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Street Fighter: Duel Team Composition Guide and Tips

Build the best team!

Street Fighter: Duel, an exhilarating RPG developed by Crunchyroll Games and published by A Plus Japan. As you immerse yourself in the battles featuring iconic characters from the Street Fighter universe, you’ll quickly realize the importance of team composition. In this Street Fighter: Duel Team Composition Guide, we’ll delve into the essentials of team building, providing valuable insights and examples to assist you in assembling formidable lineups.

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How to set the Best Team Composition in Street Fighter: Duel

Understand Faction Bonuses

In my experience with Street Fighter: Duel, mastering the elemental factions is essential for building a formidable team. Each faction, whether Wind, Thunder, Fire, Master, or Infernal, brings its own set of strengths and weaknesses, following a strategic rock-paper-scissors dynamic in battles. Wind beats Thunder, Thunder beats Fire, and Fire beats Wind, while Master and Infernal counter each other.

Street Fighter: Duel Beginners Guide and Tips
Image via Crunchyroll Games

Using 2 fighters from the same faction grants a solid +15% ATK bonus while having 3 fighters from the same faction adds a +15% HP bonus alongside the ATK boost. With 4 fighters from one faction, you can further boost HP and ATK bonuses to +20% each. For even more powerful bonuses, consider mixing 4 fighters from one faction with 2 from another, unlocking a +20% HP bonus and an impressive +25% ATK boost.

I’ve also discovered the versatility of Master Fighters, which can activate faction bonuses for any faction except the Infernal Faction, allowing for strategic team building. Additionally, Infernal fighters offer useful buffs to friendly fighters based on the number used, ranging from DEF Bonus to Crit DMG.


Each fighter has a fixed position; Rear, Middle, and Front. I’ve found that each position requires a specific type of fighter to optimize team performance. Front fighters, positioned for tanking, benefit from high defense and HP, making them ideal for durable Tank fighters.

Middle fighters, responsible for balance and support, are best filled by versatile Attack or Balanced fighters, who can both deal damage and provide support. Rear fighters, positioned for damage dealing or buffing, are suited for Support or Assassins, who excel at dealing damage or providing valuable buffs to the team.

Street Fighter: Duel Positioning
Image via Crunchyroll Games

I’ve discovered the crucial role of the Assist position, where a fighter can replace a fallen teammate to keep the team’s formation intact. Placing fighters in this position who are likely to be targeted first can help maintain your team’s stability during battles.

Properly positioning your fighters is essential for creating a balanced team that can handle enemy attacks and deal damage effectively. Mastering fighter positioning has been key to winning battles and achieving success in Street Fighter: Duel.

Examples of Team Composition in Street Fighter: Duel

1. Infernal Team

Juri + M.Bison + Evil Ryu + Rose

This team packs a punch with M. Bison‘s devastating strikes, especially his Ultimate Nightmare move. Juri brings the assassin’s touch, turning physical damage into Soul-type damage with her Feng Shui Engine.

Street Fighter: Duel Juri
Image via Crunchyroll Games

Rose adds a layer of defense with her Life Tarot and Destiny Tarot abilities, keeping the team safe. The synergy between heavy damage from M. Bison and Juri, coupled with Rose’s protective skills, makes this lineup tough to beat.

2. Flame Team

C.Viper + Dudley + Dhalsim + Mayor Cody

This Flame Team in Street Fighter: Duel is all about firepower. Dhalsim’s Yoga Catastrophe and Yoga Flame abilities burn through opponents, while C. Viper’s Seismic Hammer and Burning Kick deal additional flame damage.

Street Fighter: Duel C. Viper
Image via Crunchyroll Games

Mayor Cody and Dudley provide backup, offering resistance and stunning enemies with Thunderbolt. This team brings the heat, dealing massive damage while standing strong against enemy attacks.

3. Wind Team

Chun-Li + Guile + Abel + Cody

The Wind Team in Street Fighter: Duel combines Guile’s Sonic Hurricane and Chun-Li’s Senretsukyaku technique to break through the opponent’s armor and expose them to attacks. Abel‘s tanking abilities and stunning Tornado Throw further control the battlefield, while Cody‘s Lonely Fugitive ability adds to the team’s versatility by combining various status effects into a single powerful move.

Street Fighter: Duel Chun-Li
Image via Crunchyroll Games

This team excels in breaking through opponent defenses and controlling the battlefield, making it a versatile and effective choice in combat.

Final Thoughts

In summary, getting your team composition right in Street Fighter: Duel is crucial for winning battles. By picking fighters wisely, knowing their roles, and placing them strategically, you can create a team that’s strong both defensively and offensively. Whether you’re leveraging elemental advantages, faction bonuses, or unique fighter abilities, finding the perfect mix is the key. With some practice and experimentation, you’ll craft powerful teams that suit your style of play.

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