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One of the many genres that powered the emergence of the Mobile Gaming Industry was the Endless Runner Games which evolved during the previous decade. From the very onset, games like Temple Run, Subway Surfers, and Sonic Dash have been in the limelight. Among them, Subway Surfers is undoubtedly the most loved and popular one even to this date. Co-developed by Denmark-based private companies Kiloo and SYBO, it became the first game on Google Play that crossed the elusive one billion downloads mark, back in 2018. In this Subway Surfers Beginners Guide, we are going to do a detailed walkthrough of the game, and the various resources/boosters that it has to offer and share some valuable tips and strategies to help users rise up the leaderboard by registering record-breaking runs.

Game Overview

The basic plot behind this game is pretty simple. Your character would be seen spraying graffiti on a subway and would eventually get caught by a grumpy Inspector and his Dog who would start chasing your character. It is a simple tap-and-play game. There are no hard-core mechanics involved in it. You simply need to Dash as fast as you can. There would be obstacles on your way in the form of oncoming subways, stationed subways, poles, tunnel walls, and dead-ends. One also needs to simultaneously Dodge past all the obstacles that come your way by swiping up, down, left, and right.

In this chase process, the player gets to collect various in-game booster items like coins, keys, hoverboards, pogo sticks, coin magnets, jet-packs, etc. Each one of them has its own utility. The chase ends when you collide with an obstacle. There are many Subway Surfers’ characters for the players to unlock. Although some surfers might feel more easy-to-control, there is no best character in this game, to be honest.

Game-Overview- Subway Surfers
Image via SYBO Games

None of the characters would give you any additional bonuses. It is only about how you want your character to look. You can even customize the characters and revamp their look entirely. Jake would be your default/starter character when you log in for the first time. The other characters need unlocking by playing the game. Now that we are clear about the basics of Subway Surfers, let us now look at the various in-game resources/boosters that players can collect while running and also know about their utility in our beginners guide.

Understanding in-game Currencies

First things first, let us know about the basic in-game currencies in our Subway Surfers Beginners Guide:


Coins are the basic in-game currency in Subway Surfers. They can be obtained in bulk while running on the subway. Other ways of earning coins include opening Mystery Boxes, completing Daily Word Hunt, obtaining from Season-Hunt tiers and other missions, connecting your account to various social media handles, and purchasing from a shop. They serve varied purposes including:

  • Buying Mystery Boxes
  • Unlocking new Surfers (characters)
  • Exchanging with Boosters (power-ups)
  • Updating Power-ups
  • Skipping Missions from Shop


Keys are the secondary in-game currency that can be obtained from mystery boxes, Season Hunt tiers, watching ads, purchasing from shops, or connecting your account to your Facebook IDs. Just like coins, they serve varied purposes including:

  • Reviving your character when he/she collides (The number of keys required multiplies based on the number of times you encounter a crash in a single run)
  • Buying Hoverboards
  • Buying character outfits to customize them as per your own choices
  • Buying special powers and styles for hoverboards


Boosters are power-up items that can be used to increase your score in runs. They make life easy for Surfers as they allow them to collect bonus in-game resources without having to switch tracks to collect them.  However, they are a one-time use. So, make sure to stock up on boosts if you want to break new running records. Let us now look at the various boosts available, their utility, and the various ways to earn the same. There are two different categories of Booster items available:

  • Protective and Multiplier Boosts
  • Bonus Boosts

Protective and Multiplier Boosts

Protective Boosts are power-up items that protect the Surfers from crashing into obstacles when activated, for a few seconds. Multiplier Boosts, on the other hand, are rare in-game power-up items that increase your score multiplier by a certain integer. Let us now look at the various Boosts available under this category.

Protective and Multiplier BoostsUseHow to Collect Them
     HoverboardIt protects Surfers from crashing for 30 seconds. On crashing, the Hoverboard explodes and cleans the area.

It activates with a double tap and needs a recharge of 5 seconds before being used again.
Can be collected while on the run. Additionally, they can be stocked by:

1. Spending 300 in-game coins.
2. Watching Ads.
     Score BoosterIt is a power-up item that increases your score multiplier by 5,6, or 7 until the end of that run (depending on how many the player uses). One can use up to 3 Score Boosters.Available as a rare item through:

1. Mystery Box.
2. Super Mystery Box.
3. Weekly hunts.

Additionally, users can acquire them by spending 3000 in-game coins or watching ads.
  HeadstartIt lets players zoom through the sky for about 30 seconds avoiding all obstacles underneath.

However, this can only be used at the start of the run. One can use up to 3 Headstarts in a single run.
Available as an in-game prize or by:

1. Spending 2000 in-game coins.
2. Watching ads.
2X MultiplierIt is a special power-up score booster that doubles your score when it is active.

