forget, the use of speed-ups will also increase the battle power significantly in the process.

Hope you found our tips to increase Battle Power in State of Survival useful. How do you prefer to farm Battle Power in-game? Let us know in the comment section below!

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Well, my technique to farm my battle power is just to keep exploring on Hero Pretinct’s “Squad Exploration”. In my opinion, every time you finished exploring the trail (a.k.a Stage Level), you’ll get a plenty of supplies and some EXP to heroes in need. Squad Stamina are also important though: The more you have, the more the rewards. (I have like more than 5000 Squad Stamina, like what the what?)

Hope you’ll respond to my technique, thanks!

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