Subway Surfers Guide: Tips to unlock each and every in-game character

Unlock all the characters with ease!

The massively popular and ultimate Super Runner mobile game, Subway Surfers recently celebrated its 10th Anniversary. Released back in 2012, the game has had a record three billion downloads since then. Since the game is all about escaping a grumpy Inspector and his dog, one of the key elements in this game is certainly the Surfer that you choose to play with. Even though the character that you choose to play with has no impact on the overall gameplay, users might want to rotate characters based on their preference. Additionally, some users might also have the aim to unlock all of them to fully exploit all the in-game assets. This guide is all about the various characters in Subway Surfers, the ways to unlock them same, and some valuable tips to unlock them all in no time.

Introducing the Characters in Subway Surfers

There are currently 30 characters to choose from, in Subway Surfers with Jake being the Core Crew Member and the starter character. Additionally, some of the characters come with personalized outfits to choose from, that can completely revamp their look.  

While Jake will be unlocked by default, the remaining 29 characters need unlocking. To be honest, none of the characters would give you any additional bonuses. It is only about how you want your character to look.  Let us now have a look at the various characters that are present in Subway Surfers.

Subway Surfers In-Game Characters
Image via SYBO Games

 How to unlock all the characters in Subway Surfers

 To view and unlock the available characters in Subway Surfers, one must:

  • Navigate to the Me Section from the in-game Home Screen.
  • The Me Section has three Tabs, namely, Characters, Boards, and Upgrades. One needs to visit the Character Tab.

Now that we know where to go, let us look at the available characters right now and the various ways to unlock each one of them.

CharacterHow to unlock
JakeCore Crew Member and Default Character
BoombotAvailable for Free. Needs to be redeemed from the Me Section.
Tricky3 Tricky Hat Tokens.
Fresh50 Fresh Radio Tokens.
Spike200 Spike Guitar Tokens.
Yutani500 Yutani UFO Tokens.
Lucy7,000 Coins
Tagbot12,000 Coins
Ninja20,000 Coins
Tasha30,000 Coins.
Frank40,000 Coins.
King80,000 Coins.
Zoe120,000 Coins.
Ela150,000 Coins.
Brody350,000 Coins.
Prince K980,000 Coins.
Miss Maia100 Keys.
DinoLogin with Facebook and acquire it for Free.
AinaINR 249/ $3
AmyINR 249/ $3
DylanINR 299/ $3.5

Note: The prize of characters that need cash for unlocking may vary in different regions.

Subway Surfers Characters Guide: Tips and Tricks

This is a bonus section for users to efficiently manage their resources and money so that they eventually get to unlock all the characters. What follows next are some useful tips regarding character unlocking.

1. Coin Management

If you notice carefully, the majority of the Surfers can be unlocked with Coins. Mathematically speaking, to get hold of all the characters that can be unlocked with coins you would need 1.97 million coins. Well, that would require a hell of a grind. If we do a breakdown, there are three things that you need to do:

Maximize your Coin collection

That is the fastest way to unlock your favorite character. Even if the track you are running through has no obstacles, always look to switch to the parallel tracks by swiping left and right so as not to miss out on the coins that are there to collect on those tracks. Additionally, when your character is equipped with a Jetpack, instead of just staying in a single line, make sure to quickly swipe left and right to collect a maximum number of coins from either side(if not all).

Spend your Coins carefully

The next important aspect that you need to be calculative about is where to spend your coins. If you want to unlock new characters, make sure to spend your Coins only on two areas, Upgrading Power-Up items and Unlocking Characters. Do not waste your coins on any other in-game area until your goal of playing with your favorite character(s) is fulfilled.

Be decisive with your picks

The third and final thing that you need to do is be decisive. Going by mathematics, you cannot unlock all characters in a day. You need to figure out which character’s your favorite among them. Once you have got your priorities right, invest in that character first and then gradually go for the rest by saving your coins.

2. Key Management

Some of the characters can also be unlocked by spending Keys. To back that data up with numbers, you would be requiring 1542 Keys to get hold of all the characters that can be unlocked with Keys. Unlike coins that are available aplenty, Keys being the secondary in-game currency is comparatively scarce. Hence efficiently managing them is also important:

  • Initially, spend your Keys only on buying Hoverboards. Do not waste them reviving your character when he/she collides. Once you unlock all the characters, you can then use your Keys for revival and aim for that elusive record-breaker run.
  • Again, it’s a matter of choice. Just figure out your preferred order and invest according to that order.

3. Take part in limited-time season hunt events

Players must additionally look to capitalize on the 20-Day Season Hunt Events. Some special characters can be unlocked from these Tier Based Events. They even help you earn Event Coins which can also unlock one or two characters.

Limited Time Season Hunt Events
Image via SYBO Games

Moreover, mystery boxes earned from each tier can also gift you with the basic in-game currencies i.e., Coins and Keys which again can be utilized for Character Unlock. Hence, do not miss out on these Events.

4. Think before investing in premium characters

If you follow the list of characters, you will find that some of the characters need money investment for unlocking. We would suggest you collect the other characters before and then go for them. This is because the Developers sometimes send out free Promo Codes for the users to redeem some of the Premium Characters. So, buy yourself some time and then look to invest money so that you do not miss out on the freebies.

Final Thoughts

Players must note that some of the characters may shuffle in and out of the game with the dropping of a new update. We will update this space once the game adds new characters. Make sure that you closely monitor the in-game events and Promo Codes the Developers send out. If you face any issues, in unlocking your favorite character, you can always fall back on this guide for quick assistance.

That’s it from this Subway Surfers Characters guide. Do hit us up in the comments section if you find this Subway Surfers Characters guide useful. 

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