A maximum of three 2X Multiplier Boosters can be used in a single run.
Can be collected while on the run.

Bonus Boosts

Bonus Boosts are also power-up items that help surfers acquire some bonus coins without having to switch tracks to collect them. While some of these Boosters make surfers invincible, not all of them cater to the protection part. They can be collected while on the run. Let us now look at the various Boosts available under this category:

Bonus BoostsUse
   JetpackIt allows your character to fly high in the sky for a few seconds and stack up some bonus coins from up the skies. It is similar to a headstart apart from the fact that there would be coins in the air.
Super SneakersWhen collected, your character can take high jumps in every step. They can jump on top of trains or obstacles that they would otherwise roll under. The bottom of the Sneakers acts like a magnet and collects all the coins underneath it. 
 Coin MagnetJust as the name suggests, the coin magnet automatically collects all the coins on either track without your character having to switch tracks.
  Pogo StickAnother power-up item that can be used to earn bonus coins. Most of the time, they can be found on rooftops with coins on them.

Subway Surfers Beginners Guide: Tips and Tricks

Here is a bonus section in our Subway Surfers Beginners Guide for budding surfers that would help them with some useful tips and cheats to set new running records. What follows next, are some useful tips and strategies from our experience of playing the game.

1. Complete your Missions and Achievements

To be able to set new running records, an in-game section that you need to keep an eye on is our Missions. You will find the Missions tab on the home screen itself. When you visit that, you will find that certain mission objectives have been set for you.

The challenges set are pretty easy to complete and are just a regular set of activities that you do in each run, like completing 15 Dodges in a single run, collecting 100 coins in a single run, etc. You will find that you have unknowingly completed some of them. Follow the objectives set here closely and try to complete all of them within 2-3 runs. Once you complete a Mission Set, a new set of Missions will appear. Completing each Mission set gifts you with a Mystery Box and a Score Multiplier.

Image via SYBO Games

While the Mystery Box would help you earn loads of in-game resources, the Score multiplier would amplify your score in each run and help you set new high scores and eventually climb up the leaderboard. The Multiplier would increase exponentially with each Mission Set that you complete. Hence make sure not to ignore the Mission Sets Section.

Additionally, users will find an Achievements tab below when they visit the Mission section. Just like the Mission Sets, this section also has a variety of objectives that users need to achieve. Each objective completed in the Achievements section rewards users with Keys that could be handy in buying special hoverboards and most importantly for reviving your character when he/she collides with an obstacle. Hence closely watch this section too if you want to go up the Running Leaderboard.

2. Capitalize on the Season Hunt events

Season Hunt Events are limited-time events that refresh after every 20 Days. These are special World Tour Events that are Tier-based. Unlocking each tier gifts you with loads of in-game resources in the form of coins, keys, and other power-up items. Make sure not to miss out on them. When you are on the run, you will find some special symbols/tokens on the way.

You need to collect them as you Dash and Dodge your way ahead. Each tier unlocks with every 5 Tokens that you collect. You need to unlock 30 such tiers to complete the Event. Each run guarantees one special token. However, you can grab one or more tokens in each run depending on the duration of your run.

Power-up items
Image via SYBO Games

So, in total, you need to collect 30×5=150 Tokens within 20 Days. Stay watchful as you run and as soon as you see a special token make sure to grab that by swiping/jumping in that direction. Additionally, players should also look to complete the daily Word Hunt Event wherein they would have to collect the letters of a particular Word to complete that word. The word-to-complete refreshes daily.

You can catch hold of at least one or two letters in each run. Upon completion, the game gifts users with Mystery boxes, Keys, and a Super Mystery Box every 5th day. Hence make sure to complete the Word Hunt Challenge as well when you log in each day.

3. Upgrade the Power-up items whenever possible

Another important job that needs to be done is upgrading the Booster items that earn you bonus coins and points. This would prolong the period for which they remain active thereby letting you earn more coins and eventually more points. You can upgrade each power-up up to 6 times with each upgrade offering 5-6 seconds of grace time. For upgrading Power-up items:

Power-up items
Image via SYBO Games
  • Quickly navigate to the Me section from the in-game Home screen.
  • You will find three tabs in this section, namely, Characters, Boards, and Upgrades. Go to the Upgrades tab.

Upgrading each boost requires spending of Coins. With each upgrade, the number of coins required would also increase. We would suggest you not shy away from spending coins on upgrading power items and get them to their maximum potential as soon as possible.

4. Keep collecting your Coins

Besides aiming to score more points, one must also aim to collect as many coins as possible while on the run. Coins and Points go hand in hand in Subway Surfers. Earning more coins is synonymous with earning more points. Coins increase your overall score by around 50 points in each run.

