State of Survival Guide: Tips on how to change State

Now change your state and play with your friends without any hassle!

State of Survival is one of the popular RTS games bringing in the uniqueness of Zombie apocalypses for the gaming community. Like in most RTS games, the players have to build strong settlements to compete against other players. Therefore, the space in a particular map is limited for a certain number of players. To add in new players the developers continuously add a new state and the new players are by default added to a new state. Here is a guide on how to change your state easily in State of Survival.

But in RTS games, it is fun to play with friends, building settlements together and unlike most multiplayer games, it is not possible to play with friends if they are not in a common state. But the good thing is that we can change the state of the game and join our friends to play together.

When can we change the State

There are two basic requirements to change state in the game, i.e.

State of Survival: Change State
Claim the Rookie Relocator from in-game mail
  • The player can change the state within 5 days of starting the game. If the player plays the game for more than 5 days in a state then, then he/she can’t change the state.
  • The Headquarters Level of the game must be less than 10.
  • A player needs a Rookie Relocator to change the state. One can get a Rookie Relocator once they reach Headquarters Level 2 and complete the Prologue quest. The Rookie Relocator will only be available for new accounts and creating a new character wouldn’t just do the same.

How to change the State in State of Survival

To change the State in the game, please do the following:

  • Upgrade Headquarters to Level 2 and complete the prologue quest to get the Rookie Relocator. Collect the Rookie Relocator reward from the in-game mail.
  • Go to the wilderness after fixing the intel building in the settlement. On the bottom ride side of the screen, there will be a map button that will take you to the state map. In the state map screen, there will be a globe button that will take you to the World map.
  • On the World map screen, you can have the access to all the states. Choose the state you want to relocate to/change to. After selecting the state, click on the state map to navigate the area.
  • After navigating the state map, select or tap the area where you want to relocate. Tap once again and select join state to confirm your change of state.
Choose any State to Join

Alternative Way to get into a particular State

You can also get into a particular state by creating new characters. Here’s how you can do the same.

In a particular state, you can have 2 characters. Therefore, after creating two characters if you go for creating another character, then it will give you the option of selecting state manually. Here, you can go to any state you want to be in. But you have to link it to another social account to safeguard data of both the state, else it will get erased or overwritten.

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