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Street Fighter: Duel Beginners Guide and Tips

Be the best Street Fighter!

Street Fighter: Duel, an RPG title developed by Crunchyroll Games and published by A Plus Japan is giving fans in Japan a great light strategy gaming experience. Here you’ll step into the shoes of iconic fighters such as Ryu, Ken, and Chun-Li, embarking on a journey filled with fierce battles, strategic gameplay, and exciting challenges. To help you embark on your journey, our Street Fighter: Duel Beginners Guide is here to provide invaluable tips and strategies.

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Street Fighter: Duel Beginners Guide Gameplay Basics

Battle Basics

In Street Fighter: Duel, battles are straightforward thanks to automatic combat. When you’re in a battle, you control a team facing off against another. At the bottom right corner of your screen, you’ll see cards and a gauge meter. This meter fills up gradually as your team deals damage or takes hits. Once it’s full, you can unleash a special ability from any of your fighters.

Street Fighter: Duel Beginners Guide and Tips
Image via Crunchyroll Games

Just keep in mind that these abilities need time to recharge before you can use them again. Timing your special moves right can turn the tide of battle in your favor. Also, I’ve noticed that in fights, you have to defeat enemies within a certain time limit to win. So, keep an eye on the clock and aim to take down your opponents swiftly to secure victory.

Follow Campaign

To kickstart your journey in Street Fighter: Duel, focus on progressing through the campaign mode first. The campaign mode has multiple chapters and stages, allowing you to gradually strengthen your teams and face tougher opponents. Each chapter ends with a challenging boss stage.

Street Fighter: Duel Beginners Guide and Tips
Image via Crunchyroll Games

I’ve discovered that advancing through chapters not only unlocks new features but also yields valuable rewards, such as ten Arcain coins, which are crucial for recruiting new fighters to strengthen your team. These coins provide opportunities to expand your roster.

These coins are vital for strengthening your team and gaining an edge in battles. By completing campaign chapters, you’ll not only unravel the game’s storyline but also unlock new features and challenges.

Level Up your Fighters

In my time playing Street Fighter: Duel, I’ve found that advancing in the game relies heavily on leveling up your fighters. Promoting them is key to unlocking their full potential and gaining new skills essential for winning battles. However, to promote your fighters, you’ll need resources like cash, fighter experience, and breakstones.

Street Fighter: Duel Beginners Guide and Tips
Image via Crunchyroll Games

You can gather cash, fighter experience, and breakstones by battling, finishing quests, and joining events. You also have the option to reset trained fighters back to Level 1 through the Reset feature in the Awaken menu. This refunds all materials used, giving you flexibility to allocate resources elsewhere.


In Street Fighter: Duel, fighters belong to different elemental factions like Wind, Thunder, Fire, Master, and Infernal. These factions have strengths and weaknesses, following a rock-paper-scissors strategy in battles. To build a strong team, aim for a balanced combination of fighters, such as using 4 from one faction and 2 from another.

Street Fighter: Duel Beginners Guide and Tips
Image via Crunchyroll Games

I also discovered that Master fighters activate faction bonuses, while Infernal fighters provide buffs to teammates. Legendary fighters are versatile, having no factional advantages or disadvantages. By understanding these factions and choosing fighters wisely, you can gain an edge in combat and dominate in Street Fighter: Duel.

Use Combo

In my experience with Street Fighter: Duel, mastering combo attacks is crucial for winning battles. Each character has their own unique set of skills, including a powerful ultimate move used in combos. To execute a combo attack, I simply follow the game’s instructions to activate skills in the right order.

Street Fighter: Duel Beginners Guide and Tips
Image via Crunchyroll Games

Additionally, understanding the Super Combo Gauge is important. It fills up during battles and can store up to three bars used to unleash powerful Super Combos. The gauge fills slowly over time and also increases when I land normal attacks or take damage. Defeating opponents also boost the gauge significantly. By mastering combo attacks and managing the Super Combo Gauge effectively, you can unleash devastating moves and win fights with ease.

Join Guild

Joining guilds in Street Fighter: Duel is highly rewarding. I’ve earned various currencies and completed quests by connecting with other players. Filling my friend list quickly has also helped, as friends provide passive rewards.

Street Fighter: Duel Beginners Guide and Tips
Image via Crunchyroll Games

Choosing an active guild is crucial for maximizing rewards, and aiming for a higher activity level ensures better benefits. While socializing features are limited, forming friendships remains important for accessing passive resources.

Street Fighter: Duel Beginners Guide: Tips and Tricks

1. Focus on the Campaign

Make the campaign your top priority. As you complete chapters, not only do you unlock new features and snag valuable rewards, but you also earn a whopping 10 Arcain Coins per chapter completion. These coins are essential for enhancing your roster, so don’t overlook this lucrative opportunity.

2. Awaken your Fighters

Take your team to the next level by awakening your fighters. Awakening unlocks their full potential, letting them reach their highest tier and gain extra abilities and stats. Focus on awakening your best fighters first to boost their performance in battles.

3. Complete Missions and Tasks

If you’re looking to farm resources in Street Fighter: Duel, don’t overlook the importance of completing missions and challenges. Not only do they provide fighter experience, but you’ll also earn Gems, one of the most valuable resources in the game. Gems can be used for various purposes, including purchasing items, unlocking features, and upgrading your fighters.

4. Consider the factions of your fighters

Consider the elemental factions of your fighters. Balance your team with fighters from Wind, Thunder, and Fire factions to benefit from their strengths. Use Master fighters to activate faction bonuses and Infernal fighters for buffs.

5. Join Events

Participating in events is a must. These special occasions offer unique challenges and rewards, providing you with opportunities to earn exclusive items and boost your progression. Whether it’s a tournament or a themed event, joining in ensures you stay ahead in the game.

Final Thoughts

As you start your journey in Street Fighter: Duel, remember that even the best fighters began as beginners. This guide has given you the basics and strategies to begin your adventure and climb the ranks. Embrace each battle as a chance to improve and try out new tactics.

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