Additionally, coins can also be used to unlock new characters and upgrade Power-Ups. Hence make sure to maximize the coin collection as well if you want to reach new highs. Even if the track you are running through has no obstacles, always look to switch to the parallel tracks by swiping left and right so as not to miss out on the coins that are there to collect on those tracks.

5. Look to stay on the High Grounds

Whenever you catch hold of those Super Sneakers, look to stay on High Grounds and climb on top of those trains. The longer you stay on High Grounds, the less prone you are to crashes. Tons of crashes can be avoided if you stay on High Grounds.

High Grounds
Image via SYBO Games

Moreover, when you jump on top of those trains, you get a clear overview of what’s ahead and can plan your next moves accordingly. So, make sure that you stay on High Grounds as long as possible.

6. Master the Jump Cancellation trick

Another important cheat code that one needs to know is Jump Cancellation. In Subway Surfers, you can swipe down to cancel your jumps early. Jump canceling would increase your vertical mobility so that your character can drop down quickly to pick up the Power-ups and Special Tokens for just a few extra coins.

Jump Cancellation
Image via SYBO Games

The Jump Cancelling cheat becomes even more important when you grab hold of those Super Sneakers, as you need to control your jump-arc and prolong your air time to effectively maneuver over the subways. It plays a crucial role in helping you improve your gameplay.

7. Use your Headstarts and Score Boosters initially if you own them

As a rookie, you need to familiarize yourself using all the power-up items available in the game. Using a Headstart makes your character invincible for a few seconds. Though you won’t be able to collect any coins while in the air, it would give you the much-needed start and negate all collisions for the first few seconds. Fret not, the running speed of your character is maintained even on landing.

A Score Booster on the other hand would increase your score by a certain multiplier based on the number of Score Boosters that you use. When you become a pro, you may score well even without these power-ups but as a beginner, we would suggest you make optimum utilization of these items as they boost your score in each run.

Headstarts & Score Boosters
Image via SYBO Games

Headstarts and Score Boosters can be activated only at the start of each run. When you tap on the play, you will find the Headstart and Score Booster icon at the bottom left corner of your screen for a few seconds(if you own any). You can just simply tap and activate them.

8. Try to stay Active aerially

While using a Jetpack to zoom through the air, make sure to stay active even though there won’t be any collisions. This is because, unlike Headstarts, you can collect coins while using Jetpacks. So instead of just staying in a single line, make sure to quickly swipe left and right to collect a maximum number of coins from either side (if not all).

Stay active aerially
Image via SYBO Games

Coins being the basic in-game currency serve many purposes as we stated earlier. Hence one should always look to maximize coin collection even when they are aerial. However, if you have a Coin Magnet, it can be used along with the Jetpack i.e., you don’t have to move in that scenario. The coins will automatically be collected.

9. Invest in Hoverboards to enhance your experience

Besides upgrading power-ups, the second area where you must spend your coins is on unlocking new Hoverboards. Unlocking new characters may not give you any additional advantage but unlocking new Hoverboards certainly does.

Leaving out the basic board that you have, all the other boards come with special abilities that are unique to them and can play a pivotal role in improving your gameplay. However, you need a ransom number of coins to unlock new hoverboards. Hence manage your resources carefully. Initially, do not spend your coins on any other places other than the Powe-Up Upgrade and Hoverboard section.

Image via SYBO Games

Additionally, to unlock the special abilities of each board, one needs to spend Keys. Hence save your keys too. Do not use them for revival initially as you cannot set new records in a day. First, get all the resources and gameplay in your favor, and then go for that long-term goal of topping the leaderboard. Make sure to grind the game daily.

10. Other Miscellaneous Tips

  • Do not miss out on the Daily Login rewards. Make sure to log in each day.
  • Keep your eyes on the tracks ahead and not on the runner. This is a common mistake that newbies tend to make. If you focus on the runner, you may successfully negate an obstacle by quickly switching to a parallel track but would land into trouble if there’s an obstacle in that track as well. Focusing on the tracks ahead gives you a clear overview of what’s coming up and can help you plan your next few swipes.
  • Watch ads for bonus in-game rewards.

Final Thoughts

Never try to Hack or Mod this game. If you are caught in the process, your account may be banned permanently. Moreover, if you unlock all characters, hoverboards, and power-up items using cheats, it defeats the entire purpose of playing that game. If you grind your way to the top, then this game should be a really fun experience. If you face any difficulties in your journey, you can always fall back on this Subway Surfers beginners guide for quick assistance.

That’s it from this Subway Surfers beginners guide. Do hit us up in the comments section if you find this Subway Surfers beginners guide useful. 

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